A Child’s Blessing

Disney Trip 017Many children are sensitive to the energies all around us.  Even if the energy isn’t perceived as negative, the child may not understand and can be frightened.  When my children were very young, traditional prayers weren’t helpful for them, so I came up with a prayer of my own. My youngest at 9 still says this prayer every night before he goes to bed. He has learned that it is helpful to close his eyes and visualize what the words mean as he says them.  By changing a word or two it can easily be adapted for any situation and for any age.  I share it hoping it is helpful to others.

I know that God surrounds this home with light and love

Guiding it, protecting it, in peace

I am calm

I know that God is right here with me

When I am awake and in my dreams



Reverend Felecia Mulvany

Universal Church of the Master

Trustee/Accreditation Admin

100 W. Rincon Ave #101

Campbell CA 95008



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2 Responses to “A Child’s Blessing”

  1. Kartenlegen per Mail Says:

    Great info. Tweeted about it. I’ll bookmark this post too, but first… Eatingtime… :).

    • ourucm Says:

      Glad you are enjoying the information. We appreciate comments to our outreach and hope to hear from you again soon.
      Reverend DeBry

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