Saturn Opposite Uranus

Elizabeth Barton Astrology“The old in conflict with the new”

Major aspects for September 2009:

Pluto in Capricorn went direct on September 11th.

Mercury in Libra went retrograde on the 7th-28th of September.

Saturn, Uranus opposition – all of September 2-degree orb max. Exact 13th -19th

Hello Dear UCM members and guests to our website!

 Wow!  Astrologically this September is a fulcrum point of change.  The cauldron (Pluto) is being stirred in an anticlockwise manner (Mercury retrograde).  The old stuff (Saturn) at the bottom is come to the top and the new ingredients (Uranus) on the surface are going down!  EVERYONE is going through major change!!!  Old patterns are challenged by new patterns that seem to be” out of your control”.  This is a time of life changing decisions. 

Let’s look at some stats first:

Saturn in Virgo is exactly opposite Uranus in Pisces on September 15th at 5:50 pm PST.  This is the third of five exact oppositions involving these two planets.

Saturn entered Virgo on September 2nd 2007 – exits into Libra for good on July 22 2010.

Saturn will be in Libra from Oct 30th 2009 to April 8th 2010; then it retrogrades back into Virgo until July 22 2010. Saturn is exalted in Libra. It really likes it there! 

Uranus has a longer stay in Pisces.  It went into Pisces on March 11 2003, retrograded a bit from mid September to December 30, 2003.  And it leaves Pisces on May 29, 2010; going into Aries.

An opposition means two planets; personal points and or other parts of a chart are 180 degrees apart. 

Oppositions will always have compatible elements. 

Virgo is an Earth sign and Pisces is a Water sign.  Earth and water like each other, as Air and Fire like each other.

So even if two Planets are in opposition, there is the fulcrum point and the possibility of compromise.

(For you astrologers out there, I am not talking about orbs here).

The last time these two planets were in opposition was in the mid 1960’s.  Saturn was in Pisces and Uranus was in Virgo

This started on March 25th 1964, ending with Saturn going into Aries on March 4th, 1967…Uranus was also conjoined with Pluto at the time! Yipes!  What a time the 60’s were!  Major social change!

This was the time when President Lyndon Johnston brought the Great Society goals and the civil right act into being.  His speech was on May 22 1964, Saturn was at 4 degrees of Pisces and Uranus (stationary direct) was at 5 degree of Virgo. One degree from exact!

This was the time Social Security and Medicare came into existence; 1965.

This was a time when discrimination was challenged, when public broadcasting was born, there were major changes in the Federal funding of schools…so many wonderful things started out of the cauldron of that time.  But it was tumultuous.  

Go to to read more.

So what you may ask is in store for us as a society? 

First lets go over some keywords for Saturn

Esoterically Saturn is the first energy the Soul encounters as it moves into the Earth realm to be born.

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius……(Uranus is the co-ruler for Aquarius)

Hers are some things Saturn rules;




Old ways and things

Coal mines

Collapse of buildings

Bones, skin, hair teeth

Right ear







Willow tree








Hard work rewarded

As you sow so shall you reap

Here are some of the Key words associated with Uranus.

In esoteric astrology Uranus is called the higher octave of Mercury.






Radical change

New ways


Social reform through new innovations


Electronic Gamers

Diverse sexuality

Different drummer

Sudden new knowledge



Web communication

Psychics and their info

Eclectic groups

Avant garde 

Tessla is a perfect example of a Uranian person.

As a society we are taking the next step with the all the things birthed during the last Saturn/Uranus opposition, Health care, education, Federal funding of public “anything”.

The healthcare battle probably will not come to a compromise until the last opposition inVirgo/Pisces, May 01 2020.

There will be major break through, discoveries and governmental policy shifts in;

Food production and distribution


Artificial skin, bones, teeth and hair

Gene manipulation

Nanotech, lasers

Scientific procedures


The understanding of water and its sacred relationship to our bodies and the Earth.

One thing I find interesting is this time it is the Saturn in Virgo people doing the marches on Washington, protesting the implementation of a public option in the health care plan for all people.

Since last April 2009, there has also been a very interesting combo affecting everyone, especially Lightworkers.

