Interactive Website for Legal Information

Many of our ministers, charters and individual students have questions regarding legal matters both professional and personnel.  UCM is working to find information for you regarding federal and state laws that pertain to individual ministers and charter holders.  Fortunately ministers update us as they find changes in their states and we pass these along.  We will also be sharing information sent to Headquarters via the IRS, and UCM’s  lawyer.

I have been doing some personnel research for myself and my family and found a wonderful website that not only allows you to research state specifically, but has a message board where you can ask a specific question.  They do not charge for basic information or questions in the forum.  This seemed to be something that might be useful for our ministers.  Their website is and  If any of our ministers have other websites like this that you use, please send them to and we will add them to the legal portion of the blog.

Thank you,

Reverend DeBry, H.H.D, D.D.


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