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A Joyful Noise!

July 10, 2011

U.C.M. Newsletter of Joy, Humor, Laughter, and Inspiration

Editor: Rev. Doti Boon

Vol. 10 pg 27 (07-07-11) SILENCE


I am becoming one with God in the Silence.

I crawled out of bed this morning and immediately switched on the television to hear the latest news, put in a load of laundry and started my dishwasher.

I sat down to my computer and was overwhelmed by the cacophony of sounds around me. And then the air conditioning turned on and my phone started ringing (my cell phone with the irritating tinny music).

I felt like screaming – particularly since the television was on a local news station and all I was hearing was horrific news of murders, burglary, cheating in schools and forecasts of miserable weather.

So, I turned everything off – crawled back into bed and started meditating. AH! I contemplated a spiritual day with just silence!

In the stillness I realized that silence is vastly undervalued in our culture. It’s impossible to escape the ringing of cell phones, blasts of music or television in homes, work places, airports, or in the mall. It’s hard to think, harder still to know what you feel or to hear God whispering to your heart and soul.

Seers and saints say that ‘Silence is Golden.’ Their words have a deeper meaning and an even deeper import. Science has proven that ‘Silence’ enhances the Creative Potential of an individual. Silence is not just being quiet. It is not just keeping the mouth ‘shut’ and going mute. Silence is becoming tranquil. Silence is tuning down the noises of the senses. Silence is avoiding totally the ‘unnecessary.’

In today’s overwhelming noise it is difficult to attain total silence. Even though, many religious practices encourage “quietude” or “silence” to attain spirituality.

One or our best examples is India, a haven of spirituality since ages immemorial. There are many tales and legends of saints and sages seeking respite in the woods, mountains and hills observing silence for years. This intentional silence and meditation bestowed upon them indescribable divine powers. They had within them a reservoir of sacred energy. Their words used on purpose had great impact, almost oracular. They created as they spoke. Such is the power of Silence.

Intentional Silence, Meditation, chanting of mantras, and yoga are a few of the tools that aid and escalate a person’s spiritual level. Silence is not just keeping quiet and watching your favorite TV sit-com. It is also silencing the urges of your eyes and ears. Silence is not silently munching your favorite burger; silence is quieting the urge to have one. In other words Intentional Silence is saying ‘no’ to things that may not have any value of being done or carried out in that moment. It is like accumulating energy in order to use it for constructive purposes beneficial to all.

There is no hard and fast rule that Silence is to be practiced only by Hindus. It can be practiced by any person who wants to heighten his/her levels of awareness. Any person whether a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Jew or Christian can become silent in order to attain spiritual excellence. You don’t need to seek respite in some woods or mountain caves. You can stay amidst civilization and silently strive to become spiritually quiet.

The benefits of being silent are for one and all. Students, housewives, professionals and even UCM ministers can abstain from talking at least for a few minutes or a couple of hours. While not talking it is essential you stop listening to rock bands, watching tragicomic serials, or the evening news and movies on TV.

Silence is looking into self to become self aware.

Benefits of observing Silence:

1. Heightened spiritual awareness
2. It gives you a lot of tranquility and spiritual satisfaction
3. It will protect you from negative effects of chattering and gossip
4. It will conserve your energy levels
5. It will dampen your anger
6. Your creative potential will increase by many times
7. You will realize the importance of speech
8. Your personality stands totally refined
9. You will grow above mundane thoughts
10. You will have attained loads of contentment.

If you are committed to following a path of personal and spiritual growth, silence is a helpful tool. Even if you’re surrounded by noise, take a few minutes to pause and reflect on the power of silence. Maybe you can’t be silent for an entire hour – then utilize 20 minutes every day, to restore, heal and reveal the unexpected.

John of the Cross reminds us that silence is God’s first language “and one of the Desert Fathers wrote it is by silence that the saints grew, that it was because of silence that the power of God dwelt in them…

Shri Ravi Shankar says If you want to make sense it has to come from silence.  Practice silence and become golden.

Talk is talk; silence is wisdom, according to an Algonquin saying

“The silence sings. It is musical. I remember a night when it was audible. I heard the unspeakable.

Henry David Thoreau

       All profound things and emotions of things are preceded and attended by silence. Herman Melville 

Silence Isn’t Always Golden!

Once upon a time, there was a prince cast under a spell. The prince could speak only one word each year. However, he could save up words if he did not speak for an entire year. The following year he was allowed to speak two words. (This was before the time of e-mails, letter writing or sign language.)

