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                                                       Editor: Reverend Felecia Mulvany, D.D.
 Universal Church of the Master
1361 S Winchester Blvd Suite 115, San Jose CA 95128

 Presidents Message

 Reverend Sandy Clark, D.D.

  Rev Sandy Clark Final 8 14 2012

Here are the pictures of our new office space. The courtyard view is from our door, followed by our main entry area and my office. There are still a few boxes to unpack, but most of the work is done!

outside 9-12-12

Again my thanks to all of you who helped with the move, we could not have done it without you.

With this move we certainly have had unexpected challenges, no internet for three weeks, rearranging Corky’s desk area, and putting items away and not being able to find them again, (we did not mark the box or drawer properly). I am sure none of that has ever happened to any of you.

inside 9-12-12

Moving brings about change; changes in our routines, changes about how we feel about what we are doing, and a different perspective on everything, even if it is a slight one. What was important may no longer be at the top of the list so to speak.

I am feeling change in part because of the office move, however I also am feeling change in the air on my walk in the morning, the air is just a bit cooler, there are some geese (30 or so) heading towards warmer weather that have made a rest stop in the park across the street from where I live. It’s September, school has started, leaves are turning colors, and yes football season has begun. Change is here.

sandy 9-12-12

May the changes in your life be welcome, enabling you to let the Light in your heart shine even brighter to those you come in contact with.



Fall Miracle 

By Reverend Jane Elizabeth Unland, D.D.

Across the street, lemon-yellow leaves pop against black-green redwood fronds.

A gentle breeze stirs the gold-oranges, the orange-reds, the lingering stubborn greens on our walnut tree.

Colour, Colour, Color…everywhere.

Variegated complex, stunning beauty.

The last brilliant gasp of vibrant life.

Are people Fall too?

Do we dance our most showy dance only after a lifetime of ho-hum moments?

The golden years, the empty nest, retirement!

Fierce magnificent knowledge…perhaps wisdom.


We dance knowing complexity is beauty, the multitude of colours:

every raucous moment freed in laughter

every pain in a Living body

every unexpected twist in life plans

every apparently Not too heavy burden

every wineglass clink of celebration

Complex lifetime colours.

Fall is hope of late life’s understanding.

We twirl in the center of glorious Colours.

We bask in completed seasons.

We Are Fall Colours!





Rev Pamela McHenry

Love is more than tolerance – Love is deep humility

By Reverend Pamela McHenry

Love is more than tolerance – Love is deep humility. Part of growing is appreciating others for who they are, even if they do not appreciate you. Even if people do themselves and others harm consciously or unconsciously, we need to be careful to not get caught up in their drama.

We all need to learn what love really is and no sense getting snarled up in our own or others’ personality egos. That is a trap and can only set us back. Best to continue to pray for guidance, stay centered and see others in Love and Light.

We all need to work on letting go of false beliefs and distorted thinking and get into our individuality ego. This is part of our earthly experience. This is all about aligning ourselves with God’s love so we can continue being in the stream of life, the connection that we all need and seek.

We can’t blame others for falling short of this knowing, we are all learning to know this. Patience, love and humility. Tolerance is the pain of not yet being in the flow of Deep Humility which is God’s love. We can all work on tolerance and know the gift of tolerance is deep humility.

Pamela McHenry is an ordained minister at U.C.M. Pamela has been a student of metaphysics for 30 years and her passion is being on the spiritual path. Pamela offers spiritual counseling and is a practicing astrologer. For several years she had a syndicated column writing for NBC. While employed as a research associate at California Medical Center in San Francisco, Pamela co-authored four papers that were published in mainstream medical journals on integrative medicine. Another passion Pamela has is helping people look younger longer with her anti-aging business.

Pamela McHenry, cell (415)640-5868, email


Classes and Events

UCM Church Charters

Center for Creative Living, UCM #801, CA

Reverend Doti Boon

1460 Koll Circle, Ste. C, San Jose CA 95112

Psychic Readings, Spiritual counseling, Memorials, Weddings, Baptisms, Retreats, Workshops, Metaphysical and Spiritual Training Classes

Sunday Celebrations

Every Sunday from 10:00-11:30am

September 16, 2012 Rosh HaShanah (ראש השנה) is the Jewish New Year. Join us as we learn more about this holiday and what it means to the Jewish people. Rev. Anne Corbin and other members of the CCL congregation will be helping Rev. Doti with the music and ritual of this occasion.

September 23, 2012 Finding Faith in Ghana, Emily & Akim will be talking about spirituality and the kids in Ghana.


Every Wednesday, 6:00 to 9:00, Lideres en Accion (in Spanish)

Doti’s Thursday Night Classes

Time: 7:00 to 9:00pm Please enter through the back door.

Price: $15.00 for one class, $25 for both, pay at the door

(both classes provide credit toward Ministerial Training)

September 6 – Get in Touch With Your Spirit Guides

Rev. Doti has channeled her spirit guide, Mahalaleel (MAH), for 68 years! This evening you will get to meet him and hear what he has to say about upcoming earth changes and other questions you may have.

September 20 -How to Get in Touch With Past Lives

Find out about your past lives and how knowing about the past can help you in the present

Go to for more information and for calendar of events

Chapel of Spiritual Fellowship, UCM #723, CO

Reverend Ronald Wills

Sunday Church Services at 10AM, Readings, Healings and Spiritual Counseling

Memorial Chapel, UCM #706, NY

Reverend Marlene Smith

178 Chapin Street, Binghamton NY 13905


Sunday Evening Services 6:30 PM, Healing Meditation and Message Work

Temple of Love and Healing, UCM #759, FL

Reverend Sarah Novak

3700 40th Ave. N, St. Petersburg FL 33714


Worship & Healing Services Sunday and Wednesday from 7:00 – 9:00PM, Monthly ESP Fiesta & Message Circles, Ceremonies & Seminars

Yoga: Mondays 6PM & 7:15Pm

See website for full yoga schedule

Universal Church of the Master – Alberta, UCM #826, Canada

Reverend Kim Beckett

Church Services are held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month


UCM Members

Reverend April Lussier

Monthly World Peace Meditation 


Sept 24, Oct 22, Nov 19, Dec 10 and a special Dec 31, 2012 at 4:00 AM early morning of the last day of the year.

