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Reverend Kala Ambrose, Imbolc

February 3, 2010

Welcome to a Special Edition of the Explore Your Spirit with Kala newsletter. Throughout the year, we like to send you information on sacred holidays, wisdom celebrations and powerful rituals that you may wish to incorporate in some way into your life.  Let me know if you enjoy these special editions and if you’d like to see more.

In love, light, and in the wisdom of the Goddess, *~Kala~*

Seven Sacred Ways to Celebrate Imbolc and the Goddess

In the wisdom teachings of the Divine Feminine, there are certain earth cycles, which open a gateway between the higher planes of existence and the earth plane. These moments of enhanced connection allow us to view the rhythm and timing of the goddess in her form as mother nature.

We are experiencing one of these magical moments this week, marked as the mid-way point of the season of Winter around February 2nd. This celebration is most popularly known by the Celtic reference of Imbolc. Imbolc, a gaelic word, means in-milk, derived from the gaelic pronunciation ‘oimelc’, meaning ewe’s milk.

While Imbolc is the most well known celebration of this holiday,
its origins stem from a powerful universal wisdom teaching known as –
‘As Within, So Without’.
  During the barren frozen winter days of early February in western Europe, the celebration of Imbolc was a symbol of hope and represented the good things to come. When surveying the landscape (without), everything appeared bleak, and lifeless yet (within) the dairy animals, hints of Spring were returning as the animals began to lactate and milk began to flow again.

There is a Goddess assigned to this quickening and universally she symbolizes the seeds of life planted (within) the earth and within each person and how when nurtured and cared for, they blossom (without) producing the life affirming milk and awakening of life and hope.

In the Celtic celebration, the Goddess is known as Brigid, also spelled as Brighid. Brigid is revered as the Goddess of healing, writing and prosperity. As a solar goddess, she represents the fire and light that burns within each living being and how when cared for, this eternal light creates inner healing, restores vital energy and stirs life within. She is also represented in the phases of the Goddess as the maiden and the bride. Wise women around the world work with this goddess energy, helping others to launch new projects and beginnings, to stimulate powerful healing energies within the body and perform weddings, as this is the most advantageous day of the year to be married.

Brigid is referred to as the bride, which in modern times is recognized in the form of a young woman being joined in matrimony. This is but one derivative of the wisdom teaching and rituals. The Goddess Brigid is recognized as one of the Queens of Heaven who is being transmuted during this time and reborn. The Wise Woman of Winter, who has journeyed deep within herself during the darkest days of winter, is now ready to emerge and be reborn as the Young Maiden. This maiden carries the hope and promise of new life along with the wisdom and discernment of the wise women, giving herself the gift of intuition, healing, abundance and love. She is a bride of the light, participating in her own unification of this energy in a marriage ceremony of the heart and mind.

Would you like to connect with this energy and connect with the loving energy of the light without
and stir this energy within your heart and mind?

There are Seven Sacred Ways to Connect with the Energy of Imbolc and the Goddess:

1. On February 2nd, light candles and lamps in the home to welcome the return of the Light. Yellow, white and orange candles are the best colors to use. As you light each candle, focus your energy with the flame and ask that the light burn clear and bright, bringing clarity to the home, burning off any residual gloom or negative energy within the home.  

2. White flowers symbolize the purity within and the promise of blooming to come. Place a beautiful bouquet in the heart area of your home and breathe deeply into the flowers, allowing their essence and fragrance to be experienced by all of your senses.  

3. Reminiscent of the milk flowing, sharing dairy products is abundant, the most popular choice being milk chocolate. Hot chocolate warms the body and when stirring the chocolate, imbibe the mix with loving thoughts and warmth.  

4. Place a silk ribbon or piece of fabric on a window sill, often referred to as Brighid’s Mantle. It is said overnight, it will be blessed with the healing, intuitive and abundant energy flowing at this time. Use this fabric to wrap your deck of tarot cards, to wrap herbs in or create a special pouch to hold treasured items.  

5. Leave an offering outdoors of bread for birds and other small creatures who may be having a difficult time finding sustenance in the barren landscape. While outdoors in the cold, give thanks to the beauty surrounding you. Stand with your feet firmly grounded to the earth and raise your arms in the air, bring the light from above around you and allow it to flow deep within you.  

