Center for Creative Living

CCL Sunday Celebrations – October 23rd

Center for Creative Living, UCM Charter #801

1460 Koll Circle, Suite C, SJ

We are so excited to welcome our own Reverend Virginia Essene D.D., founder of the Share Foundation; a non-profit organization committed to planetary peace and the preservation of all life, through the Love Corps Network communications.

Virginia was guided to write many books and articles. The first book was New Teachings for an Awakening Humanity (messages from Christ Jesus as channeled by Virginia Essene).

She also founded S.E.E. (Spiritual Education Endeavors) Publishing Company which was the publishing arm of the Share Foundation. The following books were edited, authored, or co-authored by Virginia Essene:

NEW TEACHINGS for an AWAKENING HUMANITY, 1994/95 updated edition, The Christ/Virginia Essene
NEW CELLS, NEW BODIES, NEW LIFE! 1991, Virginia Essene, editor
ANNA, GRANDMOTHER OF JESUS, by Claire Heartsong with foreword by Virginia Essene
EARTH, the COSMOS and YOU: Revelations by Archangel Michael, Orpheus Phylos & Virginia Essene
ENERGY BLESSINGS from the STARS, Irving Feurst & Virginia Essene

Virginia has had over 35 years of experience in both general and grief areas, and was co-founder of an early hospice program in San Jose, CA before the European practice of hospice became part of the American medical model.

Under her married name (Venice Ostwald) she has been honored in five biographical dictionaries—most recently in the 2007 Who’s Who in America. In John Klimo’s book Channeling: Investigations on Receiving Information on Paranormal Sources he states: “This is a rather beautiful and compelling case of Christ as the purported source in New Teachings for Awakening Humanity, a book by Virginia Essene.

In addition to her own counseling abilities, in 1986 Virginia was asked by Jesus/Jeshua to begin doing what he called “soul readings” for people who had read his New Teachings for an Awakening Humanity book and/or were now ready to explore their sacred nature and life purposes.

And there is much more that she is responsible for and has accomplished in this life time. This Sunday she will share with us information received from her guides about astronomy and astrological happenings which will directly affect each of us right now and in the near future.

You really don’t want to miss this. This Sunday, October 23, 2011, service starts at 10:00am, she will start her talk about 10:30 or so. If you can’t make it order the CD, but being there in person is so much more rewarding.

See you in Church.

Love and Light,

                                    Rev. Doti Boon

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