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So what is happening astrologically in July 2010?

All time indicated are for Pacific Daylight Time.

*Note: The Sacred Retreat for women is on the weekend of July31-Aug 1.  We will be learning how to make and use Pendulums and Dowsing Rods.

See info at the end of the blog. 

Here are the Astrological basics

Sun goes into Leo at 03:21pm on July 22nd. 

Moon– Alert! New Moon/Solar eclipse!  Sunday, July 11th at 12:40pm – 19 Cancer 24.  Know where 19 Cancer lives in your chart, what house.  Do you have any planets or personal points within a degree of this eclipse?

  • Full Moon – Sunday, July 25th at 03 degrees Aquarius at 06:37pm. 

Mercury starts July at 14 degrees of Cancer

  • Goes into Leo on July 09th at 09:29am
  • Goes into Virgo on July 27th at 2:43pm
  • Ends the month at 05 degrees of Virgo

Venus starts July at 20 degrees of Leo

  • Goes into Virgo on July 10 at 4:32 am
  • Ends the month at 01 degrees of Libra.

Mars starts July at 14 degrees of Virgo.

  • Goes into Libra on July 29 at 04:47m.
  • Ends the month at 01 degrees of Libra.

Jupiter starts July at 03 Aries.

  • Goes Stationary Retrograde at 03 Aries on July 23 at 05:03am
  • Ends the month at 03 degrees of Aries.

Saturn starts July at 29 Virgo

  • Goes into Libra (where it is exalted) on July 21st at 08:09am
  • Ends the month at 01 degrees of Libra

Uranus starts July at 01 degrees of Aries.

  • Goes Stationary Retrograde on July 5th at 9:49am
    • Ends the month at 00 Aries.

Neptune starts at 28 Aquarius. Retrograde

  • End ends the month at 28 Aquarius. Retrograde

Pluto starts the month at 04 Capricorn. Retrograde.

  • Ends the month retrograde at 03 Capricorn. Retrograde

Moons Mean Node start the month at 12 Capricorn

The big aspect this month is: SATURN GOES INTO LIBRA. (The third leg of the Cardinal Grand Cross anchors in to this dimension.) 

The last time Saturn went into Libra we had the McCarthy era in the 50”s and the Regan conservative revolution in the early 80’s.  Yes, we as a nation and a people will become more conservative, more aware of how finite the planet really is. 

On July 21 Saturn goes into in Libra, and with that we will have a Cardinal T-square in operation.

Saturn 00 Libra

Pluto 03 Capricorn

Uranus 00 Aries; which conjoins Jupiter at 03 Aries

From July 21 to September 7 the first expression of this T-square will be activated.

During this time frame whenever the Moon goes into Cancer, a Grand Cross will be formed…this happens on August 6 @ 2:50pm to August 8th @ 4:22pm, and on September 2 @11:50pm to September 5th @ 01:30am. 

On August 6th, the Grand Cross will anchor into this dimension. And what a Grand Cross!

Pluto-Cap opposite Moon-Cancer

While squaring

Saturn & Venus & Mars in Libra opposite Uranus and Jupiter in Aries

Know where the Cardinal signs live in your chart.  What the houses represent will be where you personally will be affected.

The Cardinal mode is an action mode and boy will we have it!  Saturn in the sign of relationships (Libra) will bring closure.  If you have been in a relationship that is sucking you dry or is wishy washy, you will no longer be able to tolerate it.  Change will happen.

Everyone will experience change and an itching for something more; the degree you wanted to finish, the trip you always wanted to take, the leak the needs repair. 


You can take this Energy and make it work for you.  First and foremost, do not do the fear thing.

With fear, acknowledge it, honor it, thank it for all it has done for you, and then with heart felt thanks, and release it.  When you do this, fear will look for another place to manifest.  Alexander the Great did this ritual for his troops with his priests prior to battle. Seemed to work for him!

Use it to fuel your objectives (for the good of all only).  On August 6th, at 3:00pm PST, do an empowerment ritual.  The Energy from this aspect will be flooding into our time and space at that time.  If you are not sure how to do that, call me.

Do your internal homework.  What do you want to change about yourself?

Ask yourself,” Are my beliefs still on track?” What can you do to help you community and city?

Note:  With all the off the wall energy, practice centering and internal calmness.   I don’t like saying practice detachment, too many misinterpretations happen but that is part of it.

Friday, August 6th is especially marked due to Venus leaving Virgo and conjoining with Mars and Saturn in Libra.

Note:  August 6th was the day we dropped the bomb in Hiroshima. 