6. Gather the seeds that you will be planting in your Spring garden. Hold your hands over the seeds and ask for the energy of the Goddess within to bless the seeds and nurture them. Take a small quartz crystal and charge this crystal with the same intention. When planting these seeds in the spring, plant the quartz crystal into the earth next to the seeds.  7. Reflect on the seeds of thought you planted in the Fall within yourself and the goals you are affirming in this new year. Ask for the quickening of the seeds within you, that they may blossom and grow. Take a quartz crystal and charge this crystal with the same intention. Keep this crystal on your desk or in a spot where it will remind you of your goals and intentions.

The Goddess in her many forms, teaches by example through nature. Use this time wisely, as it creates a sacred opportunity to plant new seeds of thought in the mind and heart. In the circle of life, there are adversities (within and without), representing a time of darkness and Winter, which are always overcome through the journey. The return to the light in the Spring, offers the opportunity to be reborn and move forward on the path, having learned from the time of adversity. Offerings of gratitude are given at this time to one’s adversaries, as they represent lessons and growth opportunities in disguise.

There is a powerful Norwegian proverb which states: ‘In every woman there is a Queen. Speak to the Queen and the Queen will answer’. As the traditions of the Goddess and Divine Feminine resurge in the light again, celebrate with the seven sacred ways listed above. The powerful life-affirming magic of Spring is around the corner. Should you wish to change something in your life, this is the moment to set that intention and ask for your dream to bloom, grow and rejuvenate!

 More about Kala Ambrose:
Kala is an award winning author, intuitive and talk show host of the Explore Your Spirit with Kala Show. Her thought-provoking interviews entice listeners to tune in around the globe! Described by her guests and listeners as discerning, empowering and inspiring, she speaks with world renowned authors, artists, teachers and researchers delving into metaphysical, holistic and paranormal topics.

Kala’s  book, 9 Life Altering Lessons: Secrets of the Mystery Schools Unveiled delves into the mysteries of ancient mystery schools and explains their wisdom teachings. Kala lectures on Esoteric Teachings,  Developing Business Intuition, Working with Auras, Chakras and Energy Fields, and Wise Woman Wisdom (also known as the Divine Feminine).

Kala’s Guided Meditations CD’s include Spirit of Hawaii and Egyptian Mystery Temple and Tibetan Mountain Journey

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Reverend Corky Whitacre

February 3, 2010

Reverend Whitacre (right) Robin Abrusci (left)

My Journey into EBERTBy Reverend Corky Whitacre, CCHt

San Jose, Calif.

Like many lightworkers, I spent years searching for the right tool to do my spiritual work before I created the EarthBound Entity Releasement Technique (EBERT). I spent years studying astrology, numerology, palmistry, runes, tarot, auras, Reiki, Johrei, massage therapy, color therapy, essential oils/aroma therapy, and so on before starting my hypnosis practice in 1985.

Reading Dr. Edith Fiore’s book, You Have Been Here Before, I was fascinated with this psychologist’s use of hypnosis to help patients heal present day challenges by discovering the root cause, which often stemmed from unresolved past life issues. I knew this type of work was something I wanted to do.

Then I heard her speak about a new book she was writing called The Unquiet Dead, which dealt with spirit possession. I was doubly hooked. THAT was what I really wanted to do. I bought 10 copies of the hardbound book the night she introduced it at Waverly High School in Palo Alto in1987.

I searched everywhere for more information on past life therapy and spirit releasement. Reading every thing available, attended Seeker’s Quest, The Awareness Network, workshops, classes and conferences. Joined organizations like the Association for Pastlife Research and Therapies, Depossession Institute, International Association of Hypnotherapists, International Hypnosis Federation, associated myself with the great hypnotherapy minds and practitioners in the world at that time.

I then started a weekly workshop where newly “certified” hypnotherapists who needed hands on experience could work with several of my clients who wanted help through hypnosis, but couldn’t afford a regular session. The weekly workshop assisted my clients with “free” hypnotherapy and gave the hypnosis student the practice they needed working with real clients. It was a win-win for everyone.

Then came lecturing on hypnosis, past life therapy and spirit releasement therapy, and working with more and more clients. Finally, there were so many people wanting to learn more about spirit releasment that I held my first EBERT workshop in 1993, and today there are over 200 EBERT practitioners.

