Center for Infinite Growth

Dear Ones,

We have returned to the Bay Area for the summer and are delighted to reach out to you with our current CIG activity.

We have decided to have a two session program. Both sessions are independent so you may come to one or the other or both.

The theme of the sessions is “Spiritual Preparation for Everything that’s yet to come”

The dates are: Tuesday August 9th and Tuesday August 16th from 7-8:30pm.

The location is very special. Thanks to the diligence of Rev. Lynn Rogers, we will be holding both sessions at the Immanuel Lutheran Church, located at Moorpark and Leigh in San Jose. We have been able to use their small chapel, and the surroundings are very welcoming to spirit.  Parking is limited in the front lot but it is also available on the street and in the back of the church.

One of the things we are doing is supporting their homeless feeding program, so if you could bring cans of soup, Spagettios, raviolis, chili…you get the idea. It will allow us to offer our energy to their work.

Love offerings to the Center (CIG) support our special projects.

Our intention is bless you and yours with divinely inspired right outcome. If your schedule allows we would love to see you in person on the 9th, the 16th or both.

Light-filled blessings,

Tom and Mary Garry



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