Come join the community as we gather to pray and meditate for peace in the world, communities, neighborhoods and personal lives.

Location: Center for Creative Living, 1460 Koll Circle Suite C. San Jose. Sanctuary entrance and parking in the back of building.


Women’s Spirituality Celebrations

Gather 6:30PM Cast 7PM

Location: 895 Le Compte Pl San Jose 95122

Cost: $20 Our Gatherings take place in an enclosed patio. Please bring an open heart, snack to share after the ceremony, rattle or drum (optional), shawl for over your shoulders in the cool night air.

Sept 29 Mabon/Fall Equinox

Oct 28 Hallowmas/Samhain

Dec16 Yule/Winter Solstice

Jan 27, 013 Candlemas Sun

Goddess Spirituality Retreat

Oct 12-14, 2012

A time for rejuvenation, remembering and connecting with the Divine Feminine. The retreat includes Sacred Ceremony, Meditation, Movement, Yoga, Healing Ritual, Hiking, Chanting, Drumming, Labyrinth, Sisterhood, Self-care and much more.

$200- $250 sliding scale

Includes food, lodging, and ceremonies


Student Elizabeth Barton

“Walking the Veil” Goddess Retreat – October 26-28, 2012

Location: Salamander Camp – 10 minutes outside of Los Gatos CA in the Santa the Cruz mountains.

Price $350 – Includes three days and two nights lodging and all your meals. On site is Chef Dasha Bogdanova specializing in Organic and Gluten free meals.

Credit Cards accepted, and Paypal available or send checks to 2555 Flores # 300, San Mateo, CA 94403. Call (650) 572-8850 to register or for more

Minister Joy Reichard

Monthly In Her Name Goddess Circles

Reclaim the Divine Feminine both within and without.

Circle is held in San Mateo, California. For more information and calendar of events visit

Enrich your life with the Goddess in this 3 part workshop

Dates: Saturdays, 9/22, 10/20, 10/17, 2012

Time: 9:30 to 1PM

Fee: $297 / $397 with private 75 min session

Reverend Richard Jelusich, Ph.D.

Healers Training Classes and Webinars

Healer’s Training is an 18-Level, 2 year healing course and a journey that blends philosophy, technique and experiential healing into a beautiful unfolding of your own awareness.


Sept 25 – Level 2 of CHAKRA Series

Oct 10 – Maya Path to 2012 with Miguel Angel (Free)

Nov 8 – Maya Path to 2012 with Miguel Angel (Free

Lighted Pathway to Superconsciousness – Everything you wanted to know about the chakras. Come explore with us the universe of consciousness that is the chakras of the human being. For more information go to

Journey to Sacred Mayan Sites

November 23 – December 2

Creating a New Era as the Journey Continues

December 9 – 18
Balancing the chakras as we birth a new Maya era

For more information visit
Non UCM Member Classes and Events

Contact us at 408.370.6519 or if you are not a member of UCM and would like to advertise your classes and events

Quick Links

 About UCM 

UCM was founded as a church in which members are encouraged to develop and exercise their spiritual powers. We discourage adherence to rigid dogmas and tenets, believing that each person must find and travel his/her own path in the Light, and that no single set of fixed rules is applicable to everyone in their spiritual quest.

From its earliest years, UCM has emphasized spiritual healing, prophecy and demonstrations of the continuity of life beyond the transition commonly called “death”. As we move closer to world unity and a new age of Universal Brotherhood and Sisterhood, UCM is now placing greater attention upon training and developing the spiritual powers of its ministers to bring us into this new “Golden Age”.

UCM Educational       Programs  


UCM Ordained Minister Sponsored Program

  • Healer Practitioner Certification
  • Licentiate Minister Certification
  • Ordained Minister Certification

Healer Practitioners and Licentiate Ministers – administer and perform Divine healing, to give counsel, inspirational and spiritual messages and instruction, and to teach the gospel of Christ and Universal Truth.

Ordained Ministers (Reverend) – perform all the duties of a licentiate minister, plus marriage ceremonies, christenings, baptism, funeral and memorial services.

Reverends may sponsor students for the ministry and may hold UCM Church Charters.

Accredited Degree Program

  • Associate of Theology
  • Bachelor of Theology
  • Master of Theology
  • Doctor of Divinity

Accredited by Accrediting Commission International, Inc.

Registered with the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education, Religious Exemption #7472210

For more information visit

We welcome your articles.

Those of you who would like to contribute a short article on your particular ritual, experience, or idea that are sacred to your spiritual practice please email

When submitting your short article, please also give written permission for UCM to use your article along with any contact information and/or photograph you would like displayed with that article.

UCM Members

Classes and Events


Are you a member of UCM?

Would you like your classes and events posted in the UCM Sacred Times Newsletter?

Email class and event information to




Create Videos




On-line Footprint

Magazine Editor

Office/Clerical Help



Special Projects



in the

Sacred Times 

Not a member of UCM and want to advertise your classes and events in the Sacred Times?  Send your class or event information along with website and registration links to Checks, PayPal, and Credit Cards accepted.

$50 Prepaid – 1 month per class/event

$100 Prepaid – 3 months per class/event

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Universal Church of the Master

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San Jose CA 95128


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