UCM Wish List

fit_12534529Community Outreach Programs – Growth through Solvency

Solvency for Universal Church of the Master means we are able to show up in Community for not just our members but for the greater community at large.
Below are just a few of the programs that we would like to create.  Join us in manifesting this growth and let us know what you would like to add to the list.

  1. Education
  2. Spiritual Healing
  3. Spiritual Counseling
  4. At Risk High School Students
  5. Building Fund
  6. Land Grant
  7. Roger Corless Library Fund
  8. Scholarships for Degree and Sponsorship Students
  9. Veterans Outreach
  10. Prison Outreach

We offer a unique perspective of tolerance and diversity.   Universal Church of the Master believes that each person must find and travel his or her own path to the Light, and that no single set of fixed rules is applicable to everyone on that journey.

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