Joyful Noise

U.C.M. Newsletter of Joy, Humor, Laughter, and Inspiration

Editor: Rev. Doti Boon

Vol. 9 pg. 34 (08-26-10)


I am thankful for what God is giving me

and all of the miracles in my life – particularly my congregation, my friends, my children.


As a minister a thousand, thousand eyes watch me as I journey through my life, the eyes of my congregation, my children, and their children and their children’s children. I am not alone and my choices matter to them. Who I am and what I do is creating their world. Even when I am doing something strange or crazy!

When I hold this point of view in my heart, when I feel their eyes upon me, my life becomes large and profound. I cannot pretend the way I act, the choices I make or the things I say don’t matter. It all matters to these children of the future. It is their world I live for, not just my own in this moment.

It is not easy to live this way. I will not say it is. Every day, your busy life tries to grab you and keep you from caring.  We all feel the pulls of wanting to abandon our family congregation, letting go of helping the world, releasing all of the fund raising and spiritual activities you have started. You would like to have your life be just about you. Sometimes your mind tries to tell you, “Live for today. You only live once.” Often, in fact, these voices win, and I know many of you close your eyes to the consequences of your actions. It is then you stop listening to the children speaking through your heart. Do not punish yourself about these selfish moments anymore. They are part of who you are. Just keep remembering our children. They gift us with eyes on a future we shall never know.

I write to share this gift with you:  that when we look back from the future at what is really important to us, living for something bigger than ourselves will truly make us more of who we are.

From this perspective, the health of your body, the care of the earth, the counseling in your ministry, the love of your family, are not things you “should” do, but expressions of pure and beautiful love. There is no greater act of love than to care for who you really are and honor those you have chosen to be in your life.

Your children’s children will remember.


From Reader’s Digest

          I watched as a young girl was making faces at her sister in the park.

          “You know,” her mother, told her, “when I was little, your grandmother said that if I made faces it could stay like that.”

          The girl looked at her for a moment, and then said, “Well, you can’t say you weren’t warned.”

          When my three-year old brother threatened to drop a spider on our grandmother, she pleaded, “Don’t. That would scare me to death.”

          “That’s okay,” he said, “I have another grandma.


“I was attending a benefit and before the show began, I walked up to a man wearing fatigues. ‘I just want to thank you for your service to our country,’ I told him. He looked thoroughly confused, but I walked away knowing I’d done the right thing. Later, when my soldier took the stage along with a police officer, a construction worker, and a Native American, it dawned on me why he’d had a puzzled expression – I had thanked a member of the Village People.”

          Karen Kaplowitz – from the Reader’s Digest



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