Issue 10 Fall 2012 UCM Magazine


Universal Church of the Master

1361 S. Winchester Blvd #115

San Jose CA95128

408-370-6519 Dear Members,

Attached is the link to the 2012 Fall Issue of the UCM magazine, the first by this editor. It was more of a challenge than I anticipated, as is life. And as is life you will find mistakes somewhere, but hopefully things to update you, make you smile and be inspired. I have already received articles for the next quarter’s magazine, which arrived too late to make this issue. Where the magazine is placed in their response list depends on how many “hits” and likes we receive, so please go and look and it is my prayer that you will like.

The technical aspect of photo resolution, copy placement, headers and footers are a whole new world that I might still be navigating without the endlessly patient help of our previous editor, Reverend Angela DeBry and I so thank her.
Good reading to you, I await your feedback and more importantly your contributions for the subsequent issues.
loving blessings, Mary



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