Astrological Updates – December 2009

So what is happening astrologically in December?

All time indicated are for Pacific Standard Time.

Here are the basics:

Sun goes into Capricorn at 9:47am PST on December 21st.

Moon– We have TWO Full Moons this month; on Dec 01st and on the 31st.

  • ·        Full Moon – Monday, December 1st, 11:30 pm at 10 Gemini 15.
  • ·        Full Moon – Thursday, December 31st, LUNAR ECLIPSE, 11:13am at 10 Cancer 15.  It is a Partial eclipse that will not be seen by people in North America.  If you are in Asia, Africa, North West Australia and Europe you will see it. See NASA map of eclipse path.
  • ·        Two Full Moons in a month – Blue Moon?  Check out this link.  http://

 ·        New Moon is on Wednesday, December 16th, 04:02am at 24 Sag 40.

Hmmm, what a way to end the year….Lunar Eclipse as a Blue Moon?  What do you think this means?  Write me, I would love to hear your interpretation!

Mercury goes into Capricorn on Dec 05th at 9:25 am.

  • ·        Mercury Stationary Retrograde on Dec 26th at 6:38am at 22 degrees of Cap.
  • ·        So many presents and gifts will be returned for cash or store credit that the stores will be overwhelmed.

Venus goes into:

  • ·        Sagittarius on Tuesday, December 01 at 2:04 pm and then
  • ·        Capricorn on Friday, December 25th at 10:17am.

Mars is in Leo all month.

  • ·        From the 1st to the 20th of December Mars be will move from 18 degrees of Leo to 20 degrees of Leo. 
  • ·        Then it goes Retrograde, ending the month at 19 degrees of Leo.

Jupiter starts at 21 Aquarius and ends the month at 26 Aquarius.

Saturn starts at 03 Libra and ends the month at 5 degrees of Libra.

Uranus starts and ends the month at 23 degrees of Pisces.

Neptune starts at 24 Aquarius and ends the month at 25 Aquarius.

Pluto starts the month at 02 degrees of Capricorn and ends the month at 03 degrees of Capricorn.

Moons Nodes start the month at 23 Capricorn and end at 22 Capricorn.


  • ·        We still have Saturn in Libra Squaring Pluto in Capricorn all this month. On December 03rd, the Cancer Moon will form a T-square with Saturn and Pluto; apex is Saturn and on December 24th the Libra Moon with form a T-square with Saturn and Pluto; apex is Pluto.
  • ·        Jupiter conjoining Neptune in Aquarius all month. Exact on December 21st at 00:53am. at 23 Aquarius. (Technically when planets conjoin, it is not an aspect, it is a melding of Energies.)
  • ·        Mars in Leo opposite the Jupiter/Neptune combo.
  • ·        In this blog I will address:

v   v    What is a Grand Cross/Square. A Grand Cross or Square, is when four planets are in play.  Two sets of oppositions that square each other.  Technically you can have more than four planets in a Grand Cross if two or more planets are conjoining each other.  This is a challenging aspect that has vast potential.  Other people and social events project the karmic lessons on the person or country.  Going to the spiritual high ground of internal integrity and respecting/setting your boundaries are the fastest ways of getting the Grand Cross to work for you. We will go into how the Cardinal Grand Cross will affect our nation and world next year!

v   v    Jupiter conjoining Neptune.

v   v    And as promised in the last blog why I think there will be an incident on our USA soil.

Jupiter conjoining Neptune

When two planets conjoin they start a new cycle.  This cycle is called a Syzygy… is that for a Scrabble word!  As Jupiter moves it goes through all 360 degrees of the zodiacal circle until it conjoins Neptune again.

Jupiter and Neptune are just about to start a new dance that will go on for approximately 12 years. They will meet again on at 23 Pisces on April 11, 2022.

Jupiter expands anything it touches, traditional some of the things Jupiter rules are; optimism, money, religion, faith, learning, long distance travel, freedom, philosophy, prophetic visions and dreams, hips and….. liver inflammation…and so much more!

