We Belong

By: Rev. Tana Marie

“We belong to the light, we belong to the thunder

we belong to the sound of the words we¹ve both fallen under 

Whatever we deny or embrace, for worse or for better, we belong, we belong,

we belong together.”

We belong to the light”   By Pat Benatar

You may have noticed I¹ve started with a song, it just seemed poetic and succinctly said what I’ve been feeling. Ms. Benatar expressed so beautifully what is really up right now.

We do belong to light. We are being asked to step into our power, to peel off the onion skin and find our authentic selves, and own the greatness that’s inside each and every one of us. Why? Because that’s what our world needs now more than anything‹for everyone, everywhere, to bring their “A” Game¹ to the table to help our planet, one another and ourselves get through these amazing times.

 One of my guilty pleasures is watching the long-running TV series ³Smallville. ² It is the story of the young and evolving Clark Kent who as we know eventually becomes Superman. While watching many episodes, my hair stood on end because the writers brilliantly expressed one of the pieces of evolution that almost everyone on this planet has to go through. Even though it’s a story of how Clark Kent transforms into the Superman of legend, he has very similar trials and tribulations as most ³Earth Folk² do. Owning one¹s power is not always easy, but it’s imperative.

The last episode covered an aspect of Clark’s personality that everyone had been warning him about, but he didn’t understand what they meant. He was being warned about the ³darkness² inside of him, and how ultimately it could destroy him if he didn¹t heal that part of himself.  Without giving the entire storyline away, he finds out that the darkness he was carrying was his unwillingness to forgive himself for past mistakes‹unforgivable by his measure.

It resonated because I’m seeing so many people going through that exact same experience depicted in the episode. How many times have you said to yourself, I Should¹ve,¹ Would¹ve,¹ What if?,¹ How could I have done that?¹ or a myriad of other let¹s beat myself up now¹ questions.

The tragedy in this is when you’re firmly planted, staring at your past, beating yourself up for what you did or didn’t do, you’re missing what’s going on in the present, and you’re sacrificing your future.  Stop shoulding¹ on yourself!

Regardless of what we’ve ever done, we always make the best decision we can in the moment, given our knowledge, expertise, experiences, and understanding of the situation. We can always look back three days or three years later and see geez, I should have done something different¹. You know the old saying, Hindsight is 20-20¹? It¹s true because when we¹re further away from the moment, we have more life experience under our belts, and usually see things very differently.

How do you get rid of that level of darkness within yourself? You get rid of the darkness with “Forgiveness, forgiveness, understanding, and forgiveness”. We have all made mistakes, we all have experienced successes and triumphs, have blessings and miracles around us every day…but doesn’t it seem like all we do is focus on what we did wrong? Is this Human Nature? Possibly, but I like to think of evolving beyond the ego position of being dinged for every misstep. 

Time to embrace our present and step proudly and fearlessly into our future, knowing that everything we have done, good-bad-and-ugly, has made us who we are today and who we are becoming tomorrow.

Being part of the light affords us the ability to take these experiences and use them as powerful tools for our growth and evolution. It’s okay to make a mistake, just don’t make the mistake of condemning yourself endlessly. (Of course I’m talking about things other than heinous crimes, but I figured you knew that already.)

The more you forgive, the more power you have, and the more light you can radiate out to the world. Isn’t that a gift worth giving? You and our planet deserve that and so much more!


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