Core Wisdom

Core Wisdom On-Line
The Electronic Newsletter of Hal Isen & Associates, Inc.
Number 101 – August 17, 2009


Content of This Issue 

  •   The Blessed Choice

·    A Core Wisdom Quote by Tseng Ts’an

The Blessed Choice

 The Source of All manifested

Itself as a Human Being,

Resonant with itself, not a

Puppet of the mind.

A Being who hears the Wisdom 

Within, and chooses freely to

Be guided by that Core Knowing

Is truly Blessed. 

Intention and action arise

As ONE, and “YES!” whispers within

The Heart, “NOW, this is how it shall

Be expressed and done — 

Through these feelings, forms, and methods,

The Source that creates and gives Life 

Invites I AM that I AM to 

Fulfill its nature!”  

                                             _____ Hal Isen 


A Core Wisdom Quote by Tseng Ts’an 

(Zen Wisdom on Allowing What IS to BE –H.I.)

The Great Way is not difficult:

Just don’t pick and choose.

Cut off all likes or dislikes

And it is clear like space.

Likes and dislikes

Are the mind’s disease.

If you miss the deep meaning,

It is useless to still your thoughts.

Outside, don’t get tangled in things.

Inside, don’t get lost in emptiness.

Be still and become One,

And confusion stops by itself.

Illusions, flowers in the air —

Why try to grasp them?

Win, lose, right, wrong —

Put it all down!

In the mind before thinking

No effort is made.

Doubts and worries disappear

And faith is restored. 

To abide in this world

Just say “Not two.”

“Not two” includes everything,

Excludes nothing.

The Way is beyond all words:

Not past, not future, not present.

                         _____ Tseng Ts’an, Third Patriarch of Zen

                                                            (from the Hsin Shin Ming)


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