P S from Reverend Clark:

Not the best news regarding our Dove families; when I came into the office on Monday the nest was empty and no sign of any Doves around. There has been a pair sitting on the fence late in the afternoon, but they leave after a short time. Not sure just what is wrong, since two pair have not had success in the nest area, when the weather clears, (it rained this morning) I think I will clear out the nesting area in case there is something there causing problems.

Next Monday is April 11th and once again time for our monthly meditation here at the UCM office in Campbell. Everyone is welcome. We begin at 7:30PM. If you cannot join us in person, please join us in spirit.


Please mark May 13th, 14th & 15th on your calendar. It is once again time for our annual meeting/conference. Reverend Doti Boon and her committees are hard at work organizing a special weekend for us. We invite all of you to attend.


The UCM magazine, Spring 2011 Edition 7 is now on line.

This quarter our topic was rituals from around the globe

You can access the magazine by using the link below.


You can also access the magazine by going to our website www.u-c-m.org and clicking on the magazine cover on our home page.

The topic for our next magazine is: Spiritual Protections and Rituals that uplift you during and after a trauma. Articles of 800 – 1,000 words should be sent to staff@u-c-m.org along with a photo, jpg format, and a bio. Submission deadline for our next magazine is June 1st. You do not have to be a UCM member to submit articles.

It is our hope you will subscribe to the UCM Magazine if you have not already. When you do this you can comment, rate, and for each new person we get a better profile on different search engines. If you have a smart phone like the Droid or IPhone you can download an Issuu Application that allows you to receive us via your phone, and it is all free!


Reverend Felecia Mulvany and Elizabeth Barton have been conducting an Advanced Healers Course – Hunter of Mysteries here at the UCM office. The remaining class is outlined below along with registration information and can be taken on an individual basis.

Class 8 – April 10, 2011

·        Herbs, flower essences, oils, holy water.

Location:   Universal Church of the Master

100 W. Rincon Ave Suite 101, Campbell CA 95008

Time:        12:00 – 5:00 PM, the second Sunday of the Month

Cost:         $75 per class

Registration: Contact Elizabeth Barton at 650.572.8850 or info@elizabethabarton.com


New Workshop being offered April 30th


with Minister Maryellen De Vine on Saturday April 30, 2011

Angel Therapy Practitioner®


In this workshop you will learn how to make flower essences and the ways they can be used. You will also learn how to create your own unique types of essences. There are so many sources of amazing energy available to us that can be funneled into water and made into an essence. During this workshop you will get the opportunity to make and take home your own special essence.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

1:00 to 4:00 pm

$48.00 (includes supplies).

Location: Universal Church of the Master Office

100 W. Rincon Ave. #101

Campbell, CA 95008

To register, contact Maryellen De Vine:

Email mcdevine@comcast.net

or call 408-356-6038


We are part of the Associate Program offered by Amazon.com

This means when you enter their website through ours, UCM receives a commission on your purchases. Should you need to leave the website before completing your purchase you need to again go through our web site for us to receive the commission. www.u-c-m.org.


The Joyful Noise Newsletter is sent directly from our UCM office. If you would like to forward this email to friends and/or family, please do so. For those of you who are not on our “Joyful Noise” email list and would like to receive this directly from us, there is a subscribe link below, or you can subscribe on our website at www.u-c-m.org. Select Contact Us, Newsletter.

Submission for A Joyful Noise can be made to Safedoti@aol.com or staff@u-c-m.org.

Universal Church of the Master

100 W. Rincon Ave. #101

Campbell, CA 95008


Fax 408.370.6591




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