Soul Fragment Retrieval Technique

In July of 2009 I traveled to Oregon to retrieve a part of my soul that had left in order to protect me from a mighty childhood trauma.  This was my ceremony.  I encourage you to use my ceremony as an example of how you can use ceremony to create healing in your own life.  Reverend Felecia Mulvany D.D.

I went out into the forest and found a small clearing. The sun had just come up over the mountain and the air was still cool.  It felt like all the wildlife was there to witness the ceremony.  I could feel the energy of the local cougar, which made me a little uneasy.  I placed a hand woven Indian blanket on top of the grasses and began to lay out my tools.  A bronze statue of the Goddess with a green patina, a small quartz crystal travel wand, a ceremonial knife with a carved mermaid holding a trident up in the air while riding a fish, a hummingbird cutout from the birthday wrapping paper Maryellen gave me, my anointing oils and some offerings of cornmeal and white sage from Elizabeth.  I set it all on a small Native American rug that Pajo gave me that I had first placed in the center of the larger blanket. Even though I was alone and hundreds of miles away from my “Sisters” I could feel their energy all around me. I added some small wild flowers, grass seeds and ferns I collected from the clearing.  The clearing gave way to the trees, ferns and wild berry bushes. The berries made me think of the bear that lived in the area and whose energy I could also feel. 

I began by taking some deep breaths to center myself and shake off the apprehension I felt.  I took some time to ground, clear, balance and protect myself.  I created a circle by invoking the elements in their corresponding directions; starting with East and working my way around the circle until I stood in the center and called Spirit to me.  I sat in the center of the circle and was feeling uneasy as I began to focus my attention on that part of myself that left me and fled for the safety of my psyche so many years ago.  As I did so, a raven started to caw.  It sounded tormented in deep pain.  The more I tried to ignore it and to concentrate on my ceremony, the louder and stronger the raven’s energy became until I could feel my heart begin to race in my chest.  I concentrated on the Goddess and asked her to fill me with her power and strength.  I asked for the elements to create an extra barrier of protection and affirmed my commitment to retrieving the lost part of my soul. I would not allow raven to distract me or trick me on my journey to the underworld. I asked the hummingbird to suck away all the darkness so I could see the light. The raven’s screams of torment and anguish relented and dissipated into the distance as it flew away.  I settled into a deep trance and reached out with my mind, heart, and soul, to that part of me that I so longed to embrace again.  I spoke to her in a firm and loving voice and opened my heart to embrace her.  “Come home little Felecia, I am older and wiser and can protect you.  I have dealt with and healed the past.  It has been a long journey and I have come a long way to be with you. It is safe and I welcome you home”. Tears of joy swelled in my eyes as I felt her return to my bossism. My heart expanded even further and I embraced her with all that I am.  “My dear sweet Felecia, I love you so, you are home”.  And the power of the Goddess embraced us both as one. I sat for a while in silence as I adjusted to the new energy of being more complete and whole. I took a few deep breaths to return to the current time and opened my eyes.  I was filled with love and joy and I anointed myself with the Oil of Gladness.  I opened the circle, releasing Spirit and the elements, and expressed my gratitude for their support and guidance. 

Reverend Felecia Mulvany D.D

Universal Church of the Master

Trustee/Accreditation Admin

100 W. Rincon Ave #101

Campbell CA 95008




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