One day, he met a beautiful princess (ruby lips, golden hair, sapphire eyes) and fell madly in love. With great difficulty, he refrained from speaking for 2 years so he could look at her and say, “My darling.” But at the end of these 2 years, he wished to say that he loved her. So he waited 3 more years; bringing the total number of silent years to 5.

At the end of these 5 years, he realized he had to ask her to marry him. So he waited another 4 years without speaking.

Finally, as the 9th year of silence ended, his joy knew no bounds. Leading the lovely princess to the most secluded and romantic place in the beautiful royal garden, the prince heaped a hundred red roses on her lap, knelt before her, and taking her hand in his, said, “My darling, I love you! Will you marry me?”

And the princess tucked a strand of golden hair behind her dainty ear, opened her sapphire eyes in wonder, and parting her ruby lips, said, “Pardon?”

UCM July 2011 Astrology Update!

July 10, 2011

So what is happening astrologically in July 2011?

All time indicated are for Pacific Daylight Time. 

*Note: My next Sacred Retreat for women is on the weekend of Oct 28-30 2011.

See info at the end of the blog. 

Here are the Astrological basics:

Sun goes into Leo at 09:12pm on July 22nd.

Moon– New Moon/Solar eclipse – Friday, July 1st at 1:54am – 9 Cancer.  Where does 9 Cancer live in your chart, what house?  Do you have any planets or personal points within a degree of this eclipse?

This Solar eclipse is special since it starts a new Saros cycle!

  • Full Moon – Thursday, July 14th at 22 degrees Capricorn at 11:40pm.
  • New Moon – Saturday, July 30th at 7 degrees of Leo at 11:40am.

Interesting both occur at 11:40; one PM and the other in the AM.

Mercury starts July at 00 degrees of Leo

  • Goes into Virgo  on July 28th at 10:59am
  • Ends the month at 01 degrees of Virgo

Venus starts July at 27 degrees of Gemini

  • Goes into Cancer on July 03 at 09:17am
  • Goes onto Leo on July 28th at 07:59am
  • Ends the month at 04 degrees of Leo.

Mars starts July at 08 degrees of Gemini.

  • Ends the month at 28 degrees of Gemini.

Jupiter starts July at 05 Taurus.

  • Ends the month at 09 degrees of Taurus.

Saturn starts July at 11 Libra

  • Ends the month at 12 degrees of Libra

Uranus starts July at 05 degrees of Aries.

  • Goes Stationary Retrograde on July 9that 5:36pm
    • Ends the month at 04 Aries.

Neptune starts July at 01 degrees of Pisces. Retrograde

  • End ends the month at 00 Pisces. Retrograde

Pluto starts July at 06 Capricorn. Retrograde.

  • Ends the month retrograde at 05 Capricorn. Retrograde

Moons Mean Node start July at 23 degrees of Sagittarius

The following article is from one of the best astrologers on the planet, Bernadette Brady.  Please go to to receive her free newsletter.

Saros Series 13 South New
A new eclipse series joins us
By Bernadette Brady M.A.

Inex-Saros cycle lunar eclipse panorama, years...

Image via Wikipedia

Eclipses run in cycles and these cycles were discovered in 747 BCE by the Mesopotamian astrologer/astronomers. These cycles were called Saros Series or cycles by the Greek lexicographer Suidas in the 10th century (the word saros means repetition or to be repeated). Once a cycle begins it will produce an eclipse every 18 years 9-11 days later (depending on the number of leap years involved). Each eclipse in the series will occur 1/2 to a full

degree closer or further to the actual nodal axis. When the series begins it will produce an eclipse which is 15-to-18 degrees in front of the nodal axis. (For example, this particular eclipse on the 1st July will be at 9 Cancer and the node is at 22 Gemini). Every subsequent eclipse in the series will be just a little bit closer to the node. It will eventually produce an eclipse conjunct the transiting node in 650 years. This eclipse will occur over the equator and it will be total. After this ‘middle’ eclipse the series produces eclipses around 1 degree behind the nodal axis and eventually in another 650 years it will produce a tiny partial eclipse which will be around 15 degrees behind the nodal axis.

This new series will, like other series, contain 72 eclipses (+/- 1). It will produce its first eclipse on 1st July 2011 and will not produce its last eclipse until 3237. A Saros Series is most relevant for mundane astrology, not only countries but ideas and concepts. There are 38 – 39 families of eclipses active at any one historical period. [All of this eclipse information is covered in detail in my book ‘Predictive Astrology – the Eagle and the Lark’. If you own this book, cut out this section and stick it into the book so you have it as reference material.] This new series will be Saros Series 13 New South (to use the Jansky naming system) or Saros Series 156 (van den Bergh numbering system).

