Reverend Kala Ambrose, Grove Park Inn Event

Kala Ambrose – Your Travel Guide to the Other Side Oct 23, 2012
Charmed by the Grove Park Inn
 in Asheville, North Carolina
Join me,
Kala Ambrose,
Your Travel Guide to the Other Side
as I take you through the spectacular Haunted History this Fall exploring two of my books:
sharing what I experienced personally as a psychic medium and my research into the reports of supernatural activity in each location. Along the way, we’ll shop, dine, stay and party at the most
delightful places in North Carolina and New Orleans.
This week I’ll be at the beautiful, historic 
Grove Park Inn

(pictured above) on 
Saturday, October 27 from 2pm – 5pm

where I’ll be signing copies of my book:
Ghosthunting North Carolina
and discussing the Pink Lady Ghost who resides at the Grove Park Inn.  I’ll also be sharing the history of North Carolina and discussing the legends reported in the book.
This is a particularly joyful time for me as the Grove Park Inn is one of my favorite resorts in the world!  To give you just a taste of how special it is, quotes by authors like Ralph Waldo Emerson are etched onto stones throughout the massive lobby to encourage the best part in each of us. The Great Hall measures 120 feet across and features 24-foot ceilings and two gigantic 14-foot stone fireplaces and the resort’s grand lobby is famous for the elevators hidden in the chimneys of the fireplaces, which transport guests to their rooms.
The Grove Park Inn has been home to many American luminaries and politicians throughout the years. During the summers of 1935 and ’36, author F. Scott Fitzgerald resided in Room 441. Celebrity guests include Harry Houdini, Will Rogers, George Gershwin, Thomas Edison, Eleanor Roosevelt, Henry Ford and ten U.S. presidents – William Howard Taft, Woodrow Wilson, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Richard M. Nixon, George H. W. Bush, William J. Clinton and Barack H. Obama.
During my stays at the Grove Park, I’ve written part of several of my books as the Inn and the surroundings always inspire me.


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