Angelic Heart Healing

Angelic Heart bridges you deeply into the angelic realm allowing an angel to come into your spine to facilitate the session. During the healing, you will feel/sense/see/know angels communicating with you in the way most helpful in unfolding your natural gifts. Angelic presence will infuse your system and create new energy and clarity. Old emotional patterns and blocks will fall away to open the way for new possibilities and the joy of creation. Angels were created solely to serve the divine and are empowered by the divine to work directly in the manifest world. Angels come to deliver messages and guidance, to act as protectors, to bring hope, to give relief from adversity, to strengthen and support. Because Angelic Heart works through the divine consciousness of VortexHealing®, it is not possible to establish connection with demonic or evil entities. Please know space is limited to 30 and parking is free.

Price: $35.00

Dates: Monday June 27th healing begins at 7:00pm; please arrive by 6:45pm

Address:  Center of Creative Living: 1460 Koll Circle, Suite C, San Jose, CA 95112

Contact Becca Thompson at; 408-206-4891 to register

Make checks payable to:  Awakening Wave

If mailing checks, please send checks to:

Becca Thompson

5168 Westmont Ave

San Jose CA 95130


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