This series is ‘born’ on the 1st July 2011 and as I pointed out in the last newsletter,

it captures in its birth chart a Grand Cross involving the New Moon in Cancer, Uranus in Aries, Saturn in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. The closest midpoints (45 degree module) are Pluto on the midpoint of Mars/Jupiter and Jupiter on the midpoint of The Sun/Neptune.

Saturn eclipsing the sun, seen from behind fro...

Image via Wikipedia

This theme of this entire series will be about undertaking and or completing large endeavors. At a personal level hard struggles begin to resolve, old thorny issues begin to untangle and the too-hard problems start to become clear.

Added to this Grand Cross is the energy of the tightest midpoints and these are Pluto to Mars/Jupiter which suggests extraordinary effort and achievement PLUS Jupiter to New Moon/Neptune which brings long and difficult issues to gentle conclusions through inspiration or the insight of a bright idea.

So if you are stuck or jammed on an issue at the moment apply your mind and give yourself permission to ‘think outside the box’ or do a little active imagination to help find solutions. Old problems can be solved in this period.

This eclipse is also happening amongst the stars of Gemini which, within the Assyrian astrologer/priests’ letters to their kings, usually indicates the death of a king or the ending of an issue. So endings… but endings of problems, the ending of ‘old’ things which then allows a fresh approach to life.

In the year 3237, astrologers will look back and see what themes began around July 1, 2011.  News stories that start six months on either side of the Saros start date will have an influence; the closer to the date the stronger.

An interesting news article I saw was particles of anti-matter have been captured! Maybe this is the beginning of the fuel that will launch on species into deep space….like Star Trek.

In the May 2011 blog I wrote: The mixture of the Raymond Davis incident and the attack Seal Team Six combination, along with the nuclear backpacks will have blowback by the Solstice, June 21st.

Nuclear backpacks?  Yes, a cute little device developed by the Soviets….many of these devices was not accounted for after the USSR collapsed.

Please read the article below.  The people trying to sell the Russian made Uranium 235 were captured!  Lucky us!

With Uranus going retrograde on the 9th, you will hear many stories about electrical, computer and car problems.  In esoteric astrology Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury… Uranus retro has a similar effect.  It will be interesting to see if anything happens to the Grid and Web the weekend of the 9th.

RETREAT:  My next Women’s retreat will be the weekend of October 28-30 in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

This is an intimate retreat for 12 women only!

This retreat is a time for women to connect with the Divine Feminine.

It is a time for women to explore their personal power and spirit.

The retreat is located at Salamander Camp which is less than 10 minutes outside of Los Gatos in the Santa Cruz Mountains; you would never know you were near a city.

The price includes all your meals and lodging.  The meals are delicious and organic. Please tell me if you have any dietary restrictions so we can make you your own delicious food.

Arrival: Friday 2-5pm, depart: Sunday 5 pm

(650) 572-8850

The cost is $275 for three days and two nights, if you pay in full prior to September 30th.

$300.00 is you pay in full from October 1st to October 15th.

$325.00 after October 15th.

Peace and Love,Elizabeth!  Until we meet…blessings to you!

Reverend Elizabeth A. Barton

CMT, Energy worker, retreat and workshop facilitator

Professional Astrologer, spiritual counselor

Handfastings and weddings.

Vice President of the

San FranciscoAstrological Society

2555 Flores Street, suite #300

San Mateo, Ca 94403

(650) 572-8850

For an astrological consultation call or E-mail me!

Gift Certificates available

To learn more about Traditional Western Astrology go to Deb Houldings superb website 

To look for charts go to

A great astrology AP for your I-phone is by KT the Astrologer; formally Kelli Fox, the creator of

Until we meet again in the blogosphere, may the Stars shine blessings on you!

