UCM May 2011 Astrology Update

So what is happening astrologically in May 2011?

All time indicated are for Pacific Daylight Savings.

Here are the Astrological basics:


The Sun goes into Gemini on Wednesday, May 21th at 2:21 am


  • New Moon – 12 degrees of Taurus on Monday, May 2nd  at 11:51 pm
  • Full Moon (Grass Moon in Neo Pagan – Wiccan, Flower Moon in N/E Native American) – Tuesday, May 17th at 26 degrees Scorpio at 4:09 am.
  • Note:  The New and Full Moon are usually the polar opposite signs. This month it is Taurus and Scorpio.  These two signs live respectively in the 2st house and 8th house in the Natural chart.  Some of the areas brought up this month will be:
  1. Money. All aspects from how you make it to your debts.
  2. Self-worth, self-esteem.
  3. 3.     Death and transformation
  4. The practical vs. the unknown.

Mercury starts May at 16 degrees of Aries

  • The Shadow period of Mercury Retrograde is in effect until May 7th.
  • Mercury goes into Taurus Sunday May 15th at 4:18 pm.
  • Mercury in Taurus. Communications are slower, more practical, and people are reluctant to change ideas. If you are working on a project that needs others approval and you do not want the project to slow down, get it done prior to the 15th.
  • If you have Mercury in Taurus or the second house this will affect you more than others.  Jade or Emerald are good stones to wear to help offset the negative side of Taurus energy.
  • Mercury ends the month at 26 degrees of Taurus.

Venus starts May at 13 degrees of Aries

  • Goes into Taurus Sunday, May 15th at 3:12 pm
  • Taurus is ruled by Venus.  She likes it! Relationships start to mellow out after last month’s Aries fire.
  • Venus leaves May at 20 degrees of  Taurus
  • If you have Venus in Taurus or the second house you can make or spend money on things that make you feel good; like sensual soft clothing or gourmet foods.
  • Note that both Mercury and Venus go into Taurus on the same day.  A good indicator for the arts. Make those crafts, write that cookbook!

Mars starts May at 23 degrees of Aries

  • Goes into Taurus on Wednesday May 11that 00:04 am.
    • Ends the month at 15 degrees of Taurus.
    • If you have Mars in Taurus or the second house you will be able to concentrate on a goal, push through obstacles to achieve what you need to do.  Watch out for jealousy. Mars in Taurus is like Ferdinand the Bull, slow to anger but volatile when pushed over the edge.

Jupiter starts May at 23 degrees of Aries

  • Ends the month at 29 degrees of Aries
  1. New ways to make money
  2. New laws

Saturn Retrograde starts May at 12 Libra

  • Ends the month at 11 degrees of Libra Retrograde
  • Saturn is exalted in Libra.  Libra is not his sign, but to him this sign is like visiting a four star hotel.

Uranus starts May at 03 degrees of Aries

  • Ends the month at 04 degrees of Aries
  1. Unpredictable change
  2. Go with the flow; be prepared to make alternate plans.

Neptune starts May at 01 Pisces.

  • Ends the month at 01 Pisces
  • Neptuneis the co-ruler of Pisces

Pluto starts May at 07 Capricorn Retrograde.

  • Ends the month Retrograde at 07 Capricorn.
  1. As Pluto continues to go through the first 10 degrees of Capricorn (this is in effect until Jan 20 2013), more governments will fall worldwide and others will have to change the way they operate.  This is a time of immense change!

Moons Mean Node start May at 26 Sagittarius

Topics for May:


May 1st…..Osama bye-bye or another mass deception?  Once again the USA engaged in a major military action on one of the eight high holy days of the Pagans….hmmmm. Who are these masked men and women behind the curtain of deception and death?  Bet they have weird handshakes.

There are two times during the crossovers where Magick can be used for incredible manifestations of good or evil.  The Energy exists; we have the choice and the free will to create our existence.

The first group is:

The evening prior, and day of May, August, November and February 1st.

The second group is:

The 15th degree of the Fixed Signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.  The day this degree happens is approximately the 5th day of the above months… It varies slightly.

Note: I used Magick with the “k” to distinguish it from stage Magic, not the dark stuff.

Let us take a little journey back to the Pagan holidays prior to May first.

Pagan new year, Dec 21, 2011, the holy day called Yule.  What links can we find on the neutralization project that happened in Abbottabad, Pakistan on the first of May?

NATO Denies U.S. Military Is Pushing for Pakistan Raids

Tuesday, December 21, 2010
by Patrick Quinn, Associated Press

Kabul, Afghanistan (AP) – The U.S.-led coalition in Afghanistan on Tuesday denied reports that American forces are pushing to expand special operations raids into tribal areas of neighboring Pakistan where Islamist militants are known to find refuge.

For the complete article go to:


But wait there is more.


Quote from above link: Ground operations in Pakistan remain controversial in Washington, and there may be a debate over the proposal. One senior administration official said he was not in favor of cross-border operations — which he said have been generally “counterproductive” — unless they were directed against top leaders of Al Qaeda. He expressed concern that political fallout in Pakistan could negate any tactical gains.

Pakistan successfully test fires nuclear-capable Missile Hatf V ..

4 min – Dec 21, 2010 – Uploaded by PakArmyChannel- Block all youtube.com results

Not helpful? You can block youtube.com results when you’re signed in to search.youtube.com
Pakistan today successfully conducted the training launch of Medium Range Ballistic Missile Hatf V (Ghauri). The launch was conducted by 

Worldwide travel alert for USA citizens traveling to Pakistan.Feb 1 2011 – The Imbolc


March 21 2011 – The Equinox


By Jane Cowan, Peter Cave and wires

Coalition strikes have succeeded in crippling the air defenses of Moamar Gaddafi’s Libyan regime and a no-fly zone is effectively in place over the country, the US military says.

I digress kind of….attacking Libya is a major military action but I am following a thread on Pakistan.


Raymond Davis, a former Special Forces soldier working clandestinely for the CIA, was freed from Pakistani custody last week, after a prolonged diplomatic row between Washington and Islamabad.

Gee, I wonder if he belonged to Seal Team Six? No? ODA? Who were the men killed by Davis? Osama’s buddies?


The mixture of the Raymond Davis incident and the attack Seal Team Six combination, along with the nuclear backpacks will have blowback by the Solstice, June 21st.

Nuclear backpacks?  Yes, a cute little device developed by the Soviets….many of these devices were not accounted for after the USSR collapsed.

End of rant.  Now for something completely different.

Mercury and Venus in Taurus:

On May 15th both Mercury and Venus move into Taurus. Great for creative writing poetry, love letters and how to make books on subjects like crafts, making jewelry, soaps or other sensual products.

This combination will be in the fifth house of the Sibley USA chart. The stock market will continue its illusionary rise….there may be some creative financing going on in our government….imagine that!  It will be a good month for finances on paper.  There will be a stock market rally.

Wouldn’t it be nice if our government had to post every dime it spent on a website?

Peace to all!

Remember:  Think Globally, Act Locally!  Get involved in your local city politics.  The change starts with you.

To let you know that I walk the talk, I became my neighborhood watch captain.

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Peace and Love,Elizabeth!  Until we meet…blessings to you!

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