UCM Astrology Blog for October 2009

Elizabeth Barton AstrologySo what is up astrologically for October?

Here is a list 

1.      Mercury returns to its retrograde degree of 6 Libra.

2.    Mercury is in Libra from October 9th to October 27th.

3.     Venus enters Libra on October 14th.

4.    Mars enters Leo on October 16th……until June 8th 2010, strap in boys and girls!

5.     Jupiter is stationary retrograde at 17 Aquarius from September 28th, goes Stationary direct on October 12 and final moves into the 18th degree of Aquarius on October 27th.

6.    Saturn enters Libra on the 29th of October.

7.     Venus conjoined Saturn at 28 degrees of Virgo on October 12th

8.    Uranus is retrograde all month at 24 and 23 degrees of Pisces.

9.    Neptune is retrograde all month at 24 degrees of Aquarius.

10.  Pluto is direct, all month at 1 degree.

As I am writing this blog, our dear friend Mercury, has returned to 6 Libra, the degree at which it went retrograde on September 6th.

Whew!  Talk about a balancing act in communication!  I for one am looking forward to the forward motion.

In astrology, one of the esoteric tools used are the Sabian symbols.  Each of the 360 degrees was given a meaning. 

The Sabian symbols I use were channeled by psychic Elsie Wheeler, with Marc Edmund Jones in attendance, in 1925;  San Diego, California.

(note: when you have a degree with minutes, say 6 Libra 34, you read the explanation for the 7th degree.) 

The Sabian Symbol for 7 degrees of Libra is: A women feeding chickens and protecting them from the Hawks.

The Keynote from Dane Rudhyar’s, “An Astrological Mandala”

 is as follows: The need to face the antagonism of “powers of darkness” as one attempts to feed the mind of as yet helpless and frightened apprentices.

Keyword from Marc Edmund Jones is “Shrewdness.”

How descriptive is that of what many of us went through during the 22 days of Mercury retrograde?  Protecting our investments for our future while the predators attempt to steal what we care for. 

During the last Mercury Retrograde in Libra, we got to rethink how we deal with relationships; business, societal, and familial. 

Remember Air is about intellect, the way we think, so this last cycle we got to analyze the habitual patterns we use in creating and maintaining relationships.

Irritating minutiae within our social/home structure comes to the forefront and we had to deal with it. 

A conversation could go like this….”We need to talk about the unwritten rules we have never spoken about…..like, squeeze out the dam sponge before you put it on the drain board!”

We also looked at how we do time management thereby opening up a clearer path for our long range plans.

 And now we will have to put our conclusions to the test.

As of the middle of this month the log jam of Energy will start to break up…but into what?  More relationship stuff.  Big “R” and little”R”.

Mercury, Venus and Saturn all go into Libra.  They pack up their Virgo bags, calculators and small animals and move into Libras house of relationships.  “Lions and Tigers and ….relationships, oh my!”

But guess who is the first planet to greet them as they enter the first degrees of Libra? 

Darth Pluto himself. 

All three planets will square Pluto as they enter Libra!  Deep transformative communications about all of our relationships will happen.  This means both family and business.

The societal structure is changing, be proactive!!!  Think outside the box.  What can you barter?  Do you have a good network of associates and friends?

 After the initial shock of dealing with the hard stuff first, relationships will improve, money will be easier to make.  Both Venus and Saturn love being in Libra.  Libra is ruled by Venus and Saturn is exalted in Libra. 

Our Love ( Venus) and our societies structure (Saturn) will go into the hardball, strategic, diplomatic court of America politics as we near the upcoming Cardinal Grand Cross.

Mars goes into Leo for almost 9 months!  Usually Mars zips through a sign in approximately 44 days! 

Mars is so glad to be out of kissy face Cancer, it likes Leo, it is hot, dry and fiery.  We all will have more Energy.

In traditional astrology Leo is an infertile sign so I think we will have a lot of political rhetoric, ideas will be punted back and forth but I doubt anything will happen until late May 2010.

In fact the conservative agenda will grow stronger until Uranus goes into Aries starting May 28th 2010.  The first week in June 2010 will bring the shift in Energy.

 Though on the good side on Mars entering Leo, children’s issues will come into focus, new entertainment modalities will come on the scene and a bevy of action/war films will grunt across the silver screen. 

On the negative side more angry talking heads on TV and radio.   Blowhards posturing for self serving purposes will wrap themselves in the flag, declaring that “their way is the best way”.  Ignore their fear mongering.

Synopsis:  The awareness of self that you gleaned during Mercury retrograde in Libra will now go on to the stage of life.  It is now time to be proactive for you, your family, your business, and your society.

If you walk the walk of Love and compassion while managing your third dimensional assets with “Shrewdness”, the lessons pondered during Mercury retrograde in Libra will help change your world and by changing you world, you will change “the world”. 

We are all connected! 

Does a butterfly flapping its wings help change the direction of the wind?

Elizabeth Barton

Professional Astrologer

Transformative Therapy Center

2555 Flores Street

San Mateo, CA 94403

650 572-8850


p.s.  I have 3 spaces available for my Samhain Womens Retreat in the Santa Cruz mountains.  Oct 30-Nov 1 2009.  13 woman only.  I will be teaching basic Candle Magick and Scrying.  $250.00. Includes food and lodging!


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