Temple of Love and Healing


 “Message Circle”

  Come out and enjoy an evening of
Fun and enjoyment.

How the Message Circle works.
You pick one of the circles with up to eight people that we have set up with your comfort in mind.
Our gifted psychic’s draw a number to find out which circle they will start at.
(Nobody knows which psychic starts at which circle,
That’s part of the fun.)
Each group circle will then have a psychic come to their circle.
Our psychic will devote one half hour to that circle.
Each person in the circle will receive a reading from that psychic.
After the half hour, you stay seated and the psychics will change circles in a clock wise fashion.
We do this a total of three times.
You end up with
Three different readings
Three different readers.
Just in case you are not a Psychic:
Friday Night 7:00 PM Sharp !
At the Temple Of Love and Healing
Hope to See you there! 


 Temple of Love and Healing
3700-40th Ave. North
St Petersburg, Florida 33714 



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