 The planets Jupiter (Money in traditional astrology), Neptune (Maya, Spirit and confusion), and the asteroid  (really a captured comet) Chiron (The healer/teacher) and the North Node of the Moon (What we are to do in this life), have all been playing tag in Aquarius (the People/friends).  This influence will stay in effect until Jan 2010.

Here are some of the major themes coming out of this combo.

How many of you are going through a spiritual crisis, doubting your connection with the Divine.

How many of you are learning the power of your “divine self” through lack of, and removal of material things?

How many of you are calling your guides and they aren’t answering or are all business.

How many of you are finding what used to work metaphysically is not as strong or is not working at all!

How many of you have had incredible insight and new channeling ability out of the blue? 

Some of the quotes I have heard:

“I feel like I am in two dimensions at the same time.”

“But I don’t want to leave my home and move!” 

“I thought I was over the hard stuff”

“Why is my security being removed, I’m dong the Divine work?”

“Why are my friends moving away and changing so much…. why are they dying”???

“Can I renegotiate my contract”?

In the military, after boot camp comes Advanced Individual Training.  After the Pluto went direct in Capricorn that is what is in play now.

The lightworkers we trained with are shipping away to the next learning arena.  Some people stay with us, others drop out completely, others are dying and working on the other side.

Those of us who came on to this planet with a spiritual contract to do lightwork during the 2012 Energetic shift, are now out of “Bootcamp”, and are now being moved into position for the “Work” that starts when a variety of the Cardinal T-Squares  and Cardinal Crosses starts activating in May 2010.

Remember that the “Temple of the Divine” is within you!   Meditate on the Divine Temple within, listen to your inner voice; this is one way to graciously maneuver these trying times!   This is a key to riding the waves of change that are crashing on our lives.

Also stay in touch with others!  One of the ways the Dark side likes to attacks us is by feeding our depression, then isolating us.  The old “divide and conquer” technique. 

Go dust off your Psychic armor and sharpen your sword of Love!    Peace and Love to you all!

More on that in another blog about the Cardinal Cross.

PS.  I am facilitating a three-day, two night Women’s Goddess retreat in the Santa Cruz mountains, Oct 30th-Nov 1st, 2009.

We will be in circle doing Candle Magick and Scrying for our Divine Path in this life.  I have chosen to do Scrying (Crystal gazing) because the veil between the worlds is thinnest during this time of year.

The retreat is on Magical mountaintop!  Hiking trails, wood fire stoves, hot tub, some old growth Redwoods! You can see the stars!
All meals are included. The price is $250.00.  I have five spaces left.
For more information, please E-mail at or call me.

Elizabeth Barton,

Owner of and Practitioner at
The Transformative Therapy Center
Your Chrysalis for Healing.”
2555 Flores Street, Suite #300
San Mateo, CA 94403
(650) 572-8850

CMT since 1988
Energy and Body worker

Professional Astrologer
VP of the San Francisco Astrological Society



2 Responses to “Saturn Opposite Uranus”

  1. Reba Haggard-Brown Says:

    I enjoy your articles and feel you are the hearbeat presently to our economy happing . . . I am a UCM Minister and I totally agree the old is no longer working . . . it is time for the new energy of earth to come in and the stars have been telling us this for years. It is time America wake up and take responsibility for not only it actions but it’s thoughts and thought’s are thing and they remain in the eithers. I see much negativity and fear among so many . . . we reisde in a guarded upscale community in Las Vegas and residential sucide is up 200% in our Sin-City from fear and loss of lifes savings and posession.
    We personally are facing a loss of 30K a month in income from our commercial properties in Vegas and I am communicating with my guides angels and teachers and I know that we will have to tighten our belts in our charity giving and our assistants to many that we are giving too. But somehow the Light will work with those that we can no longer assist as we have in the past. I have been told not to feel guilty as I have been generous to so many for so long.
    Thanks your for your article that I read today it did answer some of my inner thoughts.
    Blessings in the Light for all that you do and say,
    Reba Haggrd-Brown

    • ourucm Says:

      I’m so glad the blog is helping. Elizabeth Barton does a wonderful job on the astrology component and will be going more in depth each quarter for the online magazine. Remember if you have workshops, services, or special events let me know and we can place them on the blog for you in Charter Chatter or One Heart Many Paths. We are working toward growing our UCM family.
      Reverend Angela DeBry, H.H.D, D.D

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