Astrology March 2010

So what is happening astrologically in March 2010?

All time indicated are for Pacific Standard Time.

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Here are the Astrological basics:

Sun goes into Aries at 10:32 am on March 20th.  It is the Spring Equinox. Spring is here!

On this day there are equal hours of light and darkness.  http://

Moon– No nasty old eclipses this month!

  • New Moon – Monday, March 15th at 25 degrees of Pisces at 2:02pm.  Hmmm… the Ides of March…. Et tu, Brute?
  • Full Moon – Monday, March 29th at 09 degrees of Libra at 7:25pm.  The fixed star Vindemiatrix conjoins this full moon.


The commodities market will be in the cross hairs.  Food harvesting issues.

This is an awesome article on the history of the Bull and Bear market of the New York Stock Exchange.  It was written by two of the best astrologers in the world.  Bernadette Brady MA and Darrelyn Gunzburg

Mercury goes into Pisces on March 1st @ 5:28am. 

  • Goes into Aries on the 17th @ 9:12 am. 
  • Ends the month at 28 degrees of Aries.

Venus starts March at 23 degrees of Pisces.

  • Goes into Aries on the 7th @ 4:33 am.
  • Ends the month in Taurus.  Goes into Taurus on the 31st @ 10:35am.

Mars starts at 01 degrees of Leo and is retrograde.

  • Goes direct at 00 degrees of Leo on March 10th @ 9:09am.
  • Ends the month at 03 degrees of Leo.

Jupiter starts at 10 Pisces.

  • Ends the month at 17 degrees of Pisces.

Saturn starts at 03 Libra, retrograde.

  • Ends the month at 01 degrees of Libra.
  • Retrograde in Libra all month.

Uranus starts at 26 degrees of Pisces.

  • Ends the month at 27 degrees of Pisces.

Neptune starts at 27 Aquarius.

  • End ends the month at 28 Aquarius.

Pluto starts the month at 05 degrees of Capricorn.

  • Ends the month at 05 degrees of Capricorn.

Moons Mean Node start the month at 18 Capricorn


March 3rd – Venus conjoins Uranus @ 8:06pm.

March 4th – Mercury sextile Pluto @ 3:53am.

March 7th – Venus trine Mars @ 11:15am.

March 7th – Mercury conjoins Jupiter @ 5:46 pm.

March 9th – Venus opposite Saturn @ 00:21am.

March 11th – Venus square Pluto @ 9:35am.

March 14th – Sun conjoins Mercury @ 6:17am.  Daylight Savings in USA.

March 15th – Mercury conjoins Uranus @ 2:41pm

March 16th – Sun conjoins Uranus @ 11:51pm.

March 17th – Mercury trines Mars @ 4:33pm.

March 18th – Mercury opposite Saturn @ 4:04 am

March 21st – Sun trine Mars @ 10:54am.

March 21st – Sun opposite Saturn @ 5:37 pm.

March 22nd – Mars sextile Saturn @ 8:55pm.

March 25th – Sun square Pluto @ 8:44pm.

March 29th – Venus Sextile Neptune @ 1:26pm.

March 31st – Mercury sextile Neptune @ 8:22pm.

With Mars going direct President Obama will get his groove back.  In traditional astrology when Mars is retrograde, the king looses power.  For Obama it was a double whammy since Leo is his Sun sign.

So since December 21st 2009, (winter Solstice) the Pres has not been able to do much.  The conservatives have had the upper hand. Now we can expect him to start playing hardball with his own people and the others across the isle.

He should really hammer things out from April 08 to July 21 2010.  This is when Saturn retrogrades back into Virgo.  When Saturn goes back into Libra then the conservatives will go for the jugular.  When Saturn was in Libra in 1950, the witch-hunt of McCarthyism was increasing in power.  Expect something similar again to occur.

