The Seeker’s Quest Story

The Seeker’s Quest Story

By Reverend Woods Mattingley

Ever since UCM announced it was having financial challenges, I have wanted to share my Seeker’s Quest story; I will try and keep it short.  HA HA.

1970: I founded THE SEEKER’S QUEST, which was at first a prayer group in my Campbell condo.

Mid-70s: while I was completing a degree at San Jose State University, I ran THE SEEKER’S QUEST and worked part time in civil engineering.  THE SEEKER’S QUEST began experimenting with small groups (meditation, music) in my condo.  My vision was to see THE SEEKER’S QUEST expand and reach more people, not only people into spirituality and metaphysics.  I paid attention to my night dreams, which remained very important to me since I was a teen in VA.  By this time, THE SEEKER’S QUEST had a board and we all prayed about how this expansion could occur.  After many false tries with radio, TV and newspaper ads, it was clear we needed Divine input.  

1974+/-: I dreamed and heard this Voice: “Tie the ministry to something successful.”  Good advice but what did that mean?  The board and I pondered.  God sometimes speaks but lets us figure out what S/He means.  Time passed. 

1975:  I knew Dr. Gina Cerminara, of Edgar Cayce fame, with her well-received book on

Reincarnation from the EC readings.  I asked the board if they thought it feasible for THE SEEKER’S QUEST to sponsor a lecture with Dr. Gina?  They said, “Try it.”  I called her.  She immediately consented.  Where to place the lecture?  I had done a lot of (independent contractor) coordinator work with adult education (non-credit) programs and classes for the local community colleges (De Anza, Foothill, etc.) and knew about their facilities.  The board said, “Ask De Anza.”  I did, and we contracted for one Friday evening in Forum One, which was a large lecture hall.  Dr. Gina spoke.  I was astounded!  She drew a large audience.  I sent her the honorarium.  After the lecture, I called Dr. Gina, and out of her mouth came the guidance we sought for so long: “Why not sponsor a lecture program at De Anza once a month, and see how this goes?  There are many authors and others who might want to participate.”  Eureka!

1976 on: THE SEEKER’S QUEST sponsored one Friday night lecture at De Anza each month.  Success!  Then THE SEEKER’S QUEST developed a bi-monthly lecture series.  Success!  The audiences grew.  We then tapped Barbara Mousalam, a well-known KGO Radio psychic, and she agreed to speak monthly.  More success!

By 1978 or so: Richard Miller of UFO contact fame moved into an adjoining condo where I lived.  Richard’s Solar Cross group wanted him to do lectures, so he picked up every one of the Friday night lectures under THE SEEKER’S QUEST sponsorship.  Now THE SEEKER’S QUEST had four Friday lectures each month.  More success! 

(Insight: Richard appealed to some, and THE SEEKER’S QUEST speakers appealed to others – crossover is what they call it in the music trade: a famous Christian singer decides to do a secular song.  The Christian song and the secular songs become hits.  Crossover works!)

1979 or early 1980: A well-known San Jose psychic did a lecture for THE SEEKER’S QUEST.  In her talk, at the end when she did Q&A for the audience, she came to me right away.  She said: “THE SEEKER’S QUEST is going to have explosive growth this year.”  I listened, but because I had worked at trying to get THE SEEKER’S QUEST off the ground for about ten years, I was skeptical.

Summer 1980: A local realtor (who came to THE SEEKER’S QUEST lectures) came to me and said she knew of a home for sale in Willow Glen (at that time, a run-down, old fashioned community).  She wondered if I could not buy the house, and live there, while using the rooms in the large house for our counseling, classes, etc.  I looked.  I agreed.  I bought. 

THE SEEKER’S QUEST moved in with me, and with these new facilities, plus our ongoing programs at De Anza, THE SEEKER’S QUEST exploded with great growth.  The prediction came true.  Thank God!  He led me, although slowly.  Ten years!  Tell that to a venture capitalist, and he would laugh at you.   

So, I want to talk about crossover.  I had studied dream interpretation since 1956.  But everyone is NOT interested in dream interpretation.  Lectures only about dreams would not sell.  I did not have the charisma or the public speaking ability others had.

To fill my weaknesses, I chose strong speakers, authors, and psychics to speak at De Anza.  I stepped into the background.  I held the prayer groups weekly and coordinated the ministry’s activities and published our newsletter/schedule of events. 

Crossover occurred when the secular audiences who started coming to De Anza lectures began coming to THE SEEKER’S QUEST Center (my home) for classes, counseling, etc.  The Center broadcast spirituality; De Anza broadcast the secular programs.  De Anza began to pull the formerly secularly oriented people into THE SEEKER’S QUEST Center, which was spiritually oriented. 

Then, the miracle occurred: Some secular people began to touch their spiritual sides, and God began His work.  Growth occurred.  The secular got hooked.  The already-spiritually hooked grew deeper in their quest. 

God’s dream came true.  “Tie the Ministry to something successful (tie THE SEEKER’S QUEST to De Anza lectures),” and see what I AM can do. 

This is what I see with UCM.  UCM is focused entirely on getting people into its classes to become ministers.  But NOT everyone wants to become a minister.  And a lot of people should NOT become ministers.  Ministers should be called by the Father/Mother God.  Many choose to become ministers.   Believe me, there is a BIG difference. 

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year. 

I affirm that the planetary economy rebounds – work orders surge and re-employment begins;

our Source (or God) is NOT in recession.  God’s abundance guides this international upturn.

The Lotus unfolds within. May Peace prevail on earth.

Reverend B. Woods Mattingley

Pattaya 20260, Thailand

Often I am asked by new students, “What do I do with my spirituality? How do I follow my own path?”  What Woods has shared with all of us is his wonderful journey and how he learned to listen to his guidance and the call to his path.  It is always a journey and as we allow ourselves to be open individually, and collectively we create communities.  I believe that it is through sharing our stories and creating these communities that UCM and all of the spiritual communities across the world will grow, and thrive.

Reverend Angela DeBry, H.H.D., D.D.

UCM Vice President


4 Responses to “The Seeker’s Quest Story”

  1. Mary Malone Says:

    H Woods.
    Long time no see; give mary a call if you get a moment.
    619 892 2080 (we leave for a tour of Ireland on the 19th April)
    Talk to you soon,
    Malcolm and Mary.

    • ourucm Says:

      Hi Mary,
      Glad you are taking time to read the blog and all the great stories our UCM family are sharing. I’ll forward your comment to Woods with your email. I am sure he will love hearing from you.
      Reverend Angela DeBry H.H.D, D.D.

  2. Paul Goulart Says:

    Nice history! I remember Woods, please let him know I’m glad to hear the part of the history I didn’t know. I got to stay in the Willow Glen house twice in the early 80’s. Nice place! Best Wishes from San Francisco. Please pass my info on to Woods.

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