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Sacred Times UCM Newsletter

April 13, 2012

   Editor: Reverend Felecia Mulvany, D.D. 

 Universal Church of the Master

100 W Rincon Ave, Campbell CA 950085




 Presidents Message

 Reverend Sandy Clark


There is a new picture of me in this issue, along with a story to go with it.   


Last year Larry Allen, who has a photography studio here in our building and has contributed to our silent auction, asked me when I was going to let him take my picture…I gave him a smile, thanked him for the offer, and said I would get back to him!  


Now, I don’t know about you, but I do not feel the camera is my best friend. I know, “bad attitude” and with those thoughts the camera will not be your best friend, however, I have seen Larry work miracles in some of his photography and I assumed he could do the same with me. One detail I forgot, you have to have something to work with!   


Yes, I finally found the time to sit for the camera, and when I saw the proofs…the critic came out in me: my eyes were not right, my head at the wrong angle, my smile was not the way I thought my smile looks. “No problem,” said Larry, “I will take some more pictures.” But my dress is at the cleaners. Larry said, “I just need your face, go practice smiling.”  


Have you ever looked in the mirror, smiled and then to your astonishment discovered that the camera caught your smile the way it really is, not the way you envision it? I said to Larry, “I practiced smiling and discovered I could not get my mouth to go the way I thought it should.” He just laughed at me and said that happens to a lot of people, but at least you recognized it.  


That got me to thinking about how many of us perceive our looks and actions differently than others see us. I often view the actions of others around me as a mirror, but I have not considered facial expressions in that same thought frame.  


Here is how I and the camera see me with some help from Larry.  



Thank you Larry.  


With Light and Love from Sandy





2012 UCM Annual Meeting

and Conference – Healing Hearts

May 19, 2012

Campbell Community Center

1 W. Campbell Ave M50

                          Campbell CA 95008



1:00pm Educational Program

Reverend Brenda Stern – Confidentiality

Reverend Debbie Uharriet – Memorial Experiences of a Funeral Director

2:00pm UCM Annual Business Meeting

Silent Auction

Silent Auction Donations are gratefully appreciated. Certificates and/or products can be sent directly to our office, located at: 100 W. Rincon Ave. Suite 101, Campbell, CA 95008. Your name will be included in our Annual Meeting and Silent Auction information as well as posted on our website thanking you for your generosity.  


Donation based dinner hosted by Reverend Brenda Stern and Reverend Corry Gott 


We do hope to see you at our

Annual Meeting and Conference on May 19.

Your participation strengthens and enriches UCM.

Contact UCM for more info






Core Wisdom®

Reverend Hal Isen


Quote: “Truth is Beyond Thought” by Toc Fetch


The truth is beyond thought; it does not belong to the mind. The truth is not a concept or belief nor is it an idea beyond all other ideas. The truth is an experience, an experience beyond the mind. It lives inside you. It is you. It is life itself. It is available to you when you completely realize that “what is perceived cannot be the perceiver.” You are not your thoughts, you are the perceiver beyond all thoughts of identity in the mind, and from the vantage point of the perceiver you are fee from the reactionary nature of the mind.


You are that close.


Thinking cannot think its way out of thinking. It is thinking that precludes experience – it is thought that bars you access to that vast ocean of peace beyond the mind. The work of life is to realize and experience the truth that you are already within. But realizing the truth is not a thing that can be “done” because doing is a function of time, and time is an invention of the mind. In experience there is only now, so all that you can “do” is to allow what is, in this moment…to be. This is why “finding” the truth is called realization, because you realize that the truth is who youare….already.


Perception without thought….is bliss.


So why would you want to experience the truth? Because “truth” is synonymous in direct experience with love, peace, joy, freedom, beauty….You are, within you, the very source of all that you desire in the world, but the world only reflects what you have allowed yourself inside. So….why limit your Self, why ration water at the great river? Why not be who you are….already …and time does not exist on this path… so why not begin now?


