Connecting with the Divine Feminine

Connecting with the Divine Feminine through

Candle Magick and Scrying at Salamander Camp

October 30 – November 01 2009

View of the ceremonial yurt, lap pool and the hot tub!

Salamander Retreat 09 

This retreat is a time for connecting with the Divine Feminine.

A time for women to explore their personal power and spirit.

A time for rejuvenation.

A time of laughter!

We are blessed to have the retreat site during Samhain/Halloween, when the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest. This is why I decided to teach basic Candle Magick and Scrying.

Scrying is the ancient art of crystal gazing to divine the past, present and future. We will be scrying to see our Divine Path in this life.

Salamander Camp is less than 10 minutes outside of Los Gatos in the Santa Cruz Mountains. In fact it is on top of a mountain.   

19315 Bear Creek Rd. Los Gatos Ca. Easy, close; yet still a world away! 

The cost is $250 for three days and two nights. It includes delicious organic meals, snacks and lodging.

As well as; Sacred Ceremony, Candle scrying, Labyrinth walking, arts and crafts, meditation, movement and dance, hiking, chanting, drumming- rattling, Sisterhood, self-care, Magick, quiet time, wood fire stoves.

Arrival: Friday 2-5pm

Depart: Sunday 5 pm 

$50 deposit required to hold your spot.  

If you want to stay over Sunday night it will be an additional $50.

Please send check to Elizabeth Barton,

501 E 40th Ave, San Mateo CA 94403

(650) 572-8850

Salamander Camp has three huge yurts; one is the kitchen, one for ceremonial work and one for sleeping. 

It has hot water showers, complete kitchen (no microwave), wood burning stoves for heat, Futons for sleeping on, composting toilets, electricity, hot tub, labyrinth, fairy grotto, hiking trails, and two old growth Redwoods.

This retreat is for 13 women, including myself and Tanya Keenan our Divine kitchen witch! 

PS Please tell me if you have any dietary restrictions so we can make you your own delicious food. 

Picture yourself at night, floating in a redwood hot tub, gazing at thousands of stars, as you smell the smell of the forest at night!  The only sound, your breath and the breeze.  Ah!  I am there already!

 Peace and Love Elizabeth!

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