Neptune brings disintegration or spirituality. Sometimes called the ‘universal solvent”, rules illusion, mists, veils, petroleum, deception and unfretted instruments, film and photograph, art forms that help one escape reality or that bring spiritual meaning, the sea and much more.

As you know planets have good and challenging sides to their nature. 

When you blend the good influences of Jupiter and Neptune you get spiritual charity, big dreams, heightened psychic abilities, idealism, channeled art and etheric music, activate imagination, exploration of the oceans, and large oil deposits discovered – Brazil just announced this on December 1st.

On the challenging side; Religious zeal, being spacey, mind alteration through drugs, big storms over water, dams breaking, major rain storms, big deceptions, big dreams not based in reality, dissolving hope, deceptive financial dealings.

Since Jupiter is the Ruler of Pisces, and Neptune is the co-ruler, there is a huge Piscean tinge to this combination as well as an under current of 12th house matters.

Now toss in Mars in Leo opposite the dynamic duo!  What do you get?

Well let us go back to the Sibly chart of the USA.

The Sibly Chart for USA is cast for 5:10 pm LMT, July 4th 1776 at Philadelphia, PA

In this chart the Third House cusp is 24 degrees of Aquarius.  Jupiter/Neptune are at this degree.

The third house in Mundane astrology, (the astrology for countries). represents; newspapers, the post office, the Internet, any form of disseminating information.  It also represents transportation, roads, rail, and neighboring countries.

Moon of the Sibly Chart is at 27 degrees of Aquarius. 

In Mundane Astrology, the Moon represents the common people, common concerns of the public, crowds and women.

So, what we have is a planned mass deception to the people of the United States of American, possible attack on our soil or our weak financial structure.   If the plan is detected on December 19th, they will have to retreat and reorganize.  If not, December 24th will have more than Santa coming down the chimney.  The focus will be transportation (3rd house issues), or a mass postal/internet scam.

Another possibility is major storms effecting transportation.

Some of the astrological factors for this dire prediction are:

1.     1.     Transiting Sun and Pluto conjoin at 3 Capricorn on Dec 24th, in the Sibly charts first house, opposite the Sibyl charts Venus/Jupiter 3 and 5 Capricorn, 7th house. 

2.     2.     The transiting Moons nodes were at 3 Capricorn on September 11th, 2001.

3.     3.     Transiting Uranus 22 Pisces (3rd house) opposite Sibly Neptune 22 Virgo. (9th house)

4.     4.     Mars goes retrograde on Dec 20th.

5.     5.     Mercury goes retrograde on Dec 26th.

6.     6.     Jupiter conjoins Neptune on Dec 20th.

7.     7.     Pluto is apex of a T-square on Dec 24th.

8.     8.     For those of you that use asteroids…Juno shows death and destruction…..her dark side. She was opposite the Sibly Pluto as she conjoined the Sibly Vertex…… on 9-11.  She is on the Sibly IC – Dec 21th, at 1 Aries.

9.     9.     And the icing on the cake is that the year ends in an eclipse.

From around December 15th through the end of the year we have challenging astrological aspects. If you don’t have to travel don’t.  With Mercury and Mars retro, who knows where your bags will end up!

These are not easy times.  Keep our first family in your prayers….they are vulnerable during this time frame. 

Remember, “This to shall pass”.   Keep love in your heart, your friend’s laughter in your soul and your thoughts positive and productive.

To learn more about Traditional Western Astrology go to Deb Houlding SUPERB!!! Website http://

Until we meet again in the blogosphere, may the Stars shine blessings on you!

Elizabeth A. Barton

CMT, Energy worker

Professional Astrologer

Vice President of the

San Francisco Astrological Society

2555 Flores Street, suite #300

San Mateo, Ca 94403

For an astrological consultation call or E-mail me!

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(650) 572-8850

My next Women’s retreat will be the weekend of May 21st 2010 in the Santa Cruz Mountains. 

Yes, it was changed from May 14th.  Another group desperately wanted that date, so I changed with them. 

Peace to all!


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