Reverend Harold Isen

Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Core Wisdom® Classes,

TAT Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, Quantum Touch




Feminine Birthright of Abundance

Minister Joy Reichard, M.A.


For too long women have accepted the acculturated notion that we are second-class citizens which keep many of us cycling in limiting beliefs that we “aren’t good enough,” or “not worthy enough.” The result is that many women across the world are rooted in poverty. Yet under the ancient goddess traditions the Feminine symbolized abundance. This is evidenced by the generous layers of flesh on many of the ancient goddess artifacts of the Paleolithic and Neolithic such as the “Venuses” of Willendorf and Laussel, and the Mother Goddess of Catalhoyuk. The Feminine’s natural state of abundance was wrested from us under the domination and subordination by patriarchy. It is time, however, for women to reclaim our birthright as natural manifestors, and to relinquish economic victimhood. This is the moment for contemporary women to call upon the ancient wisdom of the Goddess and use their esteem building archetypes, and the ancient practice of rites, rituals, altars and ceremonies, to generate money and abundance for ourselves and our families today.


Three archetypes of the Feminine that I write about in my book, Celebrate the Divine Feminine: Reclaim Your Power with Ancient Goddess Wisdom, illustrate the inherent creative and abundant power of the Feminine. In the section on Grandmother Spider I point out that Native Americans have a long tradition of honoring the mother. One Pueblo legend tells of Spider Woman who existed in the Original Void. At the beginning of time she spun her web in the four directions while singing her two daughters into being. One became the mother of the sun, moon, and stars to give living creatures light and warmth by day and a silvery glow of light by night. Her other daughter became the mother of the People. Another legend tells of Corn Woman who taught the people to grown corn and leaves with them Corn Mother – her heart – who teaches the people how to live with peace in both their hearts and in their relationships, for the rain needed to grow corn will come only to peaceful people. To this day the people of the tribe abhor violence and hostility and are careful to contain emotions and to smooth over hurt or angry feelings for fear the rains will stop.


The section on Demeter and Persephone illustrates how reclaiming the Sacred Feminine can help us come into our power. In this legend Demeter’s daughter, who in the virginal maiden goddess form is called Kore, was abducted by the dreaded god, Hades, Lord of the Underworld. Kore was only released after Demeter in her fury refused to allow the grain to germinate, threatening all humanity with starvation thus depriving the gods of their offerings. Before Persephone, who had mature from the maiden into the Queen of the Underworld, was returned to earth, Hades slipped her a pomegranate seed. Persephone was fated to return to the underworld for at least 4 months out of every year thus becoming the mythological personification of the seasons. It is important to note, however, that it was Demeter, the Grain Goddess, not the mighty gods of the heavens and the underworld, who controlled the ability of seeds to germinate and earthly abundance. This myth also provides a powerful transpersonal teaching on how crisis and trauma can be the source of our maturity and inner wisdom.


In the section on Lakshmi you are introduced to Goddess as the personification of abundance and prosperity. Long ago the Goddess of Fortune was angered because the demons had become arrogant and the gods had become intoxicated with luxury and neglected their stewardship responsibilities. She forsook the world fleeing to the bottom of the milky sea. The earth and heavenly realms became wrapped in misery, depression, unhappiness and hunger. Vishnu, the Preserver of the Universe, stepped in and organized the gods and demons to create a great cosmic churn that churned the sea of milk for an eternity. Eventually the Goddess of Fortune decided the gods and demons had learned their lesson and arose as Lakshmi the Goddess of Abundance. She brought with her enough prosperity for everyone. To receive her benevolence Lakshmi requires devotion, cleanliness, generosity, gratitude and good stewardship. She and Vishnu rule in partnership preserving the universe and bestowing abundance, goodwill and happiness on all who are deserving. Part of our human journey to receiving abundance, is believing in our deservingness. For it is our own doubts and our attachments to beliefs about lack and limitations that keep us separated from an abundant life.