Santa Clara County SCC: Resource List

July 2, 2011
Emergency   24/7  (Police/Fire/Ambulance)                                     911(Ask for a C.I.T. officer  who is trained in mental health issues)

SUICIDE & CRISIS HOTLINE                 1-855-278-4204

Support group for Survivors of Suicide Loss 408-885-6216

Mental Health Urgent Care                     408- 885-7855

Health & Human Services Information & Referrals                 211 & 408- 248 – 4636

Police (Non-emergency)                            311

National Crisis Hotline  1-800-784 -2433 (SUICIDE)&

1-800- 273-8255 (273- TALK)

Web Resources

SCC Suicide Prevention

California:Office of Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC)

American Association of Suicidology (AAS

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP)

Call Center Mental Health Department (MHD) 800-704- 0900  SCC Mental Health Services

NAMI: National Alliance for Mentally Ill           408- 453 – 0400   Support services for families of mentally ill

Contact Cares                                                       408- 850 – 6125   Crisis hotline and Parental stress hotline

Community Solutions                                          408- 683 – 4118   Crisis hotline

Spanish (Bilingual) Hotline           1 – 800 – 572 – 2782  Crisis hotline

Phoenix North County Self Help Center          650 – 462- 2811    MHD’s Consumer Affairs Self Help Center

Zephyr Self Help Center                                     408 -792- 2140     MHD’s Consumer Affairs Self Help Center

South County Self Help Center                          408 – 848- 5037    MHD’s Consumer Affairs Self Help Center


GATEWAY                                                                1- 800 -488 – 9919    Drug/alcohol linkage services

Alcoholics Anonymous       (24 Hrs)               408- 374 – 8511   Peer support groups to stop using alcohol

Narcotics Anonymous                                         408- 998 – 4200   Peer support groups to stop using drugs

Pathway Society   (24 Hrs)                                  408- 244 – 1834   Comprehensive Drug/Alcohol services

AL – ANON                                                                 408- 379 – 1051   Family Support Group

Smoke Line                                                             1 – 800 – 662 – 8887

Sexaholics Anonymous                                        510- 273 – 9878                  Sexual issues

Gamblers Anonymous                                   1- 800 – 287 – 8670   Assist individuals to quit gambling


24-hours shelter                                           1- 800 – 774 – 3583    Provides referrals for shelter

Reception Center                                                                408- 294 – 2100   Emergency shelter and meals

Salvation Army                                                     408- 282 – 1175   Emergency shelter and meals

Harvest Food Bank                                               408- 266 – 8866   Provides food for the needy

Food Connection                                                 408- 266 – 8950   Provides resources for getting food


Children Protective Services                             408- 299 – 2071   Child abuse reporting

24/7 teen line                                                1 – 888 -247 – 7717   24 Hours teen hotline

Alum Rock Counseling Center (24 Hrs)            408- 294 – 0579   Adolescent crisis counseling (mobile)

Bill Wilson Center (Bilingual)                             408- 243 – 0222   Adolescent/Adult counseling

EMQ Mobile Crisis                                               408- 379 – 9085   Mental health Crisis intervention (under 18)

Planned Parenthood                                           408- 287 – 7532   Parent  training, education, and health care                                        website for teens & young adults

Chat4Teens                                            Instant messaging service (limited hours)


Adult Protective Services   (APS)              1 – 800 – 414 – 2002   For Reporting Elder Abuse

Friendship line (24 Hrs)                                 1- 800 -971 – 0016    Medication Reminder for senior citizens

Alzheimer’s Hotline (24 Hrs)                      1 – 800 – 272 – 3900    Alzheimer’s education, info., & support

Golden Gateway                                                   408-295-5288     Mobile outreach for adults (60+)


Social Security                                                      1-800-772-1213

Unemployment Development Insurance        1-800-300-5616

Billy De Frank Center (Gay/Lesbian)                 408- 293 – 2429   Provides Gay & Lesbian support services

Battered Women’s Support Network          1-800 – 572 – 2782   Support services for battered women

Next Door (24 Hrs)                                              408- 279 – 2962   Domestic violence support services

Rape Crisis (24 Hrs)                                             408- 287 – 3000   Rape crisis hotline

Center for Living with Dying                              408- 243 – 0222   Support services for grieving individuals

K A R A   (Palo Alto)                                             650- 321 – 5272  Support services for grieving individuals

Victim Witness                                                      408- 295 – 2656   Assistance for victims of a crimes

Anti – Hate Line                                                   408 – 279 – 0111  Discrimination Complaints

Bay Area Legal Aid                                               408- 283 – 3700   Domestic Violence, Housing etc

Living Center (AIDS)                                            408- 971 – 0852   AIDS Information

Grieving pet loss                                                  408- 262 – 2133   Grieving the loss of a pet

COUNSELING SERVICES (Many offer a sliding fee scale or accept Medicare; your doctor & insurance

             provider may recommend other agencies)

ACCI (Asian American Community)                   408- 975 – 2730   Individual and family counseling

