Prayers June 12,2009

Prayers for our planet, our families, and all life.

The prayers on this blog are open for all to see.  If you wish to add a more private and personal prayer please go to and add your prayer there. To add a prayer here on this blog please click on the comment link below.


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3 Responses to “Prayers June 12,2009”

  1. Rev. DeBry Says:

    We ask for your prayers to create a more tolerant and loving planet. That each individual be honored for the Divinity within them. Spread positive thoughts and loving energy.

  2. Rev. DeBry Says:

    Plese pray for global peace and healing. May we as people be more loving and tolerant of the diversity around us. May we honor all life as a part of the Divine and celebrate our uniqueness and differences.

  3. Rev. Kala Says:

    In this tumultuous time, may we all remember that Change is a necessary part of life. When we embrace Change, we allow ourselves to travel even deeper into our own experience and life path.

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