Tapping Into God!

Tapping into God:  Experiencing the Spiritual Spectrum

 Book launching is 1-2:30pm Sunday, July 31 at the Center for Spiritual Living at 1195 Clark St in San Jose, CA.

It would be a great honor to have you come and support myself and the other authors as we launch our book “Tapping into God”. It has been a gift to submit a chapter as a stepping stone to what I hope will be me writing my own book in the near future.

Blessed be!

Humbly yours,


Exactly what does connection to God look like in our daily lives?  Tapping into God:  Experiencing the Spiritual Spectrum answers that question by providing a unique look at many faiths and spiritual practices within our human family. Twenty-eight authors have defined a relationship to the God of their understanding through their individual perspectives, using a variety of approaches and styles.

Weaving a rich, heartfelt tapestry of personal connection and devotion, Tapping into God will touch your soul and open your eyes to the abundant spiritual diversity of our planet.  These stories illuminate the wonder of that indefinable power that fashions our world.  Even the non-believer will find ample food for thought within these pages.  Nurture your spirit as you experience the spiritual spectrum through Tapping into God.


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