The Father/Mother Aspects of the Creator

In order to demonstrate the difference between our connection to a Father in Heaven and Mother Earth, a shaman tells his student to put a pile of horse manure on top of a stone and a pile in a hole in the earth and cover it.  They come back two weeks later and the shaman has the student dig where the hole was.  A few inches in and the manure had already begun to turn into fertilizer. They then went to the rock and the shaman pointed at the dry dung, and says “See, it still looks like and smells like shit. Our Mother mulches everything back into life; all of our pain, our sorrow, our grief, even our waste”. 

My personal belief is of a Mother/Father God who is pure love and dwells within us, not outside of or apart from us. The problem is when we let our ego, which feeds on fear, tell us we are separate from God then we let fear control us.  We act out of fear instead of love in all we do. If we see all things from a point of love, then the fearful stories our ego feeds us are transformed into opportunities for growth.   

Reverend Felecia Mulvany D.D.

UCM Degree Program Administrator




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