Joyful Noise

U.C.M. Newsletter of Joy, Humor, Laughter, and Inspiration


Editor: Rev. Doti Boon

Volume 9 page 11 (3-18-10)


I know I will attain my heart’s desire.

Spring Equinox – Saturday March 20th

          At Spring Equinox the veils between worlds are thin and the earth experiences equal portions of light and dark. The spring equinox is celebrated as the balance between day and night.  It marks the beginning of the triumph of light.  The forces of death and life are equally balanced.  Rituals performed during this time open us to the beauty of the unseen world.  Ordinary people see the visible world but the unseen world belongs to the mystic.  This Year as the Phoenix rises from the ashes with the birth of the new Phoenix on this day; we will experience an even greater infusion of this light.  The Baha’i believe that it is at this time the Avatars assisting our world through its evolutionary journey return to the world of man.

          This is a very special Equinox as legend says it is the time the Phoenix rises from the ashes and a golden egg is formed.  Nine days later, the fledgling Phoenix will take flight to return to the unseen world and at this time your dreams and wishes will begin to manifest into the world of man.  This is the celebration of the goddess returning after her descent into the underworld during the winter season.  She is giving birth once again to all of nature and fulfilling her promise to return to assist mankind. These are the teachings of the Black Madonna, as the dark mother goddess appears to take away the suffering of man.

          I wanted to share a special ritual that I found by Robbyn LaPlant and have copied with her permission.  This is something you can do at this time to connect to the old traditions and harness your full creative potential to manifest your heart’s desire.  This simple, traditional Spring Equinox ceremony is one way to begin focusing on creating what you most deeply long for.  It makes use of the egg, a potent symbol since time began for new life, possibilities, and growth.  The first step toward attaining your desire is to be committed to creating it.  This requires focused and positive thought, free of doubt, fear and insecurities.  It requires a heart that is not angry or resentful.  As we experience the Spring Equinox balance, allow yourself to focus on what you really, truly, deeply desire.  Most of us have the same basic longings:  to love and be loved, to be appreciated, to be of service and in your full potential, to be abundant and healthy and to feel connected.  It often takes a space of time, like the gestation period in the egg, before the universe responds to you.  But respond it will.  First, you have to have the courage to long for what you really want and never, never stop dreaming.

          Items needed:  One raw egg, a piece of paper, a small crystal or other sacred object, glue, and colorful tissue paper. Take the raw egg and cradle it in your hand.  Eggs symbolize possibilities.  Focus on what you desire to give birth to; a new relationship, a new opportunity, perhaps a new house, a new way of expressing yourself, what ever.  Feel the dream stirring deep inside.  Write your desire on the piece of paper and fold.  Hold it over your heart taking in a deep breath and slowly release the breath.  Carefully crack open the top of your egg and put the contents aside.  Inside the pieces of shell (it will help if you crack it cleanly and there are only 2 pieces to deal with) place the folded paper and the small crystal or other sacred object. Glue the shell together, and wrap in colorful tissue paper.  Keep in a safe place, where it is visible.  Occasionally hold it in your hands, give yourself time (and permission) to feel everything you are giving birth to.  You will be amazed at the ways the universe will give to you if you continue to visualize and believe.


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