Joyful Noise

U.C.M. Newsletter of Joy, Humor, Laughter, and Inspiration

Editor: Rev. Doti Boon

Volume 9 page 10 (3-11-10)


My imagination is a powerful and creative tool.

          In my present ministerial class I have a student who professes to not having an imagination. I had never heard of such a thing and was totally amazed and felt sorry for this individual, because I have been imagining things since as far back as I can remember. I use imagination when I do my affirmations, guided meditation or outrageous daydreams. In fact, I feel that my imagination quite often influences outcomes in the “real” world. 

          I know that no amount of imagining will get me a new home, bring forth an abundance of money or grow more hair; if I don’t take practical steps to make that happen. But, I also know my imagination always precedes transformation. Every important change I’ve made in my life, whether it was a more expansive career, a new home or a different partner, started with an act of imagination. It is by imagining a different future that I am able to leap into the unknown and change my experience of life and create new results. If you can imagine yourself free of pain and suffering, you’ve taken the first step toward that freedom.

Imagination links us to infinite possibilities – a place where all genuine creative insights are born.

          Imagine yourself as an enlightened sage! Begin by calling to mind a guru, saint or another human you deeply admire. It should be someone whose teachings you understand – Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, St. Teresa of Avila, Mother Theresa, or your own teacher; if that teacher has been a reliable example of enlightenment.

          Now, close your eyes and imagine that the spirit of that person inhabits your body. Inhale, thinking to yourself, “Christ’s love lives within me as my love,” or “Buddha’s state of enlightenment is my enlightenment.” Or, “The courage of Gandhi is my courage.” Or, “The Love and Healing of Mother Teresa” is my healing ability. Exhale, thinking, “that inner state fills my body.”

          Do this for a few moments. Then ask yourself, “How would I move through the world if I truly embodied the qualities of this being? How would I treat myself? How would I be with my partner? My kids? my parents? the people at work? What would it be like to interact with others?”

          Let your imagination completely open to this practice, imagining yourself enlightened, saturated with love. For ten or fifteen minutes act out of that experience. Be the great being you are imagining yourself to be. Act out the quality you want to imbibe. Do this for twenty minutes a day for a week and see how much you will change – by going into your mind’s imagination.

          By training the imagination, harnessing its power, we can use it for creating beauty and truth in the world.


Working as a pediatric nurse, I had the difficult assignment of giving immunization shots to children. One day, I entered the examining room to give four-year-old Lizzie her needle.

‘No, no, no!’ she screamed.

‘Lizzie,’ scolded her mother, ‘that’s not polite behavior.’

With that, the girl yelled even louder, ‘No, thank you! No, thank you!

After the service a young couple talked to a church member about joining the church. He hadn’t met the husband before, and he asked what church he was transferring from.

After a short hesitation, he replied, “I am transferring from the Municipal Golf Course.”

May happiness smile on your world and in your heart.


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