Fractals with Minister Stephen Waites

blog1Welcome to the fractal blog. Firstly let me explain a bit about what a fractal is. In simple terms a fractal is an object that can be said to have a element of self similarity Which is something that seems to occur in the natural world on a regular basis. Think veins in a leaf and the structure of a river system, for instance To go one stage further we could infer that mathematics is now able to give us a tiny glimpse or window into the world of the divine, for it is said that the god/goddess/all-that-is exists in some small degree in all of creation.
The most famous fractal so far discovered in the late 1970’s was the Mandelbrot, named after Benoit Mandelbrot while he was experimenting with a new form of computer science at IBM In describing the Mandelbrot set. Arthur C Clark comments that the image of this fractal can be magnified until it has a size larger than that of the known universe and has been cataloged as the first truly authentic infinite object to be discovered in recorded history! Further, in an apparent paradox, this complex object can be rendered by use of extremely simple math functions, consisting of just addition and multiplication done millions and millions of times, which of course is task that computers do very well! So without further ado, here is the first image, which I named “The Doves”. In this image we have the symbolic doves depicted as both descending and ascending in equal measure to show the divine balance and order within God’s bounteous creation.

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