Summer 2009 Astrological Message

This summer mars and Venus are in conjunction in Taurus and Gemini.

Think men are from mars and women are from Venus. I recommend reading the book by this title.

The opportunity for all of us to benefit from this conjunction

is by confronting our masculine and feminine selves in

a productive way. We each need to look at ourselves objectively

and see if we are being aggressive when we need to be and also

see if we are being encompassing and inclusive with each other

when we need to be.

World affairs reveal this struggle very clearly. The United States a

nd Iran are just one example. Obama is masterful at balancing mars and Venus. 

Helpful hints by sun sign follow:

Aries-the area most affected by this conjunction is your

own value and worth, real value, not ego and communication

with others.

Taurus-the conjunction challenges you to see yourself as you

are to others, not how you think others see you.

Gemini-Gemini is emotionally neutral. Your challenge is to feel how to act be aggressive or harmonious or both at different times.

Cancer-home, nurturing, mother sign, emotional sign. Be honest

with what really angers you and deal with it. Don’t cover up

anger with harmonious self-deception.

Leo-strong will, loving sign always ready to help when the ego is

not in the way. Bring together the masculine and the feminine. 

Benevolent conflict is productive.

Virgo-like Gemini emotionally neutral, highly intellectual

and analytical. Mars and Venus will require you to take a

stand. There is nothing neutral about mars and Venus.

Libra- sign of cooperation with people and balancing interests your Venus part is natural. Venus rules Libra; thus it may be more difficult to bring out mars’ aggressiveness when necessary.

Scorpio-dedicated to the self esteem of others at their best,

manipulating selfishly at their worst.  Strong will and courage

are natural to Scorpio (mars). This is a good time to increase diplomatic

skills and the loving nature of Venus.

Sagittarius- fun loving student and teacher. Conceited Venus can be easy for a snag. Time for controlled aggression to accomplish something important to you is good.

Capricorn- father authority figure, knows what is best for

everyone at least they think so. Mars comes easy for Capricorn,

Venus, not so much. Thinking that you are loving and cooperative

is not the same as being loving and cooperative.

Aquarius-the great sign of friendship displays interest in the success of others as well as in their own interest. Teamwork is the key as this sign works well with Mars and Venus

Pisces- the compassionate and at the same time self deceptive Sign. Pisces knows within we are all one. It is difficult for Pisces to be aggressive smoothly. This is a good thing to work on. Venus is loving but without attaching strings.

A little bit about our Astrologer

Reverend Norman Breen

I have been doing spiritual astrological readings for twenty years. The accuracy of the sun signs to show what a person is doing in their current incarnation, I have found astrology valuable in helping me understand people. The entire birthchart reveals much more. With my astrology, the planets do not cause humans to act. The planets indicate what the person is working on, like the thermometer doesn’t cause temperature it reveals it. 

Humans are master of their own lives and make all their own choices, attracting from within the persons and experiences that assist them. Painful or joyful all choices are good.

I hope I will be helpful in facilitating a person to understand who they are and what they are doing.


Reverend Norman Breen

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