ACT for Mental Health                                        408 – 287 – 2640   Individual and family counseling

Adult and Child Guidance Center                     408- 292 – 9353   Individual and family counseling

Almaden Valley Counseling                                408- 997 – 0200   Teen, Adults, & Families

Alum Rock Counseling Center                           408- 294 – 0500   Family counseling

Community Solutions                                          408-842-7138      Individual Counseling

Catholic Charities (Bilingual)                              408- 944 – 0469   Individual and Family Counseling

Center for Healthy Development                     408- 985 – 8115   Individual and family counseling

Christian Counseling                                            408- 559 – 1115   Counseling Services

JFK Counseling                                                      408- 524 – 4900   Counseling Services

Momentum for Mental Health                          408-261-7777      Counseling Services

Process Therapy Institute                                   408- 358 – 2218   Individual and Family therapy

Palo Alto/Pacific Grad School                            650- 961 – 9300  Counseling Services

San Jose State Family Counseling                      408- 924 – 5670   Individual and family counseling

Ujima Youth (African American)                        408- 928 – 1700   Youth and family counseling

YWCA                                                                     408- 295 – 4011   Support, education, therapy & referrals

A Joyful Noise!

July 1, 2011

U.C.M. Newsletter of Joy, Humor, Laughter, and Inspiration

Editor: Rev. Doti Boon

Vol. 10 pg 26 (06-30-11) SPIRITUALITY


Flag of the United States

Image via Wikipedia


I am Spiritually Healthy and Happy

Relax, and remember how truly beautiful and unique you are. Relax, and remember how positively powerful you can be.

Don’t waste your time wishing for something outside of you to magically make your life easier. Instead, make life easy on yourself by making full use of your magnificent capabilities.

The pain of what you worry about is mostly in the worry itself. The joy you seek to experience is yours as soon as you allow it to be.

Feel how truly good you know your life can be. Act on those feelings, right now, and the goodness comes to life.

Most of the difficulties are difficult only because you have decided they are. Gratefully embrace them, and you’ll touch their positive value.

Remind yourself how good life can be. From there, you can make it even better.

Written by Ralph Marston – submitted by Rev. Maria Vera

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

How does spirituality influence the health of our country?

While experts are looking into helping people get well and survive in the United States, spirituality has not been forgotten. It has been found that spiritual practices improve coping skills and social support, foster feelings of optimism and hope, promote healthy behavior, reduce feelings of depression and anxiety, and encourage a sense of relaxation.

Spiritual experiences contribute to: Positive psychological attitudes; Reduction of medical symptoms; improved quality of life, less burdened by illness; Greater life satisfaction; Lower blood pressure; Lower mortality rates from coronary artery disease and cardiac surgery; improved obstetric outcomes; and, Utilization of fewer health services in general.

Wow, just think – going to a spiritualist church, meditating or praying daily, using spiritual tools to alleviate stressful feelings can influence immune, cardiovascular (heart and blood vessels) hormonal and nervous systems.

People who have a faith in a Creator/Divine/Mother/Father God, compassion toward others, a sense of inner peace, and attend spiritual services have a better chance of surviving for a longer time than those who do not live with such belief systems. Qualities like faith, hope, and forgiveness, and the use of social support, meditation and prayer seem to have a noticeable effect on health and healing on individuals and on the country in which they live.

·        Hope. — A positive attitude that a person assumes in the face of difficulty.

·        Forgiveness. — A practice encouraged by many spiritual traditions, forgiveness is a release of hostility and resentment from past hurts.

·        Love and Social Support. — A close network of family and friends that lends help and emotional support has been found to offer protection against many diseases and an increased sense of patriotism. Come get your fill at CCL!

·        Prayer. — Today, many Americans believe that prayer is an important part of daily life. In a 2006 poll, more than one half of doctors reported that they believe prayer and meditation help patients, and 67% reported praying for a patient. Researchers are studying intercessory prayer (asking a higher power to intervene on behalf of another either known or unknown to the person praying. Although it is particularly difficult to study the effect of distance prayer, current research in coronary care units (intensive care units in hospitals devoted to people who just suffered a heart attack) suggests there is benefit. In this study, compared to those who were not prayed for, patients who were prayed for showed general improvements in the course of their illness, less complications, and even fewer deaths suggesting that prayer does help.

What illnesses and conditions respond well to spirituality?

Programs with a strong spiritual component, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), show that spiritual disciplines may be especially effective for drug and alcohol addiction. The regular practice of prayer and meditation is strongly associated with recovery and abstinence from drugs.