The four-step EBERT process

EarthBound Entity Releasement Technique, EBERT, is a four-step process that can be used by anyone struggling with negative energy and attachments. In the EBERT workshop, students learn how to detect the presence of an earthbound entity, detach it from the person, place or thing it has penetratred, release it from the earth plane by persuading it to go to the Light, and teach the “host” how to protect and stay clear of future attachments.

The four steps in this technique—detect, detach, release and stay cleared—have been used to successfully release earthbound entities (EBEs), extra-terrestrials, inter-dimensional beings, debilitating thought forms, curses and more. Remote EBERT can be used to clear your family, friends, pets, workplace, home, neighborhood, sports arenas, amusement sites, hospitals, jails, battlefields, and any place where anger, hatred, fear, tragedy or mass destruction exists in the world.

Typically, an earthbound entity is the disembodied spirit of a deceased person, retaining all the physical, emotional and earthly baggage it had when alive. As long as the spirit stays on the earth plane, it will continue to see the world as it did before death. The entity still has “free will” to choose to go to the Light or remain on earth. If it chooses to stay here, it becomes an earthbound entity and may roam the earth or attach itself to a living being, location or object.

Why Do Entities Stay On The Earth Plane?

There are several reasons an entity may choose to remain earthbound, including strong passionate emotions, indifference, religious beliefs, sudden death, traumatic death, addictions or the request of a loved one.

Erroneous religious beliefs about the afterlife can prevent spirits from moving into the Light since they may have been programmed to believe that death is a long sleep or that they will lie in the ground until they are “called.” For instance, if one does not expect to see the Light, it may not be recognized as the “way home. 

A person may die with such guilt that they are unable to accept that God does not judge them. If earthbound entities feel they were bad during their life and expect to go to hell, they might stay on the earth plane rather than chance going to hell, not realizing there is only Light and hell does not exist. Many entities I’ve encountered were actually fearful of going into the Light.

Sudden Death

Some spirits may not know they are dead because of a sudden death or heavy sedation at the time of death. They may wander around and accidentally stick to a doctor, nurse, visitor or another patient. They may even stay in their sick bed until some live body lies down on top of them and there they are, attached to that body. Not knowing what else to do, they may slip into a family member or attach while trying to console a grieving family member or friend.

So be very careful when you go to hospitals and convalescent homes; there are lots of entities roaming around.  Protect yourself with White Light – and if possible, cover your head with a hat, scarf, etc.

Traumatic Death

Traumatic death causes the entity to be bitter and vengeful, because there is usually a lot of pain involved. I had a client who was so frightened of being burned to death that if she thought about someone being burned, she went hysterical. Her entity had been a little girl trapped in a house that burned down, and terror was still part of her blueprint. Once we released the entity, the client was totally relieved of the symptom.


Addiction to food, drugs, sex, alcohol, work, etc. can hold a spirit earthbound, continually seeking satisfaction. Since consumption must be accomplished via a host’s body, attachment for the purpose of personal pleasure is common. The food or other substance consumed does not satisfy the “hunger” of the entity, so the host will typically become excessive. The bulk of the therapeutic work with entities occurs on the emotional level, predominantly around anger, fear and power.

You would probably agree with keeping the image of your deceased mother in your heart. But, how about having her in your head and feelings forever? A young woman had begged her dying mother to stay with her, never to leave. So, when the mother died her spirit entered the bereaved daughter as she requested. About three years later the young woman came to have her mother sent somewhere, anywhere, as long as it was out of her!

Keep Your Aura Strong

One of the things you can do right now to strengthen your aura is surround yourself with golden white Light. This is the Christ Light. Think joyful, loving thoughts. Sing, laugh, play, do things that empower you and make you happy.

Most of all, stop judging others or yourself. Love unconditionally, with no strings attached and surround yourself with positive, joyful, interesting, adventurous people. Like/love yourself the way you are right now.

