Sunday Celebration at the Center for Creative Living, Dec. 19, 2010.

What a festive service we had last Sunday, it was a musical Holiday Celebration with everybody singing, laughing, and crying…what a great time it was.

First came announcements and a lovely guided meditation by Rev. Doti Boon weaving all of the religions of the world together with their spiritual connections to all, with vocal and guitar accompaniment by Rev. Janet Childs and Carolyn Keyes on flute.

Rev. Doti talked about the early beginnings of this special holiday – when it was called Yule or Winter Solstice (it still in in many parts of the world)  She spoke of early people’s joy in knowing that the days would be getting longer and the winter starting to subside, speaking of Winter Solstice, we sang O’ YULE TREE. Kat and Rev. Anne leading the choir and congregation in song.

Then Rev. Doti said a little about Hanukkah and the choir sang the DREIDEL SONGS, while Rev. Anne lead us all in SHALOM (Sung in Hebrew).

How excited everyone was about a new Messiah as foretold in the Old Testament of the Bible, we all sang JOY TO THE WORLD.

Next came the Angels and shepherds seeing the star shining so brightly in the sky, so we sang THE FIRST NOEL.

How excited everyone was that the Christ child was born in Bethlehem, so we sang OH LITTLE TOWN OF BETHLEHEM.

Then Rev. Doti told a story about being pregnant during Christmas (her son born Dec. 29) and the “miracle” of snow in Lancaster.  We all sang SILENT NIGHT (we were going to sing AWAY IN THE MANGER, but the tune, somehow, eluded us)

Talking about decorating for the holidays making cookies – wrapping presents, etc. brought us to a rousing DECK THE HALLS. Next the choir sang DING DONG MERRILY ON HIGH.

Rev. Doti then told the story of the American Indian family with no place to sleep on Christmas Eve.  And also the story of the YMCA (“Y’s” men) and their charitable donations to a small struggling family on Christmas Eve.

The congregation sang OH COME ALL YE FAITHFUL.

The excitement of Santa Claus – a time to believe in the magic of the Spiritual St. Nicholas.  A time to bring out the child in everyone – a time to sing HERE COMES SANTA CLAUS and UP ON THE ROOF TOP.

The joy of the season – and why Rev. Doti always wears a hat – She has magic under that hat of hers – just like:  FROSTY THE SNOW MAN.

Rev. Donna Zehner (Assoc. Pastor) passed the basket and

Rev. Anne Corbin (co-choir director) did a prayer for the season.

Congregation gathered in a circle and sang JINGLE BELLS.

All photographs lovingly contributed by Reverend Corky Whitacre.

Next Week – Kwanzaa!  With Ronnie Grigsby, Doti Boon, and surprise guests!

Happy Holidays to all and to all a good night…Rev. Corky

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