Lamsa Bible Study Classes Online

This information was sent to Reverend Clark from Sonya Lach.

Many of the students in the Degree Program and others who studied with me at Solar Cross, “A New Beginning” know that this is my Bible of preference.  I am not familiar with this organization but am familiar with Dr. Lamsa’s work and Dr. Errico studied with him and is continuing his work.  For those students or others interested in additional bible study this is a program I would recommend. The organization is a non-profit and the webcast are free.

Reverend Angela DeBry, H.H.D, D.D

Please share the information below with your students, colleagues, fellow ministers, and friends. I have been a student of the Lamsa Bible for more than 11 years and attend Dr. Errico’s Bible study retreats in Atlanta every summer. He studied with Lamsa for 10 years before Lamsa died in 1975 and has republished many of Lamsa’s Bible commentaries. This is the first time Dr. Errico has begun holding monthly webcasts to explain the Bible verse by verse. For those interested in understanding the Bible from a Near Eastern, cultural, Aramaic perspective, free of theological doctrines, these webcasts are a must see!

~  Sonya Lach

Sent: Saturday, January 14, 2012 10:08 AM
Subject: Dr. Errico-Live Internet Bible Study

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