More Fractals from Minister Steve…

blog2The second image is taken from the Julia set of fractals which is the grand-daddy of the Mandelbrot set mentioned in the previous blog entry.

The Julia set is named after the French mathematician Gaston Julia who investigated their properties around 1915, which was quite an undertaking as there were no computers back then to help with the  staggering amount of calculations necessary to prove the theory

Of course this images which is certainly open to many forms of interpretation looks nothing like the original raw data but has been modified using other math routines and extensive coloring algorithms to be more pleasing to the eye, because fractals by their very nature can be chaotic, where as the human brain, from my understanding is wired to appreciate symmetry and balance.

Although this image looks more suited for a modern art gallery or may be a ultra chic lamp stand. I have taken the liberty of calling it “The Ascension”, so named, for this is the place in our imagination from which the human soul is capable of symbolically flying free and embracing the heavenly realm, for a brief instant…

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