When Saturn went into Libra last time, these were the headlines:

 Monday, 22 September 1980

Iran blockades Iraqi ports while Iraqi air raids strike Iranian targets; Iraq’s ruling council issues declaration of war; Ayatollah Khomeini calls on Iraqi army to desert Saddam Hussein; Iranian President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr says Iraq backed by U.S….Iranian parliament members tour U.S. embassy, Tehran, held by militants…Following debate with independent candidate John Anderson, Ronald Reagan seeks one-on-one debate with President Carter…Rely tampons, linked to toxic shock syndrome, recalled by Proctor & Gamble…..USAF refuses to confirm that nuclear warhead was threatened by blast in Arkansas missile silo, begins effort to settle claims of residents for damage done by explosion…..Two men attempt transcontinental balloon crossing in U.S……House approves legislation protecting newsrooms from police searches…..Bowling alley employees murdered by robbers in Boston, MA…..Sandinista government in Nicaragua calls for U.S. to extradite family of Anastasio Somoza, Jr. and other exiles…..Several OPEC nations announce cuts in oil production…..Wine workers’ strike in California is settled.

Above from

Even though Iran and Iraqi started off the 1980 Saturn (restrictive) in Libra (relationships) cycle as enemies they will have to join to survive if they wish to maintain their way of life.  It is kind of like a Saturn return for their discord.  This year will determine what the next cycle will be based on.

For our readers, please remember that July 21, 2010 will be the beginning of a new 30-year Libra (relationship) cycle for you.  Start it well.  A little ritual on Saturday (Saturn’s day) will help.  The date is July 24th, one day prior to the full moon.  The Energy is still be rising.  Set your intention and expectations of what you want.  Keep in mind that the universe loves you and if you think you are not worthy, the universe will help you manifest that. 

Here is an outline of President Obama’s chart.  This site is one of the major tools for astrologers worldwide.


Two months ago I talked about major Earthquakes off the west coast of the America’s. In San Francisco on January 7th we had a 4.1 quake.  Off the coast in Eureka on January 10th, there was a 6.5 that caused property damage; followed by a 5.9 on February 4th.  There were several 4.0 and above in South America. 

Now Chile has had an 8.8 quake, the 5th largest ever recorded.

As long as the Cardinal Grand cross is in play, (most of this year), the Earth will be reminding us of our place in her scheme of life.

Like the comedian George Carlin said, “Save the World?  Who do we think we are?  When the Earth is done with us, she will shake us off like a bad case of fleas.”

If I had more time I would be able to do the research necessary to do pinpoint predications…sigh!  Oh to win the lotto!

The Solomon Islands will be another likely place for a big shaker.  If the west coast of North America doesn’t have a 7 or above earthquake this year I will be amazed.  More than likely it will occur in Northern California by Shasta, up to Vancouver BC.

See link for more details.


RETREAT:  My next Sacred Women’s retreat will be the weekend of May 21 -23, 2010 in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  

 The Astrology of the Seven-Layered Labyrinth.

You will learn how this Labyrinth relates to the 7 traditional planets, the 7 musical notes, the 7 Chakras, the 7 sisters of the Pleiades…. and so such more!

I will teach you about the ancient Magick associated with the seven-layered Labyrinth, and how to use it in your life.

You will learn how make Labyrinths and how to do Labyrinth Magick.

You do not have to be an astrologer for this weekend.  The focus will be on Women’s empowerment, releasing and Manifesting.

As far as manifesting goes, last year every woman who attended manifested what they asked for.  If you want to talk to some of them, call me.

The cost is $250.00 if you pay in full by the end of March, $275.00 if you pay in full by the end of April.  $300.00 after May 1st.  Food and lodging included. 

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Until we meet again in the blogosphere, may the Stars shine blessings on you!

Elizabeth A. Barton

CMT, Energy worker

Professional Astrologer

Vice President of the

San Francisco Astrological Society

2555 Flores Street, suite #300

San Mateo, Ca 94403

For an astrological consultation call or E-mail me!

Gift Certificates available

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