My experience with the Dalai Lama – Rev. Felecia Mulvany

On Tuesday 10/12/10 I was honored to sit in the front row of the San Jose Convention Center, California to hear His Holiness the Dalai Lama share his teachings to almost 12,000 people of all faiths and beliefs.  He said the main topic of his talk would be “calm mind – peaceful mind”. He gave a brief explanation of the “Eight Verses for Training the Mind”.  I went without expectations and was struck by the fact that he did not come across as above anyone else, he was quite humble, and often cracked himself up with laughter.  And although there was lots of security, the room was filled with love and a feeling of cooperation.  I turned off my cell phone prior to the teaching and my battery was at 40%, which I remember because the person sitting next to me asked me what my battery level was.  After the teaching I turned my phone back on and the battery level was 60%.  When I noticed the 20% increase I said to myself, “thanks for charging my battery”……  J  

Here are some of the quotes I wrote down from his teaching

90% of anger is mental projection. 



14th Dalai Lama, Dharasmala, India

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Our own mental attitude affects our perception.  

Perception is based on appearances – ignorance. 

We need different philosophies because there are so many different mental dispositions.

A deeper experience of altruism will reduce self centeredness. 

We must gain Knowledge to reduce ignorance in order to alter our emotions and bring success – just praying does not do this.

It’s about inner transformation.

The real trouble maker is not outside [ourselves], but inside. 

The mind is not dependent, it is interdependent.

Transformation of our own life can relieve suffering (succession of suffering).

Karma = Action

No one is superior, we are all equal. 

Humans are social animals, friendship is essential. 

Hypocrisy – self centeredness is the key to unhealthy society.

Bullying is a false truth/strength

Catch your negative thoughts at causation and use wisdom. 

With education and compassion there is always a chance for change. 

Spiritual practices should not be contaminated with mundane concerns.

Cultivate the wisdom of emptiness. 

There are 3 minds; waking mind, sleeping mind, and deep sleep mind. 

As an interfaith clergy, I had the opportunity to attend the “Post-Teaching Interfaith Gathering” after the Dalai Lama’s teaching.

The panel was filled with dignitaries and wise ones from many faiths including Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Sufi, and even a Mutsun Ohlone Elder. If a faith/religion was not represented on the panel, it was represented among the 1,200 inter-faith clergy attendees.  The energy in the room was that of love, peace, cooperation, respect, honoring, and of the powerful positive change that we all want to see in the world for our peoples and the planet. 

Here are a few quotes I managed to jot down at the post-teaching.

Things are not as they appear to be, nor are they otherwise.


Tenzin Gyatso, the fourteenth and current Dala...

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Let go of everything, because nothing is worth clinging to. 

May we be the 1% that creates the positive change in this world.

Find the underground river that all wells take us to.

Dalai Lama



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