Joyful Noise

U.C.M. Newsletter of Joy, Humor, Laughter, and Inspiration

Fractal, Minister Steve Waites

Editor: Rev. Doti Boon

Volume 9 page 6 (2-11-10)


I am my favorite Valentine!

          There are so many things written about Valentine’s Day and the disappointment, heartache and frustration of not receiving something from “Your Valentine” that I thought I would write about YOU being Your Own Valentine.

          If you’re gazing enviously at the bouquet of roses on your colleague’s desk this Valentine’s Day, remember there’s a chance they’re not from a secret admirer or even a significant other. They may just have sent them to themselves.

                Rather than feeling lonely and unloved on February 14th, eight million Americans admit to sending themselves gifts, according to a new survey. And at least those sending themselves a gift know that they’ll like what they get.

          A telephone poll of 1,000 Americans also found there’s a big mismatch between what people wanted and what they got and so people were filling the void by buying for themselves.

          Vince Talbert, of the marketing technology company Bill Me Later Inc, conducted the poll with Ipsos Insight.

            Here is an interesting writing by an anonymous source that let’s you know how very special you are and how much you deserve your Own Valentine:

I’m Special

          I’m special! In the entire world there’s nobody like me. Since the beginning of time, there has never been another person like me. Nobody has my smile. Nobody has my eyes, my nose, my hair, my hands, and my voice.

I’m Special

          No one can be found who has my handwriting. Nobody anywhere has my tastes – for food or music or art. No one sees things just as I do.

                In all of time there’s been no one who laughs like me, no one who cries like me. And what makes me laugh and cry will never provoke identical laughter and tears from anybody else, ever.

                No one reacts to any situation just as I would react.

I’m Special

          I’m the only one in all of creation who has my set of abilities. Oh, there will always be somebody who is better at one of the things I’m good at, but no one in the universe can reach the quality of my combination of talents, ideas, abilities and feelings. Like a room full of musical instruments, some may excel alone, but none can match the symphony sound when all are played together.

I’m a Symphony

          Through all of eternity no one will ever look, talk, walk, think, or do like me.

I’m special. I’m rare

          In all rarity there is great value. Because of my great rare value, I need not attempt to imitate others. I will accept – yes.

Celebrate – my Differences

          I’m special. And I’m beginning to realize it’s no accident that I’m special. I’m beginning to see that God made me special for a very special purpose. God must have a job for me that no one else can do as well as I. Out of all the billions of applicants; only one has the right combination of what it takes. That one is me.



          Life is exhilarating and you have to plunge into it and dive through it with compassion and an open heart. I encourage you to strive to reach out to everyone you meet with a warm heart and respect.

          Begin your day with thankfulness for our beautiful world, and for the joy of sharing our gifts and our lives with one another. That is the purpose of life!

Ardath Rodale, 1928 – 2009

(Chief Inspiration Officer for Prevention Magazine) – Rodale Press.


          It was Valentine’s Day and Jim and Danielle’s first date. They sat in the darkened cinema waiting for the film to start. The screen finally lit up with a flashy advertisement for the cinema’s concession stand. Jim and Danielle realized that there was no sound. The film began but the silence continued.

          Suddenly, out of the darkness, an irritated voice in the crowd loudly shouted’, Okay, who’s got the remote control?’

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

          Phil, a smart and handsome young man, dressed in the latest fashion, walked into this local pub. He noticed a woman gazing at him without blinking her big eyes. Phil felt flattered so he walked up to the woman and said in his deepest voice, ‘I’ll do anything you wish, beautiful lady, for just $20 but on one condition.’

          The woman appeared to be trapped in the moment and asked as if in a trance, ‘What’s your condition?’

          Phil answered, ‘Tell me your wish in just three words.’

          There was a long pause, the woman opened her purse, counted out the money and handed it to the man along with her address. She then looked deeply into his eyes and whispered, ‘Clean my house.’

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

          Jim asked his friend, Tony, whether he had bought his wife anything for Valentine’s Day.

          “Yes,” came the answer from Tony who was a bit of a chauvinist, “I’ve bought her a belt and a bag.”

          “That was very kind of you,” Jim added, “I hope she appreciated the thought.” Tony smiled as he replied, “So do I, and hopefully the vacuum cleaner will work better now.”

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

          Roger, who was 19 years old, was buying an expensive bracelet, to surprise his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, at a very smart jeweler’s shop in Hatton Garden, London.

          The jeweler inquired, “Would you like your girlfriend’s name engraved on it?”

          Roger thought for a moment, grinned, then answered, “No, instead engrave To my one and only love.”

          The jeweler smiled and said, “Yes, sir; how very romantic of you.”

          Roger retorted with a glint in his eye, “Not exactly romantic, but very practical. This way, if we break up, I can use it again.”


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