You can also keep your aura strong by avoiding the following things that weaken the aura:

§         excessive negative emotions, such as anger, rage, panic, fear

§         depression, sadness

§         being startled

§         drug/alcohol overdose and abuse

§         anesthesia, even mild doses of pharmaceutical drugs

§         severe illness, even long term illness that is not severe

§         violence, hostilities, wars, battles, assaults

§         hate, hateful thinking, contemplating revenge and evil deeds

§         emotional or physical trauma

§         physical shock such as a blow to the head

§         any condition that creates unconsciousness

§         fatigue, especially exhaustion                

Next EBERT workshop

If you would like to become a certified Earthbound Entity Releasement Technique practitioner or would like more information, the next EBERT workshop will be held Feb. 27 & 28, 2010 at the Center for Creative Living, 1460 Koll Circle, Suite C, San Jose, CA, 95112-4616. (408)392-9090.

In this two-day workshop, Corky will cover the four-step EBERT process in detail; discuss methods of earthbound entity detection and practice them; teach remote releasement, disaster rescue and group releasement; and provide additional tools of protection for the practitioner doing this important work.

Contact Rev. Corky at (408) 392-9090 for enrollment. The $130. fee includes snacks, lunch on Sat. and a comprehensive binder of all topics in the class.

About Corky Whitacre

Rev. Corky Whitacre has been a practitioner of various alternative healing techniques for more than 20 years; including hypnotherapy, EarthBound Entity Releasement Technique, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy, spiritual counseling, empowerment and motivational coaching.

She uses regression, issue-specific hypnosis, reframing, clearing of the past, forgiving of the past, losing the guilt and judgment, affirmations visualization, and earth-bound entity release to allow clients to set and accomplish their goals and eliminate habits, ideas, beliefs, language, self image, etc. that obscure the path or get in the way of successfully reaching their goals. Her practice is dedicated to actually removing obstacles that prevent the client from the possibilities available to them.

After completing certification classes in 1985  Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy, Corky became a certified clinical hypnotherapist.  She created the EarthBound Entity Releasement Technique in 1993, studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time Line Therapy with Alexis Stone in 1990, and began her UCM ministerial training with Father John Lawrence in 1980. She became an ordained UCM minister in 2004.

Reverend Lynn Rogers

February 3, 2010

Creative Writing Class

Intuitive method to unlock your literary potential. 

Put the critic aside and write “non stop” to music; relaxing and fun.

Application to your memoir; novel, short story, poetry article or journal.

Learn editing and publishing concepts.

Students can learn how to send their own work out for publication.

Lively discussions.

Guest authors.

Instructor is the author of various books including Arcardia’s Images of America: Alviso, San Jose.

For further information, please call Reverend Lynn Rogers; 408.559.5995 or 408.377.5523

Reverend April Lussier

February 2, 2010

Blessings Sister,  the opportunity is coming soon to gather on top of the mountain with sacred intention to remember all that we are and be blessed with Gaia’s wisdom and nurtured by the sisterhood. Join us for an amazing weekend. through the love of the Goddess, your sister april

Goddess Spirituality Retreats at Salamander Camp

Spring:   April 9-11, 1 2010   Fall:    Oct  8-10,  2010

Goddess Spirituality Retreats are time of rejuvenation and remembering and connecting with the Divine Feminine.

 The retreat includes Sacred Ceremonies, Meditation, Movement, Yoga, Healing Ritual, Hiking, Chanting, Drumming, Labyrinth Walk, Sisterhood Support, Self-care and much more.

  Come celebrate the possibilities of healing and transformation while being held in the loving energy of women and the Great Goddess Mother Earth.

Salamander Camp is less than 10 minutes outside of Los Gatos in the Santa Cruz Mts.

19315 Bear Creek Rd. Los Gatos Ca. Easy, close; yet still a world away! 

Cost $185-200  (sliding scale) all inclusive   (*Payment schedule available)

                                           Arrival: Friday 2-5pm  Depart: Sunday 5 pm

 $50 deposit required by 2 weeks prior to retreat. March 26th .  Then a packet of retreat information and directions t/f.    RSVP April  (408) 289-9188 or

*monthly payment plan can be arranged contact April for details.

Salamander Camp has hot water showers, complete kitchen (no microwave), wood burning stoves for heat, Futons for sleeping on, composting toilets, electricity, hot tub, lap pool, labyrinth, fairy grotto, hiking trails, etc.

Goddess Spirituality Retreats are one of the Triple Goddess Rituals facilitated by Rev. April Lussier, Metaphysical Eco-feminist Wisewoman and U.C.M. minister, who has been creating and facilitating Sacred Ceremony and Rituals since 1995.