Results from several studies indicate that people with strong spiritual beliefs heal faster from surgery, are less anxious and depressed, have lower blood pressure, and cope better with chronic illnesses such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and spinal cord injury.

One clinical study at Duke University found that people who attend regular spiritual services tend to have better immune function. In another clinical study of 232 older adults undergoing heart surgery, those who were religious were 3 times less likely to die within the 6 months after surgery than those who were not.

What is the future of spirituality in medical practice?

Many medical schools in the United States have included spiritual teachings in their curricula. This will result in fewer medical bills and better medical benefits in America.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Why don’t Buddhists vacuum in the corners?
Because they have no attachments.


Bumper sticker humor: “It’s ok. I didn’t believe in reincarnation last time either”


I once cheated on my metaphysics exam; I looked into the soul of the boy next to me.


Short history of medicine:

2000 B.C. – Here, eat this root.
1000 A.D. – That root is heathen, say this prayer.
1850 A.D. – That prayer is superstition, drink this potion.
1940 A.D. – That potion is snake oil, swallow this pill.
1985 A.D. – That pill is ineffective, take this antibiotic.
2000 A.D. – That antibiotic is artificial. Here, eat this root.

One Zen student said, “My teacher is the best. He can go days without eating.”

The second said, “My teacher has so much self control, he can go days without sleep.”

The third said, “My teacher is so wise that he eats when he’s hungry and sleeps when he’s tired.”

P S from Reverend Clark:

July 1, 2011

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‘An Evening with the Masters’

UCM is pleased to sponsor Rev. Gary Layman and his wife Jwana for an evening of Spiritual Empowerment.  Rev. Layman will facilitate those in attendance through a series of powerful conscious exercises, whose purpose is to clear, heal and quicken at this challenging time in human history.

Participants will:

LEARN – A simple method of clearing the Lifestream ( auric field)

AMPLIFY – The Power of Invocation

DISCOVER – How to dissolve the Personal Timeline (forgiveness)

EXPLORE – Interdimentional integration

EXPERIENCE – Ascended Master Quickening


Rev. Layman is a conscious Melchizedek Channel, 26 year UCM minister and served as a spiritual leader in Unity and CSL churches. He is currently serving “The Circle of the Radiant Heart” in Grants Pass, Oregon as a co-founder. Rev. Layman has recently published “I AM LIGHT” The Prodigal Path and Beyond, and is on his California book tour. For more information regarding his work go to IAMLightEternal. com.


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Center for Creative Living

July 1, 2011

All are welcome to Sunday Celebrations at the Center for Creative Living, UCM Charter #801, at 1460 Koll Circle, Suite “C” – services in back. Need directions? Call             (408)392-9090       or visit  Celebration is from 10:00 to 11:30 am. Dress is casual and Kids are welcome. Spiritual energies, food, hugs and music are lovingly available!

Join us this coming Sunday as Rev. Doti Boon leads the congregation in a celebration of” Independence Day, the Fourth of July” or the Birthday of America.” We will be singing songs and honoring the spirituality of America in all of its incarnations.

Min. Carolyn Keyes and Rev. Janet Childs will be accompanying Rev. Doti’s guided meditation, with their amazing music; Min. Ronnie Grigsby will be sharing an uplifting song.

Child care is NOT available this Sunday, Joe Thompson is attending a wedding.

Don’t miss the great food, loving community and delightful friendships.

No Choir practice first & third Sundays

Choir practice will be on July 24 and July 31

and, will resume regular 1st and 3rd Sundays in August.


Licentiate Minister/Life Path Program

Thurs. May 5th 7 to 9 $15. or two for $25.

Thurs., July 7, 7-9pm: Numerology – Life by the Numbers

with Susan Moon

Susan will give a short history and general over-view

of Numerology and its practical applications 


Thurs., July 21, 7-9pm:  Using Runes as a Healing Modality

with Rev. Doti Boon

Sat., July 30, 10am to 5pm:  Card Reading – Becoming a Channel

with Rev. Doti Boon


Ordination Program

Sat., July 23, 10am to 5pm:

Open to Public – $50. – Lunch included

Free Lunch – Please R.S.V.P. to             (408)392-9090      

Religions of the World 


No Choir practice first & third Sundays

Choir practice will be on July 24 and July 31

and, will resume regular 1st and 3rd Sundays in August.

Tues. July 5th 6:45 to 8:45 DRUMMING with Norbeth Granado and Friends. Donation

Love and Light,

Rev. Doti Boon