Sacred Nahenahe Lomi. and Sacred Kali Loa Body Work

Rev April Lussier is now offering Hawaiian Shamanic Temple Style Bodywork called Sacred Nahenahe Lomi. and Sacred Kali Loa  

At the Healing Center: New Logic Solutions

1685 Westwood Dr., Suite 2 San Jose, CA 95125

Is a Sacred Hawaiian Shamanic bodywork  is a harmonious reciprocal exchange of giving love – receiving love of sharing love in higher consciousness. This Sacred Energetic exchange allows for a Sacred Attunement  through the insights of the Eye of Kanaloa (God of Ocean), the grid/web of universal consciousness – the ONENESS of ALL.

Temple Nahenahe Lomi   is of the tradition of Kanaloa who is the God of Ocean.. it offers an invitation to go deep and allow the moments of enlightenment to multiple through this Sacred Attunement with the Holy Spirit, I’O and your Aumakua. This work aligns with the deep desire of attunement and the effectiveness of Pono, beyond what we know or think is possible. Sacred Nahenahe Lomi integrates I’O/God and one’s Aumakua/higherself with practitioner and client through gentle loving touch, soft breeze breath and flowing movements. Thus bring the Holy Breath of I’O through the HA breath and the Hula – the Sacred Movements of Spirit. Through channeling mana the energetics of the universal grid are activated and create alignment with The Divine . 2 Hour session for $150

Temple Kahi Loa  through loving touch activates the energetics of the universal grid  by channeling mana of  the the 7 Elements of Nature, the Elements of Self, The Aumakua (higher self), The I’O (Divine Source) into the physical  to bring about dramatic results of alignment to the ALL. 1 hour session for $85 or 2 hour session for $150          

To schedule an appointment call Rev. April at (408) 2899188 or (408) 205 0385 or email
                                More about Rev April’s Ministry check out



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