It is the natural state the Feminine to be abundant. The ancient wisdom of the goddess honors women and demonstrates how we can proudly be in possession of our strength and power. Women are manifestors of abundance – it is our birthright. Spider Woman was the creatrix, Corn Woman and Corn Mother taught lessons on right relations bringing peace and prosperity to the people, Demeter was the Goddess of the Grain which enabled men to cultivate crops and fostered civilization, and Lakshmi is the very personification of prosperity and abundance. Unfortunately, for thousands of years women have bought into the patriarchal story that women are second class citizens. This has kept many women stuck in lack and limitation. It is time to change that story! Goddess archetypes teach us that we as women are the source of abundance. Goddess archetypes are role models to emulate, and they encourage our deservingness so we can claim abundance for our lives and for our families.


Minister Joy Reichard, M.A.

Certified Clinical Alchemical Hypnotherpist,


Learn more about the Ancient Wisdom of the Goddess at Joy’s lecture and book signing on Monday April 16, 2012 at 7:30PM – East West Books, 324 Castro St, Mt View, CA 94041. RSVP 800-909-6161. Or purchase her book Celebrate the Divine Feminine: Reclaim Your Power with Ancient Goddess Wisdom through



Classes and Events


UCM 2012 Conference: Healing Hearts

Saturday May 19, 2012

Campbell Community Center

1 W. Campbell Ave M50, Campbell CA 95008

1:00pm Educational Program

Reverend Brenda Stern – Confidentiality

Reverend Debbie Uharriet – Memorial Experiences of a Funeral Director

2:00pm UCM Annual Business Meeting

Silent Auction

For more information or to donate to our silent auction call 408-370-6519 or email


Donation based dinner hosted by Reverend Brenda Stern and Reverend Corry Gott  


Monthly Meditation

The 11th day of every month at 7:30PM

Location: UCM Headquarters, 100 W. Rincon Ave #101, Campbell CA 95008

If you can not join us in person, please join with us in spirit.


Universal Church of the Master-Alberta, Canada UCM #826

Reverend Kim Beckett

Church Services – 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month

For more info call 1-877-CHAKRA1 or


Center for Creative Living, UCM #801

Reverend Doti Boon

1460 Koll Circle, Ste. C, San Jose CA 95112

(408) 392-9090

Sunday Celebrations every Sunday from 10:00-11:30AM

Psychic Readings, Spiritual counseling, Memorials, Weddings, Baptisms, Retreats, workshops, metaphysical and Spiritual Training Classes

Astral Travel Class

Learn to Astral Travel with Reverend Doti Boon

Thursday, April 19, 7:00 to 9:00 pm

Classes are only $15 per class or $25 for two


Hunter of Mysteries Experience – Advanced Healers Course

Location: UCM Headquarters, 100 W. Rincon Ave #101, Campbell CA 95008

Time: 10:00AM to 5:00PM, bring a bag lunch

Cost: $90 per class

Instructors: Reverend Felecia Mulvany, D.D. & Elizabeth A. Barton, CMT

Registration: Contact Elizabeth Barton at650.572.8850 or

April 15, 2012 – Moon Phases, Astrological Timing, Hands on Course Practicum

May 20, 2012 – Herbs, Flower Essences, Oils, and Holy Water

June 10, 2012 – Past life Regression

July 15, 2012 – Soul Retrieval


Celebrate the Divine Feminine – Free Event

Reclaim Your Power with Ancient Goddess Wisdom

Lecture and Book Signing with Minister Joy Reichard

Monday April 16, 2012 7:30PM, East West Bookstore, 324 Castro St. Mountain View CA 94041, 800-909-6161 


Maya Path to 2012 – Free Webinar

Reverend Richard Jelusich Ph.D. and Miguel Angel are offering free monthly webinars on the teaching about the unfolding of 2012. They will be LIVE, offering video, slides and live interaction where you can submit questions and interact on the unfolding of the Mayan prophecies and the inner transformation of consciousness that you see happening everywhere.

When: Monday April 23, 2012

Time: 6PM Pacific, 8PM Central, 9PM Eastern

Logon: up to 30 minutes before scheduled time


Enter as “Guest”

If the link does not work, copy and past into your browser.

