Center for Creative Living

All are welcome to Sunday Celebrations at the Center for Creative Living, UCM Charter #801, at 1460 Koll Circle, Suite “C”- services in back. Need directions? Call (408)392-9090 or visit Sunday Celebration is from 10:00 to 11:30am.

Please join us this Sunday as Rev. Janet Childs and Rev. Corry Gott  discover how you can be a part of “Earth Day” with a fantastic service on “Global Recovery of the Earth.”  Also, music, love and healing.

In the Full Power and Authority of the Beloved Presence of God, I AM, we the children of earth, humbly come to the Heart of our Father-Mother God to invoke into the physical plane of earth the most intensified activity of God’s Will ever manifested in the history of time. 

By Permission of Patricia Cota Robles.

Thursday Night Classes 7:00pm to 9:00pm

$15. per person or 2 for $25. Third Thursday of the month. 

UCM Ministerial credit available.

April 15th Rev. Regina Richmond, Reiki Master, will be discussing Reiki. There will be a demonstration and hands on healing. Reiki is the name we have given a frequency of energy that is utilized to heal. Reiki is powerful, gentle, and effective in how it is given and received. Regina will share the history of Reiki and how its benefits are simple to use and apply to everyday life. Regina teaches Reiki because of its simplicity of use and uses the platform or foundation of Reiki to encourage you to be a channel for energy to move through. This is so important for the more advance uses of Reiki and healing play that are present in our world now.

CCL Hands – On Healing Workshop

April 17th 11:00 to 5:00   $50.  For all day

UCM Ministerial credit

11:00pm to 1:00pm Chris Kahl and Julie Hawkins  ($25.)


          Forgiveness is key to healing oneself, ministering to others and forging ahead in life. If you are experiencing relationships where judgment, pride, resentment, anger, hurt or blame are present, then forgiveness is likely absent and you are not experiencing your connection to Source. Additionally, these negative energetic wedges stand in the way of manifesting what you want. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Using Ho’oponopono (pronounced hoe-oh-poe-no-poe-no), the Hawaiian forgiveness method you can quickly free yourself from the negative feelings and feel relief and love that comes with forgiveness. Ho’oponopono is one of the most important tools in the Hawaiian shamanic tradition of Huna.

          You will gain insight into this ancient shamanic tradition, experience the Ho’oponopono process, receive instructions on how to actively work this process in your own life and experience more freedom, grace and love.

1:00pm to 2:00pm

CPR certification for UCM ministerial students  ($10.)

2:00pm to 5:00pm

Michael Berry

Foot Magic aka Sole Healing  ($25.)

          Experience a gentle form of foot therapy that is safe, fun, and easily learned. Unlike classic reflexology, Foot Magic utilizes gentle strokes and movement to remind your feet that they can actually be COMFORTABLE.

          The basic class teaches a simple method for general relaxation and health enhancement, including specific strokes for working on the feet, contraindications (when to not touch), how to select a good lotion, and proper body mechanics.

          This is full participation – you will learn to give and receive this work!

          Socks and loose fitting clothing are appropriate.

Your guide on this magical path is Michael Berry. He has studied over 50 forms of Bodymindspirit healing and has been a practitioner and teacher for over 26 years.

Upcoming Center Happenings

(For more info go to

April 18th CCL Choir Rehearsal – 1:00 to 3:00 – After Sunday Service


 April 20th – 6:30 to 8:30 – DRUMMING CIRCLE – with Norbeth Granado and Dr. Ayleen Augustine. Bring your drum or share one of ours. Everybody is welcome. Love Donation.

April 22nd  – 7:00 to 8:30  – Druidry with Dr. Ayleen Augustine $5.00

May 8th   DINNER and CONCERT AT THE CENTER!  More details next week!

          Love and Light,

                  Rev. Doti Boon

‘When You’re Down to Nothing, God is up to Something’


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