CCL Insights

CCL Insights
Center for Creative Living Newsletter
Vol. 02 Pg. 43
1460 Koll Cir., Ste C
San Jose, CA 95112
In This Issue
Doti/MAH will answer your question
Rev. Doti Boon
CCL Mission Statement
List of Sunday Services
World Peace Meditation
Student Jokes
Class & Events
This Sunday’s Service
Thank a Teacher
A Fantastic Teacher Story
Mark your calendar
Jewelry Party
Ad: Clarity Coaching for You
Ad: Facial Relaxation
     Sunday Celebration is from 10:00 to 11:30 am. Dress is casual and kids are welcome. Spiritual energies, food, hugs and music are lovingly available!Joe Thompson will be in the house to provide Child Care.
Rev. Janet Childs and Min. Carolyn Keyes will accompany Rev. Doti’s meditation.

CCL Choir will sing and Rev. Ronnie Grisby will closer with a song.

NEW! Doti/MAH will answer your pressing question in the next edition of CCL Insights. Send one question and we will print MAH’s response. And, it’s FREE!
Doti ThanksgivingCenter for Creative Living pastor
Rev. Doti Boon

 The California Psychic

 offers insight into a person’s future, present and past lives to provide direction and support. Through her spirit guide Mah, she has given readings to thousands who seek enlightenment. Her psychic counseling, warmth and sense of humor are appreciated by all.

Doti has been teaching beginning and advanced metaphysics, planned metaphysical trips, managed fund raising events and metaphysical fairs for the past 30 years.

Center for Creative LivingMission Statement:

We proclaim and affirm the spiritual nature of all faiths,religions and creeds. Our vision is to co- create spiritual communities of love, trust,integrity, and mutual respect which embrace our diversity, celebrate the oneness of the human spirit, serve the well-being of the human family andhonor the sanctity of all creation. We accept that God is the moving spirit in all and the loving essence of the universe.

Sunday Celebrations

Nov.  04 “Healing for the Holidays” with Charles Hall and Regina Richmaond

Nov. 11

Rev Doti Boon

Nov.  18 “Commitment”

Revs. Tom & Mary Garry

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World Peace MeditationDates for 2012 at CCL
7:30 to 9:00
Nov. 19,
Dec 10 changed to Dec 17
Dec 31 at 4 am early morning of the last day of 2012.
All are welcome,
please come in the back door.
Student Jokes

Pupil (on phone): My son has a bad cold and won’t be able to come to school today.

School Secretary: Who is this?

Pupil: This is my father speaking!

* * * * * * * * * * *

Teacher: You missed school yesterday didn’t you?

Pupil: Not very much!

* * * * * * * * * * *

Great news, teacher says we have a test today come rain or shine.

So what’s so great about that?

It’s snowing outside!

* * * * * * * * * * *

Mother: How was your first day at school?

Son: It was all right except for some man called “Teacher” who kept spoiling all our fun!

* * * * * * * * * * *

Mother: Does your teacher like you?

Son: Like me, she loves me. Look at all those X’s on my test paper!

Classes & Events at CCL

You may go to the CCL meetup calendar:

or  to learn more about any of these events.

TUES. Nov. 06
Mercury goes Retrograde

TUES. Nov. 07 – 6:45 to 8:45 –Drum Workshop with Norbeth

WED. Nov. 07 – 3:00 to 5:00 –Energy Healing and REIKI circlewith Laura Marshall. Love donations accepted.
WED. Nov. 07 – 6:00 to 7:00 –*SMILE YOGA with Laura Marshall.
WED. Nov. 07 – 7:00 to 9:00 –Lideres en Accion
Class is in Spanish. Call Juan at408.300.4247 for more info
THUR. Nov. 08 – 7:00 to 9:00

Seven Gifts of Druidry – Fifth Gift: Opening to Other Realities with Dr. Ayleen

SAT. Nov. 10- 1:30 to 4:00
Sacred Bundle Making with Rev. April Luissur $20


SAT. Nov. 10- 7:00 to 9:00  $20 or $15 for CCL members

CCL Choir presents a Musical Concert Fundraiser for CCL with guest performers:

CCL Choir

Rev. Janet Childs

Rev. Ronnie Grigsby


Sean Imler

Margaret Miles

Min. Carolyn Keyes and her Latin Band

And others


I am a spiritual teacher and a prayer warrior.

This Sunday at CCL   

“Healing for the Holidays

Charles Hall is a licensed vocational nurse who is passionate about health, wellness, having fun, personal development, fitness and nutrition. He will be talking about basic ways that we can become well again with easy steps including singing, better sleeping and walking.


Reiki Master Regina Richmond will discuss the benefits of Reiki and how it can apply to your everyday life. She will discuss how she channels energy to help you heal. For the many CCL members who are already Reiki practitioners; Regina will talk about advance uses of Reiki for you and others during the upcoming stresses of the holidays.

Thank a Teacher Doti announcmentsMany of my clients are teachers – and they are all busily putting up holiday decorations, worrying about the Halloween candy, the re-enactment of Thanksgiving, and teaching songs for the holiday pageant. Teaching is so much more than instructing reading and writing.

I would like to thank the teachers of the world; those tireless men and women who teach us how to read, write, think, create and enjoy learning. They are there for us – sometimes when we are not there for ourselves.