HELP and Info: 877-242-5721 or

Future webinars: May 14, June 18, July 16, more to come. 


Flower Readings

Reverend Richard Jelusich, Ph.D.

Flower Readings are fun, accurate, entertaining, and certainly give a lot to think about! You bring a flower and Dr Jelusich gives a reading on the “state of your life now”, this information is about your path and characteristics, and a brief healing. To experience Richard’s special abilities in a Flower Reading is a good reset on your path.

Sunday May 20th, 6:30 PM

UCM 100 W Rincon Ave #101, Campbell CA 95008

Cost $50 – Bring a Flower

RSVP: UCM 408-370-6519


Lake County Summer of Peace 2012

Lake County Summer of Peace, 200 events and workshops on peace, prosperity, sustainability, and all other qualities for the God life. The festival commences on June 22 and culminates on September 21, the international day of peace. Many nations throughout the world, in all 7 continents are taking part in this global call for peace. Go to


Volunteers are needed between now and June 22, and are just now launching our fund raising campaign (in this economy!!)…so please put this wonderful project into your prayers and bring the angels on to produce the largest call to peace in human history. Volunteer, donate, and/or join in your own town with your own services, prayers, meditations and events, to celebrate and share the ways and means of peace in our time.

Rev. Taira St. John, Ph.D., M.F.T.

Executive Director

Lake County Summer of Peace 2012, P. O. Box 716,Lakeport, CA 95453, Tel: 707-262-0400


Maya Sacred Path to 2012

With Reverend Richard Jelusich Ph.D. & Miguel Angel

Creating a New Era as the Journey Continues

November 23 – December 2

This journey to the Olmec lands and Palenque is meant to connect us to the original teachings of the Atlantean and Lemurian high consciousness. We will take you to sacred sites, do ceremony, listen to oral traditions and teachings and learn about Mayan Cosmology and the messages for 2012, the end/beginning of the age. 

Balancing the Chakras as We Birth a New Maya Era

December 9 – 18
This second journey is to prepare us for the December 21 solstice, the day of the end/beginning of the Mayan Long Count Calendar. We will travel to sacred sites; each representing a chakra and will do energy work, ceremony and clearing/balancing so that we are more pure vessels for the light of love and pure inner harmony with the evolution of our consciousness. 

For more information visit



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Directory of Ministers


About UCM 


UCM was founded as a church in which members are encouraged to develop and exercise their spiritual powers. We discourage adherence to rigid dogmas and tenets, believing that each person must find and travel his/her own path in the Light, and that no single set of fixed rules is applicable to everyone in their spiritual quest.


From its earliest years, UCM has emphasized spiritual healing, prophecy and demonstrations of the continuity of life beyond the transition commonly called “death”. As we move closer to world unity and a new age of Universal Brotherhood and Sisterhood, UCM is now placing greater attention upon training and developing the spiritual powers of its ministers to bring us into this new “Golden Age”. 




UCM Educational       Programs  


UCM Ordained Minister Sponsored Program

  • Healer Practitioner Certification

  • Licentiate Minister Certification

  • Ordained Minister Certification  

Healer Practitioners and Licentiate Ministers – administer and perform Divine healing, to give counsel, inspirational and spiritual messages and instruction, and to teach the gospel of Christ and Universal Truth. 


Ordained Ministers (Reverend) – perform all the duties of a licentiate minister, plus marriage ceremonies, christenings, baptism, funeral and memorial services.


Reverends may sponsor students for the ministry and may hold UCM Church Charters.


Accredited Degree Program

  • Associate of Theology

  • Bachelor of Theology

  • Master of Theology

  • Doctor of Divinity  

Accredited by Accrediting Commission International, Inc.


Registered with the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education, Religious Exemption #7472210  


For more information visit  



We welcome your articles.


Those of you who would like to contribute a short article on your particular ritual, experience, or idea that are sacred to your spiritual practice please email


When submitting your short article, please also give written permission for UCM to use your article along with any contact information and/or photograph you would like displayed with that article.



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