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Those of you who read our blog and have visited our website,, are aware that UCM offers two paths to become a Licentiate and Ordained Minister.  One is our Graduate and Undergraduate Degree Program and the other is our Life-Path Program.  This year Reverend Doti Boon from our Charter Church Center for Creative Living is graduating her first Licentiate Group and is continuing with an Ordination Program.  Reverend Doti wrote this lovely congratulatory letter to her students.  I wanted to share it with all of you. What a blessing you are Reverend Doti Boon!

Reverend Angela DeBry, H.H.D, D.D

Dear New UCM ministers,

What a wonderful event on Sunday the 16th of January.  All ten of you were looking so spiffy and had such a glow of love, light and spirituality around you!  When you were lead into the sanctuary with your accompanying UCM Reverend, I could feel my heart swell with pride; each of you worked so hard for an entire year to be here.

Being certified as a UCM minister is an incredible journey.  I know as you watched the wonderful Rev. April Lussier speak of her Goddess ministry, Rev. Bec Thompson discuss her healing ministry and leading us in that wonderful Hawaiian prayer – you were amazed at the diversity of our ministry.  Many of you have heard Rev. Janet Childs speak – but to hear what she does with the Centre for Living with Dying, was probably as inspiring for you as it always is for me.  Of course Rev. Janet Phares was so touching when she spoke of her Music Ministry.  And, of course, Rev. Anne Corbin discussing being raised Jewish, and then becoming so enthralled with Huna Healing – that it became her passion and her ministry – presented such a fantastic look into your future possibilities.

It was interesting to hear our UCM president, Rev. Sandy Clark speak about the Universal Church of the Master, its inception and progress to the present. Rev. Donna Zehner, a Board of trustee member and Associate pastor of CCL delighted us in reading the upcoming events and leading us in the CCL Mission Statement.

There are hundreds of UCM ministers around the world – each one of them with their own healing ministry.  There are pet ministries, prison ministries, psychic ministries, hospice ministries, etc.  Now that you are a minister – your entire life becomes a ministry; whether it is cooking dinner, going to the store, or meeting strangers on the street.  Your life has now changed and you are beginning anew.  And, I am certain each one of you will shortly be making your own mark in the world of spiritual healing, peace, love and service.

As each one of you took your UCM ministerial vow, you were so solemn – and yet, invigorated at the same time. It was such an honor to put your new green ministerial healing stole around your neck and give you a blessing.

I know all of us cried as Rev. Sandy Clark presented the ministerial certificate posthumously to Rev. Christine (Chris)Kahl.  How wonderful that her sister Kathleen and her life partner Min. Julie Hawkins were there to receive it.

Thank you so much for bringing your family and friends to help you celebrate in this joyous event.  Our CCL Sanctuary stretched itself to include over 90 people, and the energy, pride and love was awesome.

Take a moment to look at the key chain we gave you.  On the front is the Om symbol.  And, on the reverse is a person with their chakra points indicated.  And if you look carefully, you will see the crown chakra is illuminated and open.  That is to indicate the opening of your spiritual energies through this certification.


On Saturday, February 19th from 9 to noon – we will be introducing you to the world of being a UCM Reverend.  This introduction is free and only open to those who have been certified as UCM ministers.

~~~~    ~~~~    ~~~~    ~~~~  ~~~~    ~~~~

At 1:00 (Feb. 19th) we will present our first ordained minister class – and it will be ISLAM 101 with AKIM AUGUSTINE-TAIRU.  Akim was born and raised in Ghana – being a Moslem his entire life.  He will be accompanied by his new wife Emily, who will help him in his presentation. This introductory class is open to the public and will be exciting and informative to all of you wanting to know more about the Islamic way of life.  Interestingly, in Ghana – quite often Moslems and Christians share the same building for worship!  This interesting four hour class will be open to the public and will cost $25.

Love and Light,Reverend Doti, Thanksgiving At the Beach

Rev. Doti Boon

Center for Creative Living

1460 Koll Circle “C”

San Jose CA  95112



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