P.S. Reverend Clark, President 2/5/10

Last month Reverend Boon gave us her top ten New Year resolutions and I wrote that I found them tempting and would let you know how I was doing with them. Well to be honest I put a copy of the resolutions on my desk with the intention of “seeing it would remind me” and somehow other paperwork was put on top, thus hiding it from me and I just rediscovered them today! I reviewed them again, still find them tempting and have resolved to recommit to them again. This time the list is in a more prominent place, and not likely to have paperwork placed on top! I’ll keep you updated!

We are part of the Associate Programs offered by both Amazon.com, and Barnes&Noble.com. This means when you enter either of these websites through ours, UCM receives a commission on your purchases. Should you need to leave either website before completing your purchase you need to again go through our web site for us to receive the commission.

Submission for A Joyful Noise can be made to http://Safedoti@aol.com or staff@u-c-m.org.

Reverend Sandy Clark


Universal Church of the Master

100 W. Rincon Ave. #101

Campbell, CA 95008


fax 408.370.6591



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