Joyful Noise

U.C.M. Newsletter of Joy, Humor, Laughter, and Inspiration


Editor: Rev. Doti Boon,

Volume 8 page 40 (10-01-09)

Grand Canyon, Arizona


I am a sacred traveler finding and spreading spiritual growth

throughout the universe.

Sacred Tourist

          As a group of us get ready to leave for the Big Island, Hawaii, to experience the sacred sites of this beautiful paradise, I wonder how many people decide to “stay home” because it is just too much of a bother to travel.

          We tend to talk about sacred and spiritual experiences and I have found some of the greatest of these in places outside my comfort zone.

          On a trip to the Hopi reservation we had to shake scorpions out of our shoes, drive through a long barren desert and walk to the top of a mesa. There we encountered some of the most spiritual beings; from their native dances, the marvelous music of drums and flutes and the festive regalia of these cheerful people. Watching a small four year old boy stomp his feet in time to the music, dressed to look like a deer – brought tears to my eyes. His look of pride and determination, to show his heritage was amazing. And then, we were invited into a small hot kitchen, with a piece of old, tattered fabric hanging at the door, to partake of fried chicken, salad, Kool Aid, fry bread, fresh melon and brownies. All of us forgot about sugar, carbs, or the grease in lard fried chicken – it tasted like a meal fit for royalty. Because it was placed in front of us with such loving and caring energies – it became a sacred banquet.  When we left the Hopi reservation, we did it with a reverence of and for The People, The Land and Earth Magic. We also left behind lots of love, gratitude and hope.

          The spiritual Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona have called to us many times in the past twenty years. In 2008 we gathered at the vortexes with our guides Rev. Arlene Phelan and Rev. Ron McLain, waded in Oak Creek, listened to fantastic Native American speakers and again there was an awakening of spirituality under the bright blue sky. A feeling of aliveness with our, collective, Creator.

          In Glastonbury England while sitting in the Goddess Temple, climbing the Tor and visiting the Glastonbury chapel we had visions that awakened and humbled us. Early in the morning in Stonehenge we walked amongst the Stones and felt their centuries old vibrations, built an altar in our brightly colored capes, danced with Druid spirits; and sang up the sun.

          Outside Edinburgh in Roslyn Chapel we felt the Knight’s Templar honoring their God amidst the carvings of the Green Man and Celtic crosses. Rev. Anne Corbin, Rev. Donna Zehner, Rev. Jim Gonzalez, Kathy (Kat) Silas and many more – raised their pure voices and sang and the chapel sang back to them!

          Chichen Itza in the Yucatan of Mexico, where we climbed pyramids, marveled at the Observatory and the incredible Mayan energies pulsed through our feet.

          A bunch of us waded in the headwaters of the Sacramento River on the most sacred Mt. Shasta, heard the bells of the mountain, Sufi danced and encountered UFOs and Lemurians.

          Everywhere our group has traveled we have brought back a bit of the sacred from other states, countries and mystical places. Each trip is a voyage to the unknown. It is through stretching ourselves that we grow in an understanding of people, places and the spirituality of their space.

          All of this was brought to mind as I watched the struggles going on in American Samoa, Tonga, Indonesia, and Venezuela as they fight against the re-adjusting of Mother Earth and resulting chaos.

          Each one of these countries need our prayers as their spiritual sites, their homes and their people are being annihilated. We need to be sacred travelers – if not with our own bodies, then with our prayers. These are OUR people, not strange people in strange lands! We are members of an earth community and as such – we need to support those we can in all the ways possible.

          Please join us this Sunday as Rev. Bec Thompson talks about spirituality of the Islands, and we send a group prayer to all of the peoples of the world (including Silicon Valley) who are undergoing hardship, depression, poverty and disease. YOUR voice is needed! 

          A woman realizing that her luggage didn’t make it on the flight home – stormed right over to the airport’s customer-service counter.

          “Can you describe your suitcase?” the clerk asked.

          “It’s a navy-blue duffel bag, 24 inches long, 18 inches wide, and 20 inches high. It has red piping around the edges, three big stars on one side and the words Atlanta Olympics in big letters on the other side.”

          “Okay,” the clerk said, “And is there anything distinctive about your bag?” 

          A little boy went to the library to check out a book: Comprehensive Guide for Mothers.

          “Is this for your mother?” the librarian asked.

          “No,” said the boy.

          “So why are you checking it out?”

          “Because I started collecting moths last week.” 

A customer walked into an auto-parts store looking for flat washer. “That’ll be 15 cents,” said the cashier.

          “Fifteen cents for a washer? Are you crazy?!” he yelled, “I’ll drill a hole in a quarter and make my own.”



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