REIKI MASTER- Advanced Healers Course

The REIKI MASTER Advanced Healers Course is an intensive 12 month program that will meet the second Saturday of every month for 5 hours each session.

This course is structured for individuals who have completed REIKI Level 1 and REKI Level 2 or for Reiki Masters who wants to expand their knowledge and healing modality.

These classes are designed to round out your metaphysical tool box, and to bring your healing abilities, your understanding of energy work and your communication with the other side to the next level.

Class 1 – March 10, 2012

  • Introduction to Master level Reiki. How to create sacred work space, energetic protection, working with spirit helpers, how to tell good from bad angels & spirits

Class 2 – April 14th

  • How to use Pendulums and diving rods in healing

Class 3 – May 12th

Class 4 – June 9th

  • Space clearing. Flower essences, herbs, clearing sprays.

Class 5 – July 14th

  • Sacred geometry, energy grids, crystals

Class 6 – August 11th

  • Psychic hooks, cording, and entity removal

Class 7– September 8th

Class 8 – October 13th

  • Learn Master Symbols

Class 9 – November 10th

  • Practicum. Attuned to Master Level. Write Reiki #1 and #2 class

Class 10 – December 8th

  • New Reiki Masters conduct Reiki #1 class. Meet with their students weekly

Class 11– January 12th, 2013

  • New Reiki Masters conduct Reiki #2 class. Meet with their students weekly

Class 12 – February 9th

  • Create sacred contract. Graduation!

Location: The Transformative Therapy Center

2555 Flores Street #300, San Mateo, CA 94403

Time: 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm; the second Saturday of each month.

Cost: $120 per class. $200 non refundable deposit. $1200.00 if paid in full.

Registration: Contact Reverend Elizabeth Barton at 650.572.8850 or


Reverend Elizabeth A. Barton CMT

Reiki Master, Energy Worker

San Francisco Astrological Society VP

Owner of Transformative Therapy Center



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