June 2011 Astrology

So what is happening astrologically in June 2011?

All time indicated are for Pacific Daylight Savings.

Here are the Astrological basics:


The Sun goes into Cancer on Tuesday, June 21th at 10:17 am. The Solstice!  The longest day of the year.


  • New MoonSolar eclipse. 11 degrees of Gemini on Wednesday, June 1st   at 2:03 pm.
  • Full Moon Lunar eclipse. 24 degrees Sagittarius on Wednesday, June 15th at 1:14 pm. The Full moon is called the Planting Moon in Neo Pagan – Wiccan, and the Strawberry Moon in N/E Native American).
  • Note:  The New and Full Moon are usually the polar opposite signs. This month it is Gemini and Sagittarius.  These two signs live respectively in the 3rd house and 9th house in the Natural chart.  Some of the areas brought up this month will be:
  1. Communications.
  2. Schooling.
  3. 3.     Travel.
  4. Religion
  5. Law and order
  6. Sibling and neighbors.
  7. Integration and the big picture.

Mercury starts June at 28 degrees of Taurus

  • Mercury goes into Cancer on Thursday June 16th at 12:09 pm.
  • Ends the month at 28 Cancer.
  • Mercury in Cancer. Communications are more intuitive this month.  You will feel intuitive information in your gut/stomach.  Listen to it!
  • If you have Mercury in Cancer or the fourth house this will affect you more than others.  To help offset the negative side of Cancer energy wear a pearl or seashells.

Venus starts June at 21 degrees of Taurus

  • Venus goes into Gemini Thursday, June 9th at 7:23 am
  • Gemini is ruled by Mercury.  Write that love story!  Lovers will want to talk now.  So if you had a spat during Taurus, communications can happen now. Or in some cases you will find that you have two love interests.
  • Venus ends June at 26 degrees of  Gemini
  • If you have Venus in Gemini or the third house. This will affect you more.  Find time to do that creative writing. Siblings, neighbors and very close friends will be communicative.

Mars starts June at 16 degrees of Taurus

  • Goes into Gemini on Monday, June 20that 7:50 pm.
    • Ends the month at 07 degrees of Gemini.
    • If you have Mars in Gemini or the third house you will be a Busy Bee, very talkative and able to write a lot faster. Watch out for verbal attacks.  Wear red agate to lessen the effect of negative Mars in Gemini.

Since both Venus and Mars are in Gemini. Lovers’ communication pro and con will be in play this month!

Jupiter starts June at 29 degrees of Aries

  • Goes into Taurus on Saturday, June 04th  at 6:56 am
    • Ends the month at 05 degrees of Taurus
    • If you have Jupiter in Taurus or the second house this is a great time to make money, get that job!

Jupiter in Taurus, more caution in stock market…it slows down.

Saturn Retrograde starts June at 11 Libra

  • Goes direct Sunday, June 12that 8:52 pm.
    • Ends the month at 11 degrees of Libra
    • If you have Saturn in Libra or the 7th house relationships of all kinds will be tested.  Saturn is the lord of Karma, fear, tests and integrity….to name a few. Listen to your heart and be true to yourself and diplomatic to others.
    • Saturn is exalted in Libra.  Libra is not his sign, but to him this sign is like visiting a four star hotel.

Uranus starts June at 04 degrees of Aries

  • Ends the month at 05 degrees of Aries
  • Where ever Aries lives in your chart be prepared for:
  1. Unpredictable change
  2. Mr. Toad’s wild ride!
  3. Go with the flow; be prepared to make alternate plans.

Neptune starts June at 01 Pisces.

  • Goes retrograde Friday, June 3rd at 00:28 am
    • Ends the month at 01 Pisces
    • Neptuneis the co-ruler of Pisces

Pluto starts June at 07 Capricorn Retrograde.

  • Ends the month Retrograde at 06 Capricorn.
  1. As Pluto continues to go through the first 10 degrees of Capricorn (this is in effect until Jan 20 2013), more governments will fall worldwide and others will have to change the way they operate.  This is a time of immense change!

Moons Mean Node start May at 24 Sagittarius

Topics for June:

The following is from Georgia Stathis concerning the 3 eclipses within a month.


Georgia is an awesome financial astrologer!

I thought you’d like to know that as of June 1, 2011 we are starting the three-eclipse cycle of the summer. The first solar eclipse appears on June 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse (an intense New Moon, signifying new beginnings and endings) is at 11 ° of Gemini. For those of you born in the middle of the signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, this is particularly life changing.

The last time this series of eclipses hit were in June 1992, about 19 years ago. I always ask people what positive changes began following the eclipses of the summer of 1992. Were you in flux with changes all around you? I suspect so. This eclipse hitting this particular group of people changes your work, your jobs, your attitudes towards partnerships and your attitude about your own health and how you need to take better care of yourselves.

The next eclipse, even more intense, is the Total Eclipse (Full Moon) on June 15 at 24° of Sagittarius and Gemini…. Again, those with lots of planets between 24° and 30° of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces face more changes…always for the better…because life doesn’t sit still, it moves forward and thank goodness, this is a more flexible group. This eclipse calls for more expression of self, either through communications, writing, studying and exchanging ideas.

The last eclipse of the summer is July 1 at 9° Cancer. This is what I like to call the ‘leftover’ eclipse…the eclipse of completion for the struggles of the last two years. Those born in the first eleven days of Cancer, Libra, Capricorn and Aries are about to make those changes they’ve been trying to make for two years now!!

Yes, that could mean moving, changing the format of what you call family, starting new businesses for which you’ve researched the last two years. You may not see all of the results of these changes until October (since a lot of eclipses trigger about 90 days later), but be prepared — change for your group is coming fast and hard. How exciting!! Welcome it.

And remember — if you keep doing the same things — you keep getting the same things!

On Saturday, Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, enters the sign of Taurus, which really likes comfort, flavors, good food and luxury. It is true, prices could be higher, but with Jupiter in Taurus, it also suggests that there is more of an ability to acquire the things you’ve been trying to acquire — and with help from others — just remember — giving is a two way street. As the week continues, you may feel a little tired, with the eclipses, the end of Jupiter in Aries and both Neptune and Pisces going retrograde this week.

If you are tired, take that nap. If you don’t want to leave your house, then don’t. Rest, regroup and get a good restart…. Next week should perk you up.

Peace to all!

Remember:  Think Globally, Act Locally!  Get involved in your local city politics.  The change starts with you.

To let you know that I walk the talk, I became my neighborhood watch captain.

For more information about me go to www.elizabethabarton.com

Peace and Love,Elizabeth!  Until we meet…blessings to you!

Elizabeth A. Barton

CMT, Energy worker

Professional Astrologer

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Until we meet again in the blogosphere, may the Stars shine blessings on you!


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