One of my children’s greatest teachers was Mr. Fred Rogers – his Neighborhood was a fantastic place to learn that some days weren’t beautiful, they weren’t always happy and in fact there were some that were really sad. He taught my boys healthy ways of dealing with their feelings – ways that didn’t hurt them or anyone else – he helped to make our world a safer, better place. Or, as he would say, “In every neighborhood, all across our country, there are good people insisting on a good start for the young, and doing something about it.”

Mr. Rogers often said from the television, “I like you just the way you are.” And he was willing to help children express their feelings in ways that would bring healing in many different neighborhoods.

“When I was very young, most of my childhood heroes wore capes, flew through the air, or picked up buildings with one arm. They were spectacular and got a lot of attention. But as I grew, my heroes changed, so that now I can honestly say that anyone who does anything to help teach a child – is a hero to me.”

Fred McFeely Rogers – 3-20-28 to 2-28-2003

A Fantastic Teacher StoryStanding in front of her 5th grade class on the very first day of school, she told the children an untruth. Like most teachers, she told her students she loved them all the same. However, that was impossible, because there in the front row, slumped in his seat, was a little boy named Teddy Stoddard.

Mrs. Thompson had watched Teddy the year before and noticed that he did not play well with others, his clothes were messy and he constantly needed a bath. In addition, Teddy could be unpleasant. It got to the point where Mrs. Thompson would actually take delight in marking his papers with a broad red pen, making bold X’s and then putting a big “F” at the top of his papers.

At the school she was required to review each child’s past records and she put Teddy’s off until last. However, when she reviewed his file, she was surprised. Teddy’s first grade teacher wrote, “Teddy is a bright child with a ready laugh. He does his work neatly and has good manners…he is a joy to be around…”

His second grade teacher wrote, “Teddy is an excellent student, well-liked by his classmates, but he is troubled because his mother has a terminal illness and life at home must be a struggle.”

His third grade teacher wrote, “His mother’s death has been hard on him. He tries to do his best, but his father doesn’t show much interest, and his home life will affect him if some steps aren’t taken.”

Teddy’s fourth grade teacher wrote, “Teddy is withdrawn and doesn’t show much interest in school. He doesn’t have many friends and he sometimes sleeps in class.”

By now, she was ashamed of herself. She felt even worse when her students brought her Christmas presents, wrapped in beautiful ribbons and bright paper, except for Teddy’s. His present was clumsily wrapped in heavy, brown paper that he got from a grocery bag. Mrs. Thompson took pains to open it in the middle of the other presents. Some children started to laugh when there was a rhinestone bracelet with some of the stones missing, and a bottle that was one-quarter full of perfume. But she stifled the children’s laughter when she exclaimed how pretty the bracelet was, putting it on, and dabbing some of the perfume on her wrist.

Teddy stayed after school that day just long enough to say, “Mrs. Thompson, today you smelled just like my Mom used to.”

After the children left, she cried for at least an hour. That very day, she quit teaching reading, writing and arithmetic. Instead, she began to teach children.

Mrs. Thompson paid attention to Teddy. As she worked with him, his mind came alive. The more she encouraged him, the faster he responded. By the end of the year, Teddy became one of the smartest children in the class and, Teddy became one of her “teacher’s pets…”

A year later, she found a note under her door, from Teddy, telling her that she was the best teacher he ever had in his whole life.

Six years went by before she got another note from Teddy. He then wrote that he had finished high school, third in his class, and she was still the best teacher he ever had in life.

Four years and she got another letter, saying that he’d stayed in school, had stuck with it, and would soon graduate from college with high honors. He assured Mrs. Thompson that she was still the best.

Four more years and another letter came. This time he explained that after his bachelor’s degree, he decided to go further. And, that she was still the best and favorite teacher he ever had. The letter was signed, Theodore F. Stoddard, MD.

That spring, there was another letter. Teddy had met a wonderful girl and was getting married. He explained his father had died and wondered if Mrs. Thompson might agree to sit in the place usually reserved for the mother of the groom. Of course, she did. And she wore the bracelet, with several rhinestones missing. Moreover, she made sure she wore the perfume that Teddy remembered his mother wearing on their last Christmas together.

They hugged each other, and Dr. Stoddard whispered in her ear, “Thank you for believing in me and making me feel important.”

Mrs. Thompson, with tears in her eyes said, “Teddy, you have it all wrong. You were the one who taught me that I could make a difference. I didn’t know how to teach until I met you.”

(For you that don’t know, Teddy Stoddard is the doctor at Iowa Methodist in Des Moines that has the Stoddard Cancer Wing.) Warm someone’s heart today…pass this along. I love this story so very much, I cry every time I read it. You can make a difference in someone’s life today! Just “do it.”

Mark your Calendars for these CCL EventsNovember 2, 6:30 to 9:00, Jewelry Pot Luck & Fundraiser

November 10, 7:00 to 9:00, Musical Concert Fundraider

November 22, 1:30 to 5ish, Thanksgiving at the Seacliff Beach (cement boat)

December 9, 9:00 to 3:00, Christmas Boutique

December 14, 3:00 to 5:00, Decorating the Center

December 25, 11:00 to 3:00, Dinner and Gift Exchange

December 31, early am Peace Meditation, late pm Celebration

The Holidays are just around the corner

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