This July and August are over the top intense months for the United States of America, especially from July 28th – August 12th.  During this time Mars and Saturn will conjoin the MC/10thhouse cusp of the Sibyl chart of the USA.  The transiting Mars/Saturn will square the natal Jupiter/Venus in the Sibly charts 7th house. 

The probability of a major attack happening this summer in the USA is in my estimation around 87%, with the August 6, 7, or 8th being the most probable… In fact I will go on the line here and say, if an attack, physical or economic does not happen during this three days period, I will be amazed!

The exponential growth of radical hate groups is not regional, but through out the country.

Go to the site below and click on hate group tab.  There are now over 900 known groups.


 Mars on the MC of a countries chart is a sign of war and or conflict.

The indicators for conflict and economic set backs in the Sibly chart of USA are intense.  This could be an economic attack since both Venus and Jupiter represent the Nations money.

There will be major protests in the streets world wide…not that the media will inform you.  Be your own advocate.  This is the beginning of the resurrection of the unions…or the next evolutionary form of that political structure.

If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you know I always talk about how so many modern conflicts of all sorts occur on the Ancient High Holy Days of the First Religion…August 7/8th is when the 15 degrees of the Fixed sign Leo takes place…as the Cardinal Cross anchors.

On September 7, both Uranus and Jupiter will have left Aries and will move back into Pisces to clean up any bits of unresolved issues, and to regroup for the next wave in October.

So it is time to get your eggs in your basket, and a plan, a community and hope!

Know that this to shall pass.  That for the new to be born the old must be torn down.


RETREAT:  My next Women’s retreat will be the weekend of July 30-Aug 1 in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

At this retreat we will learn how to make and use Pendulums and Dowsing Rods.

This is an intimate retreat for 13 women only!

This retreat is a time for women to connect with the Divine Feminine.

It is a time for women to explore their personal power and spirit.

As well as creating Sacred Ceremony invoking the Great Goddess, we will learn how to make and use Pendulums and Divining/Dowsing Rods.

I will teach you the basics of how to use these ancient tools.  With these tools you can determine health; both physical and spiritual, and you can learn to find lost items, the right place to live, water, buried artifacts, the Earths Energy grid. and so much more!

The retreat is located at Salamander Camp, which is less than 10 minutes outside of Los Gatos in the Santa Cruz Mountains; but you would never know you were near a city.

You will also have the opportunity to participate in arts and crafts, meditation, movement and dance, hiking, chanting, drumming- rattling, Sisterhood, self-care, Magick and quiet time.  .

Salamander Camp has three huge yurts; one is the kitchen, one for ceremonial work and one for sleeping (beds and futons). 

It has showers, complete kitchen, wood burning stoves for heat, composting toilets, electricity, hot tub, labyrinth, fairy grotto, hiking trails, and two old growth Redwoods.

This retreat is a retreat.  You will have lots of time to yourself: to walk in the forest, sit by the stream and mediate, read, journal, sunbath, swim or whatever your heart desires.

Picture yourself at night, floating in a redwood hot tub, gazing at thousands of stars, as you smell the smell of the forest!  The only sound is the union of your breath and the breeze.  Ah!  I am there already!

The price includes all your meals and lodging.  The meals are delicious and organic. Please tell me if you have any dietary restrictions so we can make you your own delicious food.

Arrival: Friday 2-5pm

Depart: Sunday 5 pm


(650) 572-8850

The cost is $250 for three days and two nights, if you pay in full prior to June 30th.

$275.00 is you pay in full from July 1st to July 15th.

$300 after July 15th.

Peace and Love, Elizabeth!  Until we meet…blessings to you!

Elizabeth A. Barton

CMT, Energy worker

Professional Astrologer

Vice President of the

San Francisco Astrological Society

2555 Flores Street, suite #300

San Mateo, Ca 94403

(650) 572-8850



For an astrological consultation call or E-mail me!

Gift Certificates available

To learn more about Traditional Western Astrology go to Deb Houldings superb website http://www.skyscript.co.uk/ 

To look for charts go to http://www.astro.com

A great astrology AP for your I-phone is by KT the Astrologer; formally Kelli Fox, the creator of Astrology.com.  The free edition is better than the one you pay for.

Until we meet again in the blogosphere, may the Stars shine blessings on you!

Elizabeth Barton,

Owner of and Practitioner at

The Transformative Therapy Center

” Your Chrysalis for Healing.”

2555 Flores Street, Suite #300

San Mateo, CA 94403

(650) 572-8850



CMT since 1988

Energy and Body worker

Custom  Made Art

Professional Astrologer

VP of the San Francisco Astrological Society




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