Call to All Ministers – One Heart, Many Paths…

Dear U.C.M. ministers,

In this section of the blog, we invite you all to use the Comment Reply button below to post here on the Blog and catch everyone up on what’s new with you and your spiritual path. Simply click on the Comment Reply link below and catch us all up on how things are with you! We look forward to hearing from you.


4 Responses to “Call to All Ministers – One Heart, Many Paths…”

  1. ourucm Says:

    Hi UCM Ministers, Rev. Kala here. When you have the time drop by and visit me on my show, The Explore Your Spirit with Kala Show at Listen to over 250 archived shows which can be downloaded for free and listened to from your computer, burn to CD or through mp3 on your iPod. Shows are on Metaphysical and Paranormal Topics as well as new discoveries in the scientific and spiritual arenas. Interestingly, perhaps synchronistically, the mantra for our show since it’s inception in 2006 is “Many Paths, One Destination, Explore Your Spirit with Kala”. Looking forward to meeting many of you along the path. All the best, *~Kala~*

  2. Rev.Ray Holmes Says:


    I am a graduate of the days of Rev. Gary’s God’s Garage.

    I currently live in Kauai with my wife Ann Marie.

    Those of you that are taking the Hawaii trip love to show you our Garden Island Kauai.

    I am retired now but still do occasional weddings.

    My wife is an author (Earth Spirit Living – Simon Shuster) and we both are involved with working with earth energies and ancestors here in Kauai.

    Would enjoy hearing from anyone out there. I am so proud of all the folks at U.C.M. who have made this work for God a viable in the moment service.



    • ourucm Says:

      Rev. Holmes. Welcome to the UCM Blog. Thank you for visiting and we hope you continue to join us as we reach out to our community.

  3. Rev.Ray Holmes Says:

    Delighted to do so. I see U.C.M. filling a pivotal role between organized religion and quantum physics. Gee a wonderful scientific practice to validate what U.C.M. , shamans etc have known for thousands of years.

    Aloha Namaste


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