Center for Creative Living

All are welcome to Sunday Celebrations at the Center for Creative Living, UCM Charter #801, at 1460 Koll Circle, Suite “C” – services in back. Need directions? Call (408)392-9090 or visit Sunday Celebration is from 10:00 to 11:30 am. Dress is casual and kids are welcome. Spiritual energies, food, hugs and music are lovingly available!

Join us this Sunday as Reverend Doti speaks about “Learning How to Give.” Learn how to give not just love, money, attention, etc. but Universal spirituality.

What a wonderful event on Sunday, January 16, the certification of ten new UCM ministers. Lore Coufal, DiAnna Fortner, Ronnie Grigsby, Julie Hawkins, Elinor King, Cheryl Lewis, Barbara Light-McKay, Ross Ladouceur, Ellen Pearce and Michael (Zeke) Zehner arrived at the Center for Creative Living looking so spiffy and with a glow of love, light and spirituality around them! Each person was escorted into the sanctuary by a UCM Reverend, while Rev. Janet Phares played her beautiful Native American flute.

I could feel my heart swell with pride as each of you walked to the front of the sanctuary and took your place.

Service was opened by Rev. Sandy Clark, UCM president – opening the venue to the angelic realm – calling in Michael, Ariel, Uriel and Raphael from the various points of the compass to join in the festivities.

Rev. Donna Zehner, UCM trustee and CCL Associate pastor, read the announcements and also invited the congregation to recite the CCL mission statement.

Rev. Doti did a guided meditation, accompanied by Rev. Janet Childs with voice and guitar and Carolyn Keyes on the flute.

Rev. Doti then spoke about certification as a UCM minister as an incredible journey and introduced some UCM ministers who have various healing ministries:

Rev. April Lussier spoke of her Goddess ministry, Rev. Bec Thompson discussed her healing ministry and led us in that wonderful Hawaiian prayer – we were amazed at the diversity of our ministry.  Many of you have heard Rev. Janet Childs speak – but to hear what she does with the Centre for Living with Dying was very inspiring.  Of course Rev. Janet Phares was so touching when she spoke of her Music Ministry. And Rev. Anne Corbin discussing being raised Jewish, and then becoming so enthralled with Huna Healing – that it became her passion and her ministry – presented such a fantastic look into ministerial possibilities.

It was interesting to hear our UCM president, Rev. Sandy Clark speak about the Universal Church of the Master, its inception and progress to the present

There are hundreds of UCM ministers around the world – each one of them with their own healing ministry. There are pet ministries, prison ministries, psychic ministries, hospice ministries, etc.  As a minister – your entire life becomes a ministry; whether it is cooking dinner, going to the store, or meeting strangers on the street.  Your life changes and you are beginning anew.  And I am certain each one the new ministers will shortly be making their own mark in the world of spiritual healing, peace, love and service.

As each one of them took their UCM ministerial vow, they were so solemn – and yet, invigorated at the same time.  It was such an honor to put their new green ministerial healing stole around their neck and give them a blessing.

I know all of us cried as Rev. Sandy Clark presented the ministerial certificate posthumously to Rev. Christine (Chris) Kahl. How wonderful that her sister Kathleen and her life partner Min. Julie Hawkins were there to receive it.

Min. Ronnie Grigsby honored the late Martin Luther King, Jr. with some of his philosophies and then sang the marvelous song “Stand.” Everyone rose in a standing ovation.

Having been certified as UCM ministers – these folks are now ready to move forward into becoming ordained as UCM reverends.

Thank you so much everyone for bringing your family and friends to help you celebrate in this joyous event.  Our CCL Sanctuary stretched itself to include over 90 people, and the energy, pride and love was awesome. Everyone enjoyed the sandwiches, the Congratulations cake, munchies, lemonade and coffee.


AURA reading with Rev. Doti Boon.

Thurs. Jan 20th $15. or two for $25. 7pm to 9pm

CCL will be starting UCM Life Path Licentiate Healing Classes (Introduction on Thurs. Jan. 20 at 6:00) and

UCM Ordination classes in 2011

(Introduction Feb. 19th 9:00 to 12:00 FREE) –

ISLAM 101 1:00 to 5:00 with Akim and Emily Augustine-Tairu $25.

Contact the Center for more information. (408)392-9090.


Center for Creative Living Happenings

Sat. and Sun. Jan 22nd and 23rd 8:30 to 6:00. A Weekend of Practical Acupressure with Michael Berry $150. THIS CLASS WILL BE TRANSLATED INTO SPANISH during its presentation.

Tues. Jan. 25th – 6:45 to 8:45pm – MEDITATION with Norbeth, Dr. Ayleen & Friends – Donation!

Fri. Jan 28th 9:30 to 5:00 – AIDS Rejuvenation Retreat for people with HIV+ and AIDS and caregivers. Call (408)980-9801 for info.

Sat. Jan. 29th 9:00 to 5:00 – Chakras with Min. Cheryl Lewis and Color Healing with Rev. Anne Corbin – Licentiate Class – Open to Public – $50 for entire day.

Feb. 2, 2011 begins MORNING GENTLE YOGA with Laura Marshall (KRISHNAPRIYA) RYT, SVAROOPA inspired. Wed. 9:45 to 11:15 am. 10-class set $80. 5-class set $50. Drop in $15.


Get your CCL membership card from Rev. Corky!

EXCITING NEWS! – Swami Beyondananda will be appearing at CCL on Friday Feb. 18th Doors open at 6:30. Comedy begins at 7:30. $20 advance – $25 at door ($15 with CCL membership card.)

Have you tried so many spiritual paths that you’re pathological? Try Swami’s humor in: Driving Your Own Karma: Swami Beyondananda’s Tour guide to Enlightenment. Or, Drive Your Karma, Curb Your Dogma. Another favorite, Don’t Squeeze the Shaman. Who could forget Swami’s classic GURU Rap Song,“G-U-R-U, Gee, You Are You.” For more information about Swami Beyondananda please visit:

And then his alter-ego Steve Bhaerman will be presenting a sermon on The Healing Power of Laughter on Sun. the 20th of February.

The Celebration of Life Service for Chris Kahl has been scheduled for 3:00 pm February 27th at the Center. Please “come as you are” or dress whimsical, like wear your Tigger shirt or Wallace & Grommet. She liked the humor in things and that would give Chris a big kick and really honor her.

Love and Light,

Rev. Doti Boon


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