State Filing Update


All UCM members must notify headquarters if any of their mailing or contact information has changed.  We want to keep all of your documentation, rights and privileges to legally function as a minister in your state current and legal!!! All ministers must, for State Filing purposes, notify UCM if:

  • You are a UCM member who has moved to a new state. (We need to make sure we are registered in that state)  
  • You are a UCM Ordained Minister (Reverend) who has moved to the state of Massachusetts. (MA requires each Reverend be registered with the MA Secretary of State.
  • You are a state agent for UCM and you have moved within your current state or to another state. (UCM must notify the Secretary of State of any changes or a new state agent may need to be appointed)
  • You are an Ordained Minister (Reverend) living in the state of New Jersey and you are opening a church charter. (UCM may need to register your Church Charter with the state of NJ)  


Reverend Felecia Mulvany

Universal Church of the Master

100 W. Rincon Ave #101

Campbell CA 95008



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