UCM Education Program

A Note to Perspective Students.

christmas2003 017I am the Dean of the Seminary and VP of the UCM board of Trustees, and I am a volunteer.  My work is to mentor the students that participate in our Theology Degree Program. Most people groan when you say graduate and undergraduate work. This program is different! UCM has been in existence since 1908. Our Founder Reverend Briggs was apart of the Spiritualist Community.

I am happy to say from the very beginning UCM honored all cultures and paths to personal enlightenment, as long as there was no harm, and that our first ministers were men and women. To this day we are truly a community of practitioners from many cultures, American Indian, Hindu, Buddhist, Pagan, Christian, Jewish and many more.

Originally we taught only through our Life Path Program. An individual studied directly with a UCM Ordained minister for a minimum of two years to become an Ordained Minister. The student picked the teacher that expressed either their philosophy or one they wanted to learn. As the need for a more structured model began to express itself we developed the Remote Theology Degree Program. The development began in 1992 and we happily completed the Doctor of Divinity part of the Graduate Program by 2008 our 100-year celebration.

Though the original intent of the degree program was to offer an accredited graduate and undergraduate program for individuals interested in becoming UCM ministers we are finding that a lot of people are participating because they are becoming more in tuned to their personal spiritual path through these studies. As we developed this program we focused on creating a personal vision quest by which each student learned more with regards to themselves. We even have some individuals who travel for their corporate jobs that have said this has helped them understand the different cultures they interface with.

For those who find this interesting they can get further information about our educational programs, our blog, magazine and who we are at http://www.u-c-m.org./

Reverend Angela DeBry, H.H.D, D.D.



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